The “what’s wrong with me”? workshop

In this 90 minute workshop you’ll discover why the catch-all term ‘stressed’ is too vague to really identify why you feel out of sorts.
  • If you are experiencing overwhelm.
  • If you cry when the Christmas advert for John Lewis comes on.
  • If you have zero energy for anything.
  • If you feel completely wired and unable to rest.
  • If you eat for comfort.
  • If you feel scared all the time.
  • If you use sugar, bread, alcohol, cigarettes to calm you down.
  • If you are irritable with others but cross with yourself for being so.
Then you will appreciate understanding why you feel this way and what you need to do about it to start to take control back — and here’s the important thing. It’s not the same answer for all of these, it’s different and chances are you are using the wrong tools for the job.
Heidi will run through the four mood types, what you’re missing out on that’s caused this to happen. What you can do about it and what you need to avoid doing to feel better quickly.
Join us and walk away with some things you can start to do immediately after the end of the event.