Let Us Make 2018 Our Happiest Year Yet


Our annual New Year event is back and ready with new content and focus bringing a more rounded approach to you building your happiest year yet.

Each year there’s a feeling of despondency about a New Year, people feeling like they need to make a change, they need to do something because it’s January and having to do better, be better, be more.

What if there as another way?

What if there was a way to find out just how great life is now, how you are already more than good enough and how having more won’t make it any better. Appreciating what you have will overfill your happiness bucket.

Heidi will talk you through some ways to identify the areas that are holding you back and discover where some of these thoughts come from and what can be done to move forwards.

We’ll cover all areas that make up a happy year. From family to food, fitness to fun and finances. Whatever area you feel you are lacking in the morning will give you time to think about where you are now and where you want to be.

Helping Heidi out will be Emily Macpherson, author of ‘Retirement Compass Personal Finance For The Life You Desire‘. Emily is not your traditional financial adviser and started her company determined to change the world of financial advice for the better. She works with her clients to understand their relationship with their money so that they can truly have the life they desire with the money that’s necessary.

This is a free event and seating is limited. You’ll need a notebook and pen on the day. We recommend that you bring a really nice notebook, one for 2018, that you can refer to and use as the year goes on.

We both look forward to seeing you and helping you have an amazing 2018.