World Record Challenge 2013

100 day challenge preferred logo As part of this year’s ‘100 day Fitness Challenge’ FastTrack Fit Camp are delighted to be organising a fabulously exciting World Record Challenge — and we want you to be part of it!

The Details

The World Record Challenge will happen on Sunday 17 November at Reading University Sportspark, Shinfield Road, Reading RG6 6AH (SAT NAV: RG6 6UR) The challenge will be at 11:00 but you’ll need to be there by 10.00 on the day.

There is a Guinness World Record for ’Most people performing burpees’.  The current world record is 250 people simultaneously completing 2 minutes of continuous burpees at the same venue.

We can beat that.

In fact we can double it.

The event is part of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge which is a charity fund raising event for a Wokingham based charity called Pass It On supporting children in Kenya through education, sport and feeding programmes. Full details of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge are HERE.

For us to meet and beat this world record attempt we need a lot of people to, not only participate but also to help out with stewarding, adjudicating and over-seeing the whole show. If you would like to be part of it in some way then please complete this sign up box and you’ll be added to the mailing list for this event. I’ll send you training plans, details of how to do the perfect burpee for world record challenges, updates on event news and coverage and fund raising totals.


2012 100DFC teeshirt
2012 100DFC teeshirt

The History

This time last year I (Heidi) decided that after 10 years of teaching fitness it was time to hang up my trainers and spend my time doing other things. It had been 10 terrific years, but I knew I had to let it all go. Within 3 weeks I was getting twitchy from being inactive and needed a new challenge. I came up with the 100 Day Fitness Challenge (100DFC). I thought of it like an anti-New Year’s resolution. Setting a goal to get me to the end of the year fit and healthy, rather than fat and miserable 🙂

So from 23 September to 31 December people were posting in our facebook group about what they’d done each day. My own personal challenge was to do 100 burpees every day for the 100 days. This was achievable but challenging and I did it. Every day without fail. I did them in hotel car parks, I did them in the rain, I did them at 5 am and I did them at 23.30. When you make a public declaration, you damn well make sure you achieve it!

Because of my new association with all things burpee related I wanted to do something this year that would engage a larger group of people for the 100DFC and challenge them too. So, out of some madness  I came up with the world record challenge.  It’s big enough that people need to train for it. Not too big that people won’t be able to do it.

And well, didn’t those of you who were children of the 70s wish you could have asked Norris McWhirter a question on Record Breakers too? !  So with the time we have and the determination of a fantastic group success and a childhood fantasy behind us, let’s aim big and nail this record raising both money and enthusiasm for the 100 Day Fitness Challenge.


The Charity

LogoColorTextBelowIn July 2009 Wokingham resident Jane Ainslie and her, then 9 year old, daughter Katie visited a number of community schools in Kenya. From the outside the schools looked quite run down. They saw the difficult conditions that school children and staff coped with: limited seating, text books and even stationery. However despite limited resources and huge class sizes, children were very well behaved and teachers were very enthusiastic. Jane and Katie were both overwhelmed with the warm welcome and the amazing energy from staff and children alike. Everyone was genuinely excited to have the opportunity of an education.

When they came back home Katie set up the Pass It On Club at school – they began writing letters to the Kenyan schools, raised money, collected over 3,500 Christmas presents and over the last 4 years have filled 3 containers with donated goods before deciding Pass It On had the potential to do far more on a bigger more organised scale.

Therefore Pass It On is in the process of becoming a registered charity and until it is will continue to support projects run by Vision Africa (registered charity number 1091198).


This year, as part of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge my goal is to raise £5000 to support three projects at Mbere Childrens Home.

1. Rainwater harvesting this costs approximately £2,140. Rainwater harvesting then allows them to water the much needed crops.

2. An energy saving jiko. This is a big cooker which is fuel efficient thus saving fuel and funds. It costs approximately £1440.

3. Bedding, including mattresses and blankets for the children. The total cost of this is approximately £1440.

Jane can be contacted at 07525 213800 or



We need you! Please sign yourself up today as a participant, a steward or helper, to donate to the charity or even to donate something from home to Jane and ‘Pass it On’. It really does help and it stops it going into landfill here too.

What are you waiting for?!