Happiest Year Yet | Summer Solstice 2019


It’s the mid-year.

It’s the longest day, the start of summer.

Previous cultures regarded summer as the youthful time following the birth of spring. So this event will give us opportunity to see what’s been growing this year and what needs to flourish and where you need to focus your energies.

When you decide to focus your energies you need to know that you are in the best of health to achieve what you set out to do.

A cold can put the brakes on a new fitness regime so think about what longer term maladies can do for a life purpose or goal.

Heidi will be helping you to find what’s been stopping you from feeling like you can take on the world.

Showing you where to focus your energies to be successful and getting you to identify what you need to do first.

Accompanied by Dr Kelly-Jane McLaughlin from Dynamic Chiropractic clinic we’ll be helping you to:

  • Understand how to be healthy to be purposeful.
  • Understand how to move to be healthy
  • Understand why you need to function optimally to be able to move
  • Why you need good thoughts to function optimally.
  • How to sow and reap good thoughts.

You’ll leave this event with a plan to take you into the second half of 2019 and beyond.

  • The plan may be to help someone else with theirs.
  • The plan may be ‘project you’.
  • You may have a grand idea that you want to get stuck into.

Whatever it is your health will determine your attitude, vitality and capacity to make this happen.

We’ll help you with some life purpose questions in your career and personal life. We’ll identify what your soap box topic is, what won’t you be moved on? And from here how to get traction.

Find out what community projects are underway at FastTrack Fit Camp and how you can help us.

We’ll also be sharing the paradigm shift on how FastTrack Fit Camp now does business and what this means for you and the wider community that FastTrack Fit Camp serves.

It’s an exciting and information packed evening. We can’t wait to see you there, help you and share our news.

Our stand holders to chat with this evening are all local and have green or sustainable credentials: