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FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

  • How Fit Camp Helped Becky, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    I joined Fit Camp in 2011 because I am an outdoorsy type and loved the fact that I could combine my need for some fitness that was more strenuous than walking the dogs, with the fact that many of the camps were outdoors. Regular fitness has always been important for my physical and mental well-being.

    When I joined Fit Camp, I was a member of a gym and had a personal trainer once a week with whom I did Pilates, but I was missing a more social activity that really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

    My main reason for joining was to help me stay toned, ideally lose fat and keep my mental well-being levels up – I am always happier and less stressy when I do regular exercise.

    I hadn’t expected Fit Camp to have such a positive effect (which kicked in pretty quickly after starting). This was my first experience of regular exercise outside of the gym environment, and despite being an introvert, I loved the group structure that brings friendship and support. I also really enjoy the varied nature of the routines. Each Fit Camp cycle gives me a chance to have a new challenge!

    If you asked me what did I think of when I think of Fit Camp? I’d say fabulous!

    I really appreciated that FastTrack Fit Camp is a place for all abilities and everyone is encouraged and welcomed. No shouting involved, just positive encouragement for your ability and level. I like that the range of venues and times makes it so much easier to fit regular exercise into a busy lifestyle.

    I would recommend Fit Camp to anyone who suffers or suspects they may suffer from depression or low moods – you’ll be surprised at the huge positive difference it makes.

    How Fit Camp Helped Becky
  • Porsha's puff has improved, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    I was diagnosed with ‘mild’ asthma at the age of 11 and since then have generally been able to control it using a combination of two inhalers.

    Just before joining Fit Camp, my peak flow (the rate at which I am able to push air out of my lungs) had reduced significantly and as a result I had to be monitored on a monthly basis. After a year or so at Fit Camp, my peak flow had increased significantly and I reverted to a standard annual check-up at the doctors.

    Don’t get me wrong – I still ‘huff & puff’ during many of the workouts, but ‘smile & breath’ (to quote Kirsty) throughout, knowing that my lungs continue to benefit!

    Porsha's puff has improved
  • Helen glows with Fit Camp, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    In 2011 I was about as low as I’d ever been. I did not enjoy going out at all, especially if I caught sight of myself before hand. I often just would not go on social events.

    I was trying to have a healthy diet but was unwittingly eating things that didn’t agree with me. Also I’d throw caution to the wind and eat what the heck I wanted on extra low days.

    I dreamt of being fit and happy! I knew I had to find something to try and get myself sorted.

    After talking to a friend about this boot camp thing in Winnersh, we finally bit the bullet and joined in January 2012.

    I just turned up for exercise, but I soon realised that there was far more to Fit Camp than I thought.

    It was a hard first week! By the end of that week I knew this was the exercise I needed.

    I also found the Fit Camp eating plan very beneficial. I made a few other life style changes that Fit Camp helped and supported me with. I met other Fit Campers, lovely, friendly and funny people.

    Soon I was hooked on Fit Camp, my life had completely changed. I wasn’t depressed anymore, my anxiety levels had dropped. I found I was having “happy” days, whew!

    I don’t know what I was expecting to happen when I joined FastTrack Fit Camp. Maybe that I’d just cope with my depression a bit better? However what I did get was that I really feel I am living a happy, healthy and fit life now, really what I dreamt of.

    When I think of FastTrack Fit Camp the first word I think of is ‘happy’.

    Helen glows with Fit Camp
  • Jackie Wade, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    2014 what a year I’ve had !!!

    I sat in a room full of lovely ladies and gents listening to a talk hosted by the lovely Heidi not really knowing what I wanted out of 2014 but knowing that with the hell of some lovely like minded people I would set myself some goals and learn a little bit about myself and what I could achieve !!!

    I had also decided that as I was going to be reaching the big 50 this year I was going to make this year special !!!

    And boy has it been special.

    With the help of Heidi, the Fit Camp instructors and my lovely hubby , daughter Emma (who has encouraged me every step of the way) my family and friends I have achieved soooo much!

    And it all started sitting in this room where you are sitting now and listening to a very inspirational lady, Heidi!

    My lightbulb moment came when Heidi was telling us about her running and she said “you have to get rid of the negative voices in your head”.

    Sounds simple I know but that’s exactly what I did! The voices that were always telling me “you can’t do that you are too old “, “you’re not a runner”, “people will laugh at you if you do that”, etc, etc.

