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#1000 Women

I’ve been teaching exercise classes in Wokingham and across Berkshire since 2001 and in July 2018 I set myself a massive goal for FastTrack Fit Camp.

The kind of goal that seems too far out there to accomplish, but good enough to be worth having a go.

But first a little bit of background…

I know that when we help one person with fitness classes at Fit Camp to improve how they feel about themselves, whether it’s weight loss, improved health, better fitness or a better sense of well-being it’s not just them we’ve helped.

For every person who feels better about themselves the lives of the people closest to them are changed to.

You help a wife to feel happier in her body and mind and she and he husband rub along a bit better. When he’s happier his colleagues get the nicer side of him and as such they go home happier too.*

When you help a mum feel good about herself, she’s more tolerant with her family, less quick to shout and more likely to laugh. If you have happier children, they have a better experience in school allowing the teachers to have a good day too.*

The ripple effect of helping one person is, at a conservative guess, help 1, affect 4.

So I set us a challenge of helping not 1 but, 1000 women (and men if they want to join us) in EACH of the FastTrack Fit Camp towns we have camps in. How amazing would the ripple effect be then if we helped 1000 women but 4000 people had an improved life because of it.?

Here’s our gallery of the women and men we’ve helped in the FastTrack Fit Camp communities. Click through to read a little about their story.

You can join us and be one in a thousand too, you can either fill in the Request More Information form and we’ll be in touch, call 07968 774804 or join us at our launch night on Wednesday 12 September at 19.00 at Wokingham Cricket Club where I’ll share with you my four steps to being Fit, Strong and Happy and launching the #1000WokyWomen campaign.

Click here to grab a seat: https://1000wokywomen.eventbrite.co.uk

* taken from feedback from previous clients.