This is What We Do

I’m Heidi Strickland-Clark and I started FastTrack Fit Camp in November 2009 with a business partner.

Fit Camp has changed a lot over the years — and I now run it alone — but our goal has always been to help people improve their health and feel great. We do this by providing regular exercise classes, sound nutritional advice and information on general well being.

As a boot camp, our main business is outdoor group fitness classes and that’s the basic service we offer. Members take advantage of this by regular attendance to classes at one of our venues around the area. If you just want to make sure you’re fit and active, then this is all you need.

However, if you want to take a broader look at your health or you have particular issues you want to address, we also provide seminars, Facebook groups and one-to-one counselling.

If clients want to tell us their goals, we can make sure that they are on a programme with the best chance of success — and support them all the way. Our success rate is remarkable. We have a very satisfying record for helping people get off medication for depression, thyroid issues, blood pressure problems and more. (Obviously, all done with the oversight of G.Ps.)

Going to boot camp

Going along to your first boot camp might be a bit daunting but we like to keep it simple and everyone is always very friendly and welcoming.

Along with an eagerness for getting stuck in, you need to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and bring:

  • gloves (gardening gloves work well);
  • a bottle of water;
  • an exercise mat or an old towel you don’t mind wrecking.
  • trainers


Remember this is outside so consider the temperature and that you’re going to get warm (even in Winter). Wear layers you can take off as you heat up. 


Some exercises have your hands on the floor so wear gloves for protection. A sturdy old pair are fine.


For lying on, press-ups and such like. Any exercise mat or old towel will do.

General Support

We support our members in many ways and these include:

  • A dedicated support person you can reach at;
  • An open Facebook group for anyone.
  • A closed Facebook group for members.
  • Specific closed Facebook groups for members on various programmes.
  • Seminars on a wide range of health subjects.
  • One-to-one counselling. Some counselling is part of a package some is ad-hoc by request.

Plus we run occasional social events, including a very popular Christmas party.


Thanks to all the support of our loyal customers we’ve now been recognised with awards and nominations which we value tremendously and which we’re proud to display on this site.

  • What You Can Expect from Group Fitness

    When you sign up for FastTrack Fit Camp, you’ll get a complete copy of our nutrition manual. It gives you full details of our clean eating plan. There’s no weighing or measuring your food, no calorie counting and not a point or a sin in sight! You’ll have suggested menus and food diaries plus a place to record your progress.

    You come to the camp of your choice as many times as you like during the month. We do recommend three times a week as a minimum as we know that gets the best results. Each session is 45 minutes long and you’ll never know what comes next – sometimes we do partner work, sometimes you’ll work alone in the group. You’ll never do long runs with us – they just don’t work when you’re maximising fat loss and building fitness.

    Fit Camp Overview

    To qualify for our money back guarantee, you need to attend at least three sessions a week and follow the nutritional guidelines. Missing camp or eating sneaky cake, coffee or cola invalidates the guarantee! We’ll give you lots of recipe ideas so there’s no need to stray. Our eating plan fits easily into family life.

    What Should I Bring?

    Bring water. It’s especially important that you come hydrated and stay hydrated during the sessions. Our workouts are hard work. Some of you may need to eat before you come to camp, others may find exercising with a food in their stomach too much. You may need to experiment to see what works best for you. This is especially important for Early Risers. Lots of Early Risers bring a workout drink that’s half orange juice, half water and has a pinch of salt added.

    You’ll need gloves as you’ll have your hands on the ground at times. If it’s cold, wrap up well in lots of layers. We work mostly outdoors. You’ll usually need a mat too.

    Make sure you have a good pair of trainers.

    Am I Fit Enough?

    Our campers are at all levels of fitness, from never exercised to doing a triathlon. No-one is ever left behind and you won’t be segregated into high achievers and low achievers. As most of our exercises are timed, it means that everyone works to their maximum, so if you only manage 10 repetitions in 30 seconds and your neighbour gets 40 in, no-one will notice – and certainly no-one counts!

    Our job is to get you fit. No-one wears sparkly Lycra so those trackie bottoms and t-shirt will do just fine, as long as you can move freely.

  • FastTrack Fit Camp’s Sunday Wake Up! programme is a pay-as-you-go boot camp session run on Sunday at 9am in Winnersh at Bearwood Recreation Ground, Mole Road, Winnersh RG41 5DU.

    We meet on the basketball court in the far corner of the field and in all weathers! For current FastTrack Fit Camp members this session is part of your membership, however we also use it  as an opportunity to invite anyone else to come along and join us once a week.