    I gained so much from that meeting I loved it!

    Listen out for visualisation techniques it was invaluable for me.

    Every hill I tried to run up Heidi was at the top.

    I could see them putting a medal round my neck and crossing the finish line of every race, walk or challenge I entered!

    Amongst many challenges I’ve done these are a few of my favourites

    • 1. The Bracknell half marathon (So negative voice I can actually run !!)
    • 2. The moonwalk
    • 3. Climbing Crib Goch. At Mount Snowden tough but fantastic! Nothing puts life into perspective like hanging off the side of a mountain by your fingertips!
    • 4. Swimming a mile of Lake Windermere with my lovely daughter Emma whom I have mentioned has been my mentor throughout.

    I have done obstacle courses , Survival of the Fittest.

    I literally have had a ball and I know when people say if I can do it anyone can but I soo mean it I really do !!!

    I cannot thank Heidi and Kirst , Clare, Karen and Fit Camp especially Warfield camp for encouraging me every step of the way.

    This year has literally been fantastic and I can’t wait for 2015 to see where it takes me because I know I can achieve.

    My advice is: it’s out there for the taking whatever you want so you go get it !!!!

    (she even won our Riverford veggie box in September!)

    Jackie Wade
  • Anne's 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Experience, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    I have been going to Fit Camp sessions for about 16 months and haven’t really taken much notice of the additional diet and nutrition benefits that Heidi offers. Once or twice I had looked at the weekly meal plans and thought that they looked complicated and involved too much shopping!!

    How wrong of me!

    I need to lose weight and get stronger and had decided that 2015 was the year to make my personal improvements, so, when the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge came up I decided to sign up for it. We all like quick wins and I thought it would be the motivation that I needed.

    Once I got my head around the weekly meal plans and shopping requirements it was a doddle. And I don’t know why I thought it would be complicated; it is not!

    I didn’t follow the meal plans religiously and swapped meals as I wanted to, but still within the breakfast, lunch or dinner choices. I drank a bit of wine and had the odd naughty snack. I didn’t do the suggested additional at home exercise sessions, but I did attend Fit Camp three times a week and walked a lot; sometimes for over an hour a day and I managed to lose 8 lbs of fat and gain 2lbs of muscle!!

    So, my message to you all is; Listen to Heidi, she knows what we should be doing!!

    I will certainly reuse the Fat Loss meal plans and hope to improve on my weight loss and fitness benefits achieved so far and I would recommend that you do too!!

    Anne's 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Experience
  • Duncan: FastTrack's life-time camper, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    I could talk forever about what joining FastTrack Fit Camp has done for me and my life but will keep it as short as I can.

    I am ONLY talking about myself because I have a burning desire and passion to help others who are perhaps struggling in life, like I was, and are trying to find their way, whether it be alcoholism, depression, bereavement, low self esteem, obesity, fear of group work out, or zillions of other reasons etc.

    Before I joined FastTrack just moving forward for me was the biggest anti-depressant in the world, I already did lots of walking with my dogs but joining Fit Camp introduced me to a world I never knew existed, a road to well being and self discovery, fitness and and an escape from troubles.

    I have been a member since day one in November 2009 and have now completed 560 sessions. After the first session I was literally crippled and it was a 50/50 decision as to whether I would go back for session two, but I’m so so glad I did – and the rest is history.

    I am so blessed to have made so many true friends and am deeply deeply inspired on a daily basis by people trying to do a full press up, running their first 1k without stopping or running their first marathon.

    Although I was 43 I had never really been fit in my life despite intermittent efforts at personal training, cycling and swimming. I never understood what the word ‘fit’ really meant, well I can tell you I certainly do now and it’s all thanks to attending Fast Track Fit camp .

    Despite believing, like so many of you, that I was a ‘non runner’ I have gone on to run many long distance running events and ran through 50 miles for the first time in May 2014. If you had told me this in November 2009 I would have said you were bonkers.

    I also completed the 100 press up challenge purely based on the months and months of upper body work at FTFC.

    I am very grateful to FTFC and all the new friends/campers who have helped me along the way, there is still much to do, this work will never be done, we all have to keep striving to be the best, fittest and happiest we can be.

    God bless everyone, I think the world of you all, if you need me I’m here.

