Welcome to Caversham Fit Camp!

Over the last two weeks FastTrack Fit Camp has been trialling a new venue in Caversham.

We’ve been using the glorious surroundings of Caversham Heath Golf Club every Tuesday and Thursday 09.30-10.15 – and it’s been fabulous.

Granted we’ve had some pretty windy days up there, but it’s invigorating, the views are beautiful and they don’t do a bad cup of coffee either!


Now the trial is over I am looking to launch our first 6 Week Feel Good Challenge there.

“I have really enjoyed it and would recommend” – Carolyn

It will start on Tuesday 2 October and run until 16 November. (I know this is 7 weeks, but with half term in the middle I thought I’d throw in the extra week as a bonus as some of you may well be away).

Our 6 Week Feel Good Challenge does exactly as it says on the tin.

We provide:

  • Regular outdoor exercise
  • Family friendly and practical meal and nutrition suggestions
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Body composition checking to see how you’re improving
  • Personal and group support
  • Access to other Fit Camp locations and classes
  • Facebook Members page
  • Tee shirt and manual
  • 1-2-1 accountability / goal setting meetings with Heidi.

“I do feel different in that I am able to do more and for longer in Camp. I am also doing some running on the other days so both these programmes are feeding into each other. Result!” – Diksha

The 6 Week Feel Good Challenge is perfect for you if you:

  • Are tired of being tired all the time.
  • Don’t know what to eat anymore, the media is so confusing.
  • Have clothes in your wardrobe you’d love to get back into.
  • Want to feel ‘better’. Whether that’s fitter, slimmer, lighter, happier…
  • Need to carve out some time for you each week.
  • Want to shift a bit of weight so the jeans are more comfy.
  • Fancy making this year the year you are party ready for Christmas
  • Are bored with the gym and want something different to try.
  • Like working out with people just like you.

“I am more productive – I would equate my clear thinking and higher energy levels to be an additional working day per week. So in six weeks, that’s an extra 6 days of getting things done and I’ve been sure to spend some of that energy with my 6 year old” – Tash

click here -> https://www.paypal.me/FastTrackFitCamp/129.60

Our 6 Week Feel Good Challenge is the perfect introduction to what we offer at FastTrack Fit Camp. It’s a great opportunity to lose some old habits, gain some new healthier ones and see results within a manageable and achievable time-frame.

To ensure that we can continue helping women in Caversham to feel better I am looking for 10 people to join me from 2 October for our first Feel Good challenge.

If you are unable to attend please forward this on to someone who may want to benefit from what we offer. For every person that you recommend who signs up, you get 50% off your next booking. If you recommend two, it’s free!

The price for our 6 Week Feel Good Challenge is £108 +VAT (£129.60) and the first 10 people to sign up also get a copy of my book ‘Why Weight? How to be happy everyday whatever the scales say’ and a Feel Good Challenge Goody bag worth over £15.00.

All you need to do is click the link to sign up and you’re all ready to go for the 2 October.

click here -> https://www.paypal.me/FastTrackFitCamp/129.60

Sessions run Tuesday and Thursday 09.30-10.15 at Caversham Heath Golf Club, Chazey Heath.

  • If you’re feeling like you want to get going with something different and effective this autumn.
  • If you want to give yourself a healthy boost rather than catching all the bugs as they go around.
  • And if you know that 6 weeks will pass anyway, so why not do something different instead?

“I got fewer colds when I was rolling around in a wet playground in the winter doing Fit Camp, than I did when I wasn’t coming at all!” – Caroline

Give us a try!

Click the link, sign yourself up and if you really want to help someone else out, bring a mate along too. Having them hold you accountable will help you both get fantastic results!

“I need a new belt because I’ve lost at least 2 inches. I feel stronger, mentally and physically – that was my main goal! – Natasha

I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the 2 October!