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Audio Fit Camp Sessions

These links take you to a full 45 minute Fit Camp session, including warm up and cool down.

They are based on the assumption that you are a regular Fit Camper and know the names of moves and how to execute them safely. 

A few obvious, but necessary statements.

  • Please allow enough space to execute each move.
  • If working out inside (why?!) please ensure the room is ventilated, you have enough space around you and the flooring is slip resistant.
  • Check you feel well enough to exercise.
  • Stop if you feel unwell. 
  • Ensure you do the warm up and stretches/cool down too. 

Audio One

Audio Two

Audio Three

Audio Four

Audio Five

Audio Six

Audio Seven

Audio Eight

Zoom Video of 24 Hour (Virtual) Fit Camp Animal Flow

Audio Nine (audio of Virtual Zoom session)

Audio Ten (audio of Virtual Zoom session)

Audio Eleven (audio of Virtual Zoom session 5 August)

Audio Twelve (audio of Virtual Zoom session 6 August)