TakeAway Fit Camp

If you love the thought of dropping a clothes size in just 28 days, but can’t make it to our regular fit camp venues, then we have just the thing for you!

FastTrack Fit Camp is proud to present the latest addition to the family – TakeAway Fit Camp.

TakeAway Fit Camp lasts 4 weeks. Every day you’ll get instructions for the following day. Food suggestions, workouts, vitamin supplement guidelines, the lot! Heidi will be there for you every step of the way with guidance and support and you’ll also get support from fellow campers who will be making this exciting journey with you. There’ll even be videos just for you, to help you get the most from TakeAway.

The details are a 30 minute body weight workout every other day, plus an optional short, sharp 5-10 minute workout on the alternate days. When you follow our recommended vitamin supplementation programme and follow the TakeAway Diet to the letter you’ll feel and look great before the end of the 4 week programme. You will need a Facebook account to receive TakeAway Fit Camp. To sign up, press the Paypal button below and you’ll be taken to our exclusive sign up page, where your first instructions are waiting for you.

FastTrack TakeAway Fit Camp is available to you, now, at the bargain price of £59. That’s less than the price of a good coffee each day for you to get the body you deserve. Just think, this time tomorrow you could have taken your first steps to a whole new you! Please check when the next camp starts.