#2 Heidi Sandford

Exercise classes Berkshire

Heidi Sandford is our number 2.

  • She joined us thinking that losing weight would make her feel better…

  • After her first session she realised is wasn’t that. She felt alive in her body for the first time in years.
  • After 6 weeks of Fit Camp she realised that she’d forgotten to take her anti-depressants for 10 days (having been on them for 6 years) because she felt so good each day.*
  • She soon realised that it wasn’t losing weight that made her feel good, it was exercising. And she’s not stopped since.
  • She knows that she feels in control of her emotions and depression if she ensures she does Fit Camp 3 times a week. It’s her new medication and it works more quickly, with less fogginess and more oomph than the pills ever did. Her GP frequently reminds her to keep her exercise up.We come with Doctor’s orders!

*please make sure you discuss all medication reductions with your GP.