    Duncan: FastTrack's life-time camper
  • Why Nic said 'I think I like Fit Camp' :-), FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    This is a thank you Fit Camp post… :-)

    I’ve been going to Fit Camp for ages, since it was on Duncan’s field. I’ve never been sporty, I’ve never particularly enjoyed sport. My favourite fit camp exercise is the bum lift (RIP normal bum lifts). I think I enjoy Fit Camp, I certainly love the feeling you get at the end! I love the camaraderie.

    I was overweight as a child, lost weight without really trying as a teenager, since having babies my weight has gone up and down and I’ve tried various diets. I’ve remained a size 12, but some clothes were getting to be quite tight and some just never got tried on because I knew they wouldn’t fit.

    In March a good friend commented on how she’d been looking at photos and said that both of us looked better 3 years ago. At first I was a bit pissed off, but then I realised she really was right. I weighed myself and was shocked.

    The next day I started tracking what I was eating using the myfitnesspal app. It made me realise how much I had been eating previously. The first week was tough, and I got through it by upping my exercise so that I could eat more. Cycling to work and going to 3 instead of 2 fit camp sessions a week and sometimes going for a walk after tea so that I could afford some chocolate!

    8 weeks on I am about a stone lighter, I am still tracking calories, but my weight does go up and down randomly. That is annoying, but, my clothes all fit me, and I can take my jeans off without undoing them! I’ve actually started enjoying exercise more. It’s easier now I’m a bit lighter too. If I go a day without exercise I feel a bit restless, which is weird!

    I’ve still got wobbles that I want to get rid of, but I can see that it’s achievable now. I just need to cut down on the chocolate.

    So…. that’s a very long winded. Thanks Heidi for all the Fit Camps and diet advice!

    Why Nic said 'I think I like Fit Camp' :-)
  • Paula's shorts are falling off!, FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying Fit Camp and the difference it is making!

    I wish I had measured myself before I started…I’ve lost about half a stone but don’t seem to be able to shift anymore, however the difference in my clothes is amazing. I wore my denim shorts yesterday for the first time since last summer and they were falling off me… definitely need a belt now! Even my youngest commented on my figure the other night!

    Paula's shorts are falling off!
  • Pip W., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Pip – Henley (36)

    Pip participated in an 8 week trial of the Fit, Lean and Happy Programme. She told us in her application interview that she had got “lazy and comfortable” but wasn’t happy with how she looked any more. She’d not been at her best for about 10 years and was ready to do whatever it took to feel better again.

    Pip has limited time and isn’t keen on cooking so we had to adapt her lifestyle to an eating plan that suited her.

    Her goal was to fit into her favourite work suit again and wear her favourite jeans. Her new goal is to aim for a 6 pack.

    “Thank you for the amazing support. Love the FLH family!!” – PW

    In just 8 weeks Pip has changed her body like this:

    Chest – down 3 inches
    Waist – down 4.5 inches
    Belly – down 6 inches
    Hips – down 3.5 inches
    Thigh – down 1 inch
    Arm – down 1 inch

    Scales weight – down 8.8KG (19.3lbs)
    Body fat weight – down 6.4KG (14lbs)
    Body fat percentage – down 3.7%

    “I recently moved back to Henley and literally stumbled across Fit Camp on Facebook because a friend had liked the page. I had promised myself the move would bring a new fitter me and had purchased all the gear to take up running 6 months previously. Anyway, 4 months after moving I registered my name and number on the Fit Camp Facebook advert and the following day had a chat with Heidi who explained what Fit, Lean and Happy was and what it all entailed. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to go to a ‘boot camp’ where I was left lagging behind in a sweating mess or where I looked or felt like an idiot. The phone call made me feel pretty confident that I wouldn’t be the only person at the stage I was at and was assured everyone worked to their own pace. I had my initial weight and measure session, discussed my diet and Heidi made some recommendations on what to change. My main problem was I lived on processed and/or take away food with no idea that a packet saying ‘low fat’ or ‘low calorie’ was a bit of a farce and it was actually filled with sugar!! Following my initial weigh in, which was far easier than I thought, (because after all Fit, Lean and Happy isn’t about the number on the scales) I went to my first Fit Camp session. Yes it was tough but session two and three got a little easier and then I actually started to enjoy it. The best bit for me was that as you go through the highs and lows of the programme because of the changes in food or the little cheat chocolate bar so is everyone else and you can all chat about it.

