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We are a Social Enterprise

In April 2019 FastTrack Fit Camp became a social enterprise.

It wasn’t something that had been bubbling for a while, it was a punch in the face kind of awareness that I got one morning and I felt compelled to act on it.

This is the video I filmed to tell my clients of my ideas and changes. 

Since this recording it has evolved. Projects have got started, new ones given some shape and form, and small impacts being made, in Wokingham, across the four key areas: trees, trainer recycling, food waste reduction and flowers (rewilding) – with some community litter picks thrown in!

We hope that you’ll be able to support us as we continue to grow our business to support these causes and make a difference to the areas we live in and keep fit in.

FastTrack Fit Camp is an outdoor fitness business with the focus on improving people on the inside so they feel good on the outside. In 2019 FastTrack Fit Camp became a Social Enterprise and committed to distribute a minimum of 50% of profits back to community environmental projects each year with the goal of helping our local citizens feel good whilst being outside too. 

Clean, Green Fit Camp.
We are a Social Enterprise


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