Waste Not Wednesday | Award Winning Curry Sauce

In my attempt to help reduce the amount of food waste we create I am collaborating with other local businesses to share their knowledge too. 

Over in Knowl Hill Kran Sondh owns and runs award winning The CookCurry Club, a takeaway with a twist. Every fortnight Kran prepares a homecooked Indian curry dinner, just as she’d make at home for her clients. 

All you need to do is know in advance that you’d like to use her fabulous services. 

Order by the Wednesday before and she’ll ensure you get a great meal ready for Friday night. All collection points, dates and menus are here on her webpage

I’ve blogged about her before, you can see my experience here.

This recipe is perfect for Waste Not Wednesday as the quantities are loose. Use what extra onions, tomatoes, peppers or chillis you have around to stop them going off and wasting.

This sauce can be frozen as is. Then, when you’re ready to use it all you need to do is add any lentils, vegetables, fish or meat to make it a perfect meal.

Potatoes and sweetcorn also go very well with peppers.

When you share your final dishes on Kran’s Facebook page TheCookCurryClub you can win a turka jar or 15% off one of her takeaways.