Fido Fit Camp Weekender

Chip & Quinn go to Fit Camp

Our Fit Camp Weekenders are a thing of memories.

Each one a completely different experience and yet achieving some very similar results. And, as a result birthing ideas for new versions.

This year we are trialling our inaugural Fido Fit Camp Weekend.

A Fido Fit Camp Weekender is for dog owners who want to bring their dogs with them.

It’s for the dog owner who wants to be able to take their dog on a holiday that is as much benefit to their dog as it is for them.

It’s for the dog owner who loves health and well-being and being outside and wants to spend some time doing that without having to worry about organising it.

“Bloody marvellous Weekender, Heidi. Thanks so much for everything you did to make that happen.” – NK, Bracknell

I had an awesome weekend thanks…and so miss FTFC! Thank you again for everything past and present.” – RE, Hampshire

And so here we have it!

  • We have secured a lovely Inn near Winchester with exclusive use. This means that all guests on site will be ours, will have dogs and will be tolerant of them.
  • You’ll have someone to look after the owners (Heidi) and someone to help with the dogs (Philippa) a registered dog walker and handler.
  • Single room use with some availability for twin rooms if you wanted to share with a friend. All rooms allow dogs in the rooms.
  • A dog and people based timetable throughout the weekend.
  • Accommodation, meals and activities from our base at The Running Horse.

“Wow ! What a wonderful weekend. Thank you as always Heidi, Karen and Jan! I have had yet again the most invigorating awe inspiring weekend from start to finish. I love these weekends to reset my mindset and to just reiterate that I’ve got this !!! I love meeting such lovely people who are filled with such wisdom that they are sometimes unaware of or don’t have the confidence to impart until you create that safe inspirational environment to go for it !!! I take something different from every weekend and I have to say this one was no exception. A huge thanks and know for me you get it right every time” – JW, Lincolnshire

The location is within an hour of Wokingham at the award winning Running Horse Inn near Winchester. They recently won the award for ‘Most Dog Friendly business’ – I think we’re in good hands!

We have 14 spaces. These weekends aren’t for the super fit or highly active. They are an opportunity to get outside, move more than normal, try new things and spend time with some really nice people and their furry friends.

  • The dates are 6-8 September 2019
  • The Running Horse Inn, Littleton, SO22 6QS
  • All inclusive price £396.00 per person (single room, full board, all instruction, activities, dog accommodation (not food) and VAT included).
  • All dogs to be over 1 year old, toilet trained and have good recall. 
  • Dog food not included in this weekend. 
  • Good social skills! There are likely to be over 15 dogs at this event 

To secure a place we are asking for a £100 deposit. Full payment is by the 2 August 2019.