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Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness Programmes Make Financial Sense

Imagine a healthy workforce with significantly reduced time lost due to illness, fatigue and stress.

Imagine lively, alert and clear-thinking staff who are more productive, who don’t glaze over and enter the zombie-zone after lunch.

Imagine happy, cooperative teams who work well together in the office because they’re friends who work hard together outside the office.

These are the results you can achieve with our corporate fitness programme.

We can be flexible and run a programme that best fits in with your corporate culture.

  • Dedicated sessions two or more times per week at a location convenient for your staff.
  • Corporate membership of FastTrack Fit Camp so your staff can attend our regular sessions.

Or both of these for maximum flexibility and convenience for your staff.

We’ve pioneered this programme with Romans Property Services who have seen tremendous benefits for their staff’s well being.

Your staff are your most important resource and your first priority.

The Romans Story

We worked with Romans Property Services to provide their staff with effective and convenient group fitness sessions.

Running two sessions per week exclusively for Romans, their staff members were also able to attend any regular Fit Camps at our other venues.

All their fitness sessions were outside and participants had the option of being weighed and measured before the programme, providing statistics to back up the results they saw and felt. However, statistics can’t show the improvements in how you feel.

Watch the following video to see the improvements this group from Romans enjoyed.

Corporate Fitness
Corporate Fitness
Corporate Fitness
Corporate Fitness