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Who We Do It For

At FastTrack Fit Camp we help people of all ages, from different walks of life to get fit and feel better. Within that we have found that there are some distinct groups who we tend to help best. 

Fit Camp Fact! The average age of a Fit Camper is 51 years old! Proving you are never too old to start something new. 

“Need to do something” – there are those people who tell us that they know they need to do something to sort out their health or weight. They’ve put it off for a long time, they aren’t really gym types finding it too boring, too soulless and a waste of of membership when they don’t go and they need the motivation of a group to keep them coming. 

These people probably haven’t done exercise consistently for a while and feel a bit nervous about the whole ‘Fit Camp’ terminology, but are prepared to give it a go as they don’t know what else to do. 

Just like Heidi Sandford who came to us looking for weight loss, but ended up improving her mental health and depression whilst discovering a whole new love for outdoor exercise. 

Who We Do It For

Meet Heidi, she has shared


“Want to do something” – we also appeal to clients who tell us that they love to exercise, but they’re done with the gym or running on their own. They want something new and different that will challenge them, that has variety and has a social and supportive feel about it. 

These people may have done a bootcamp before and are interested in their health, they want to improve how they feel and are happy to work out outside because they know it’s about the workout, not the weather.

Like Peter who came along to try Fit Camp out as way to exercise with his daughter. He ended up staying and improving his fitness to a point where he could fulfil a burning ambition. 


Who We Do It For

Learn about Peter, 


“Want to feel part of something” – at FastTrack Fit Camp we have a strong feeling of community whether you attend once a week at Sunday Wake Up! or five times a week across several venues.

Our members become friends, our instructors become part of your social media feed and FastTrack Fit Camp becomes part of the fabric of your life. These campers benefit from other people’s inspiration, feel the improved effort when they’re working out as a group and enjoy the social side of fitness. 

Like Nic, who wasn’t really a sporty or PE type, but has grown to like Fit Camp but love the camaraderie and social side to camp sessions. 


Who We Do It For

Learn why Nic thinks she likes Fit Camp…!


“I have a baby. It’s time for something” – our Baby Bootcamp is for mums with young babies who want to work out without the hassle of babysitters and creches. It’s indoors, it’s our regular sessions with mums like you all wanting to do the best you can in the time you have. 

Like Kate. Kate has been a Baby Bootcamper with two babies now and knows that she can get her exercise in during the day, without having to go out at night. Doesn’t need to worry about creches and has other mums to chat with all the while knowing that it helps her to get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Who We Do It For

Find out about Kate and Baby Bootcamp…


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