    I’m a big believer that you should try anything once and I don’t do things lightly. I cut out the bad food and learnt what clean eating was about and why. I also pushed myself to go to three fit camp sessions a week. Just 8 weeks on I have lost 19.3lbs, 6 inches off my belly and the jeans now fit! I tried every fad diet going before this…. Raspberry ketone, Atkins, lose a stone in a week, the Cambridge diet and none of them worked for me. Fit, lean and happy was an 8 week programme that I signed up to and not only has it delivered the results but it has now become a lifestyle for me. A HUGE thank you to Heidi and the Fit Camp team”.

    Pip W.
  • Vivien N., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Vivien (40)

    Vivien completed 11 weeks of our Fit, Lean and Happy programme before whizzing off on holiday. When I first spoke with Vivien she said she wanted to “feel like me again”, that she’d slowly put on weight and wanted to feel “more alive”.

    Following our Fit, Lean and Happy Lifestyle plan she really got into the outdoor exercise and cleaned up her eating which gave her a lot more energy early on.

    Her results after 11 weeks are:

    Chest: down 1 inch
    Waist: down 3 inches
    Belly: down 5 inches
    Hips: down 3 inches
    Leg: up 0.5 inch
    Arm: down 0.5 inch

    Scales weight: down 5.8KG (12.5 lbs)
    Body Fat weight: down 4.1KG (9lbs)
    Body Fat percentage: down 3.6%

    She also wanted to be 9.5 stone as that is where she was when she remembers thinking her body was it’s best. She’s not 9.5 stone now, she’s 10 stone 3’ish…but she says her body feels and looks better than she remembers at 9.5.

    Here’s what she had to say :-)

    Vivien N.
  • Sophie A. , FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Sophie (43) Wokingham Early Risers.

    Sophie joined our Fit, Lean and Happy Programme a little late to the game. She was at her wits end and in need of a change. Sophie said that she’d convinced herself that regular exercise was enough, lifestyle choices and food was not as important. As a result she’d got a bit in a rut and dissatisfied.

    So, 8 weeks on…and she is a new woman! She has chosen to make some big lifestyle choices that suit her values and new lifestyle choices. One of these is going tee-total and the other is to take on triathlon as more than a mere passing hobby.

    For Sophie her desire to be a certain weight or size clothes has now become part of the bigger journey of health and wellness, not a desperation to be a certain size because that’s what she ‘thinks’ she should be.

    Sophie’s changes in 8 weeks are:

    Body fat %: down 1.7%
    Body fat weight: down 3KG (6.6lbs) (that’s what she’s holding! the body fat equivalent she’s lost in this programme)

    I’m chuffed to bits for Sophie. Long may you continue to be an inspiration to others who are to afraid to take a stand against the pressure from their friends and family to ‘just have another’.

    Sophie A.
  • Vroni R., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Vroni (37) – Early Risers, Wokingham

    When Vroni first contacted me she wasn’t sure she was eligible but said “I know what I want, but I don’t know how to do it and fit in in” — funnily enough she’s done more exercise and got more achieved since doing the programme than before. Including eating lunch each day at work where she previously wasn’t and taking time to plan her food better, rather than leaving it to chance.

    Here’s the data.

    Chest: down 5cms
    Waist: down 7.5cms
    Belly: down 9.5cms
    Hips: down 7.5cms
    Thighs: down 5cms
    Arms: down 2cms

    Scales weight down: 4.2KG (9 1/4 lbs)
    Body fat weigh down: 3.8KG (8 1/3lbs)
    Body fat percentage down: 3.3%

    Vroni made this wonderful testimonial the day before we did her final measurements…

    Vroni R.
  • Amanda E. , FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Amanda (51) Henley-on-Thames

    When Amanda and I first spoke she said that she was “desperate to lose weight and get fit“, she’s previously been a member of gym, said that it had worked but she found it boring and it fizzled away.

    Amanda felt that her mindset and food choices were letting her down and when I asked her if she wanted to be part of the 8 week programme replied “I’d love to do that!“.

