10 @ 10 Birthday Run

This November FastTrack Fit Camp is 10 years old. 

We are celebrating with a collaboration!

I am partnering up with Karen the founder and owner of Elite Conditioning to encourage you to celebrate with us and a 10km run (1km for every year we’ve been trading!)

The twist here is that both Karen and I will be training with you and entering the event. So you’ll get to see us in our comfort zones and out of them too!

The event we’re aiming for is the Mapledurham 10km race on 1 December

(this is not your normal 10km run, if you’re going to do a 10km run from scratch this is the one to do…it’s off-road, a bit wet and a bit grubby. You won’t need to do another or it may just give you the bug!)

You will need to book up for this separately to our training plan – and note that there is also a 10 MILE race that day, so please check the correct one!

Karen and I have crafted a cross training plan to get you from 0 to 10km in 12 weeks. 

Your 12 week 10km success programme will include:

  • Two FastTrack Fit Camp sessions per week at any of our locations.
  • Two Elite Conditioning runs per week (choose from Tuesday 09.30 Winnersh (Kirsty), Tuesday 20.00 Wokingham (Karen), Thursday 09.30 Wokingham (Karen) and Sunday 09.45 Winnersh).
  • Two x 1 hour group workshops with Heidi and Karen to share ninja mindset strategies and discuss tactics for running a 10km. The first one is on Sunday 15 September after the training run in Winnersh.
  • Tee-shirt
  • A comprehensive training plan.
  • Fuelling and sleep guide.
  • Goody bag (just like any good birthday celebration!)
  • Technique videos
  • Stretching advice and videos
  • Massage discounts
  • Parkrun training buddies
  • Access to both Elite Conditioning and FastTrack Fit Camp Facebook Members pages.

The full price for this is in the region of £600 for the 12 weeks, but we’re not asking you for that.

We’re offering 20 places for this programme for the 12 weeks for £447 (£372.50 + VAT)

Imagine, how you’ll feel having completed and run this wonderful winter event with us both in December.

With a combined time in the fitness industry totalling 33 years we’ve both had a lot of experience in our respective fields helping people reach their goals.

We’re also pretty good at setting and reaching our own challenging personal goals too. 

In addition to that we’ve both been involved in our industries since we were children. Karen being scouted for Reading Athletics club and Heidi swimming for Reading Swimming Club before going into the teaching side of the industry. 

We know what it’s like to do something new and challenging. 

We understand the games our brains play and we’ve both had to deal with negative, fearful, thoughts cropping up when they’re least wanted. But we also know that you can get through it and achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

With this in mind we want to literally be with you, experiencing it as you go through it so that we can help you achieve something a bit different to a normal 10km event. 

We know that our expertise can get you through this no matter where you start from. 

We’re both really excited to help you whilst joining in ourselves for an autumn project that promises to be both exciting and challenging. 

Join us! You’ll love it!

Disclaimer: Heidi is not a runner. She doesn’t like running, she likes walking and pushing heavy stuff. She probably stated not too long ago that she’d never run again. However she’s always said that she won’t ask her clients to do something she wouldn’t do, so there we have it. Heidi is running her first 10km for some time. It’s worth applying just to see how many swear words she can cover up in a session. 

Karen is a GB athlete… 🙂