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Why Weight?

Heidi’s book, ‘Why Weight? How to feel happy every day whatever the scales say’ is available online and through this web site.

Why Weight? is not another diet book.

This book is for women who want to feel in control of their lives again.

Heidi Strickland-Clark explains why weighing yourself frequently, as a measure of the quality of your life, often leads to misery. She guides you through a series of exercises to bring more awareness to what makes you really happy and then shows you how to put it into practice with her 100 Day Challenge.

When you read this book you’ll learn:

  • The answer to the question, “which diet is best?”
  • Where your ideas around health, food and weight come from
  • Why food has become the “answer” to other issues in your life
  • How to identify what really makes you happy
  • How to rid yourself of the prison of the scales
Why Weight?

“If you are someone who is ‘married’ to the weighing scales or are struggling with self belief/esteem, please do read this book – it could be life changing.”

“LOVE, love, love this book. For anyone who battles with the scales and their clothes size daily, who worries about what other people think and who lets these things occupy their minds, this book brings peace of mind in a gentle step by step way.”

“This is not a diet book. It’s a life changer.”

“Heidi really understands the struggles so many of us have, her approach and experience makes ‘Why Weight?’ a must read.”

This is because you matter.