    Some 8 weeks later and the results are in:

    Chest: down 2 inches
    Waist: down 4.5 inches
    Belly: down 2.5 inches
    Hips: down 3 inches
    Leg: same
    Arm: down 1 inch

    Scales weight: down 7.4KG (16 1/4 lbs)
    Body fat weight: down 6.7 KG (14 3/4lbs)
    Body fat %: down 3.9%

    I asked Amanda about how she had made sure she got the most out of the FLH programme and she said “I never let work or my hours get in the way or be an excuse. I always made this a priority and made plans so that I could always do the exercise and have stuck to my new way of eating completely and easily“.

    Before we started Fit, Lean and Happy Amanda rated her body 1 out of 10, energy 3 out of 10 and fitness 2 out of 10. Those scores are now 5 for body, 7 for energy and 5 for fitness!

    Amanda E.
  • Fiona G., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Fiona (47) – Wokingham Early Risers / Swallowfield

    Fiona was one of the first ladies that I contacted to discuss the Fit, Lean & Happy programme. When we spoke she was so keen to be included. She had been looking for a way to feel better and get to the point where she didn’t “have to pull my jeans waistband over my muffin top when I sit down“.

    In 12 weeks Fiona has transformed her attitude to food and drink, maintained a regular and consistent exercise routine and kept to her regular weekly run routine of a 5km run once or twice a week with a friend.

    12 weeks in and here are Fiona’s results:

    Chest: down 2.5 inches
    Waist: down 5 inches
    Belly: down 4 inches
    Hips: down 2.5 inches
    Leg: down 2 inches
    Arm: down 1 inch

    Scales weight: down 6.6KG (14 1/2 lbs)
    Body fat weight: down 4.4KG (9 1/2 lbs)
    Body fat %: down 4%

    Fiona set out on her 12 week journey to be “11 stone anything” – she did that, got into her skinny jeans, feels happier and knows what to do to keep it there and keep it up. Well done Fiona, super results!

    Fiona G.
  • I feel full of life afterwards, usually I am very lethargic before the session starts, and stressed if work has been very busy!  It’s all forgotten about after Fit Camp and I can enjoy my evening.

    Amber D.
  • “No its not for me, I won’t enjoy it, it’s a waste of time  its only for women ”   Were amongst the many excuses I came up with to both myself and Rachael ( my wife ) when she suggested her increasingly unfit hubby try  FTFC – fortunately she didn’t let up and in the end I succumbed and went along fully committed to not enjoying it and being able to say  “there I told you so”
    That was about 3 years ago and I’ve been as regular attendee as work and family life allow ever since – the results are physically obvious  ( to me at least )  – I’m almost the same weight as I was when I got married 26 years ago but as importantly I also have more energy, am less stressed, I sleep better, eat better and I really look forward to the sessions, the people the banter and being able to exercise  in the fresh air rather than a sweaty gym queuing to use complicated apparatus, or just pounding the streets running – every session is a bit different but are all good fun.
    Heidi and her instructors are encouraging and recognise that everyone can and should work at their own level – FTFC will work for you if you are already pretty fit but equally it will work for you if you are seriously overweight and you haven’t exercised for years.
    My own experience at FTFC is what convinced me that Romans should look into providing free access to FTFC for Romans personnel and I would encourage anyone to go along and give it a try” 

    Peter C.
  • I have always had problems with my shoulder after injuring it seven years ago, after having two operations I had given up that it would ever be fixed!  After being at Fit Camp for about two months, I saw massive improvements and it returning to how it should be.  This has made such a big difference to me, the fact that I have so much fun at Fit Camp is just a bonus!

    Rachel F.
  • Tarnia W. , FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Tarnia (42) Winnersh Day

    Tarnia came to FastTrack Fit Camp as a brand new Fit Camper and was nervous about an old ankle injury that she felt was going to stop her from putting as much effort in as she would like to get the results she wanted.

    After a few weeks she realised that the ankle was getting stronger and that she was able to do more week on week.

    Tarnia had one major goal. Getting in shape for her holiday.

    At week 11 of the plan she went holiday shopping and found that she was having to choose clothes 2-3 sizes down from what she was before she started.

    Her physical transformation has been brilliant and you can really see how she’s changed in these pictures.

    Here’s the changes Tarnia has made.

    Chest: down 2 inches
    Waist: down 2.5 inches
    Belly: down 2.5 inches
    Hips: down 2.5 inches
    Leg: same
    Arm: down 1 inch

    Scales weight: down 6KG (13 1/4 lbs)
    Body fat weight: down 5.7 KG (12.5 lbs)
    Body fat %: down 5.1%

    Tarnia W.
  • I love the feeling after Fit Camp I feel so good in myself and the satisfaction I get from doing more of an exercise than what I could before is great.