    It’s £7 per session and you’ll need to bring a mat (or something to lie on), an old pair of gloves (for hands on the floor work) and a bottle of water.

    Wear comfortable, layered clothing and a decent pair of lace up trainers (and ladies don’t forget to invest in a sports bra!). We’re not fancy at Fit Camp, anything goes. Although some of us do have a thing for snazzy leggings and colourful trainers.


    If you’d like to learn more about this effective Fitness Class in Wokingham, just fill out the short form on the side of this page. You’ll also learn how you can sign up for a FREE Fitness Consultation at FastTrack Fit Camp.

  • Corporate Fitness Programmes Make Financial Sense

    Imagine a healthy workforce with significantly reduced time lost due to illness, fatigue and stress.

    Imagine lively, alert and clear-thinking staff who are more productive, who don’t glaze over and enter the zombie-zone after lunch.

    Imagine happy, cooperative teams who work well together in the office because they’re friends who work hard together outside the office.

    These are the results you can achieve with our corporate fitness programme.

    We can be flexible and run a programme that best fits in with your corporate culture.

    • Dedicated sessions two or more times per week at a location convenient for your staff.
    • Corporate membership of FastTrack Fit Camp so your staff can attend our regular sessions.

    Or both of these for maximum flexibility and convenience for your staff.

    We’ve pioneered this programme with Romans Property Services who have seen tremendous benefits for their staff’s well being.

    Your staff are your most important resource and your first priority.

    The Romans Story

    We worked with Romans Property Services to provide their staff with effective and convenient group fitness sessions.

    Running two sessions per week exclusively for Romans, their staff members were also able to attend any regular Fit Camps at our other venues.

    All their fitness sessions were outside and participants had the option of being weighed and measured before the programme, providing statistics to back up the results they saw and felt. However, statistics can’t show the improvements in how you feel.

    Watch the following video to see the improvements this group from Romans enjoyed.

  • Have You Recently Had a Baby?


    We hope that you are enjoying your newborn! At FastTrack Fit Camp we know how tough it can be to even think about exercise with a baby, let alone get to a fitness class, arrange a babysitter and get your bum out the door to do something remotely energetic – and so we have come up with a solutions specifically for mum like you!

    A bring-your-baby to Fitness Boot Camp where – if your baby is still static and not crawling – can come with you whilst you work out with other mums in the same situation!

    The Perfect Fitness Solution for New Mums in Wokingham

    FastTrack Fit Camp’s post-natal sessions are coached by Vicki who has two very young boys of her own and knows what getting back in shape with babies is like.

    Our post-natal class runs twice a week for 45 minutes a session and you can join us a soon as you’ve had your 6 week check or 12 weeks for those who’ve had a Caesarian section.

    Click here for times and venue.

    We recommend a starting commitment of 8 weeks to really see a difference. At this point you can either move into our regular camp sessions or continue to bring your baby to class until they start to move about more.

    All of our post-natal classes are inside so all you need is a mat or something to lie on and a bottle of water.

    Alongside our super effective fat-burning sessions you’ll get weekly meal plans, access to our active and informative Facebook Members page, our manual and a tee-shirt.

    Our goal is to get you feeling good about your body, your energy and fitness again. To find out more please complete the form on this page We look forward to helping you get your figure back!

    Get on the Fasttrack to Your Pre-baby Figure with These Effective Fitness Classes in Wokingham!

    Just fill out the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you need to learn if these classes will work for you. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our expert trainers.


  • Metabolic Balance®

    Metabolic Balance® is a nutritional programme which resets your hormone levels to achieve optimum health and weight.

    The programme starts with a series of questions and a blood test which determines the way to proceed and controls an individually crafted diet designed to engage the body’s self-healing systems and get it used to burning fat again.

    There are no meal substitutes, potions or pills. You eat normal food but under the control of a strict meal plan devised to work with your body chemistry.

    The results are little short of astonishing.

    Apart from the rapid weight loss, participants report speedy recovery from ailments such as blood pressure conditions, allergies, high cholesterol, enlarged prostates, thyroid conditions and aching joints.

    While the results are quick and impressive, this isn’t a diet and forget it programme.

    It runs through four phases and the health benefits are only fully realised if you continue to follow phase four once you have reached your health and weight goals — which you achieve from following the first three phases. You will learn how to manage your eating habits so that you maintain optimum health for the rest of your life.

    If you want to know more, please register your interest using the form on the side.


This is What We Do
This is What We Do
This is What We Do
This is What We Do