    Natalie B.
  • Having joined FTFC in summer 2015 I have notice a positive change not only to my fitness level but also to my general well-being and attitude. I look forward to the classes and find the variety of schedule makes it so easy to attend a few times a week.  I now rarely make use of my gym membership and find the effort put in at Fit Camp is more rewarding, being out in the open is also really nice rather than the stinky gym.

    Fran D.
  • I have only been attending Fit Camp for the past couple of weeks – I really enjoy it.  Sometimes the thought of going and doing exercise puts me off but once I am there I feel good and glad I went.

    Lisa F.
  • A workout that can be adapted to your own ability and capabilities. A real team spirit as everyone encourages each other. However much you don’t want to go you always feel better after you have

    Mandy T.
  • I have been attending fit camp for 5 weeks and have lost ¾ of  a stone, I am now going three times a week, and I will lose three stone this year, I don’t believe I could do this without Heidi’s help and the motivation from the rest of the attendees.

    George S.
  • A really good work out, that gets the heart rate up and really test your core fitness, allowing you to work at your own pace whilst motivating you to push your boundaries.
    Great atmosphere and good banter, just make sure you pace yourself on your first session!

    Michael C.
  • I have noticed a difference in having more energy and generally happier and focused. Something I thought I would never hear myself in saying but I actually enjoy exercising especially outside. The group is mixed and are all very welcoming which makes a huge difference.

    Kelly D.
  • Claire C., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Claire (38) Swallowfield / Wokingham Evening

    Claire has been a Fit Camper for some time and had got her head into regular exercise but hadn’t quite got her head around how the nutrition side of things could help her.

    She was keen to join the Fit, Lean & Happy programme and committed herself full on to the programme. She has 4 children and a high level European job that involves a lot of travel. All of these needed to be managed and organised around her commitment to herself.

    It was very soon apparent that getting her food choices right benefited her family by her improved moods and stress. This made organising the programme around her lifestyle an easier choice as the rewards were big and quick coming.

    Claire’s big goal was to “fit all size 12 clothes comfortably” — she’s achieved this and loves how her new lifestyle makes her feel.

    She wrote out how Fit, Lean & Happy had impacted her life. A pretty powerful list.

    Claire’s FLH list of improvements.

    Here are her statistics:

    Chest: down 3.5 inches
    Waist: down 5 inches
    Belly: down 5 inches
    Hips: down 1.5 inches
    Thigh: down 1 inch
    Arm: same

    Scales weight: down 4.2KG (9 1/4 lbs)
    Body Fat weight: down 3KG (6 1/2 lbs)
    Body Fat %: down 2.2%

    Claire C.
  • Sarah J., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Sarah (47) Winnersh Day / Wokingham Evening

    When I spoke to Sarah at the beginning she said that her gaining weight “was getting silly” and her clothes weren’t fitting any more. She wanted to be able to sit down “with no bulges” and, if she chose to, wear a bikini again.

    She’s had a great 12 weeks and the results show it.

    Here are the stats:

    Chest: down 2 inches
    Waist: down 3 inches
    Belly: down 3 inches
    Hips: down 2.5 inches
    Thigh: down 1.5 inches
    Arm: down 1 inch

    Scales weight: down 5.6KG (12 lbs)
    Body fat weight down: 4.4KG (9 3/4 lbs)
    Body fat percentage: down 3.8 points

    Sarah J.
  • Julia P., FastTrack Fit Camp Testimonials

    Julia (49) – Warfield

    Julia was very keen to be part of the programme as she felt she wanted to lose weight to be happy. During the programme she discovered a love for group exercise, started running, open water swimming and wake boarding.

    She’s confident, happy and delighted with her results and now realises that the number on the scales doesn’t define you.

    “When I started FLH I was just hoping to lose some weight, but I’ve learned so much and have been so intrigued by the stories, highs and lows which we have all shared”

    The statistics:

    Chest: down 6 cms
    Waist: down 4 cms
    Hips: down 7 cms
    Arm: down 1 cm

    Scales weight: down 4KG (8.8lbs)
    Body fat weight: down 2.8KG (6.16lbs)
    Body %: down 2.1 points

    Julia P.


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