Join Us In Twyford!

Were you part of our Olympic Fit Camp Team in 2012?
Were you part of our Olympic Fit Camp Team in 2012?

Twyford camp reopens on Tuesday 15 September with a grand new re-launch and ‘Overhaul Your Diet – The Fit, Lean & Happy Way’.

Come and join us for our first session back over the summer and then join Heidi as she takes you through her whirlwind ‘Overhaul Your Diet’ seminar that gives easy, practical advice for feeling slimmer, happier and more energetic in just days.

With outdoor group Fit Camp sessions running every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 and Saturday morning at 08:30 you’re guaranteed to be slimmer, happier and fitter by Christmas with our fabulous relaunch offer.

Join us for 14 weeks and save over £95 on the normal price for 3 months.


We have two instructors to help motivate and encourage you all the way to your goals. Karen and Vicki want you to achieve your goals in a fun and healthy way and will be there to support you throughout the process. They’re funny, encouraging and inspiring, they even hob-nob with celebs too!









If you don’t know what you can achieve in 12 weeks take a look at these amazing results from our campers at other venues. (click their faces for their full stories)

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With results like these in 12 weeks, we guarantee that you’ll finish 2015 feeling amazing and not sluggish and desperate for the holidays.

We provide effective workout sessions that we can accommodate to all levels.

  • If you’ve got a dodgy knee or back – no problem!
  • If your shoulder is a bit grumbly – we can help!
  • If you think you’re too old – rubbish! We can help at any level, our oldest camper is 74 and going strong 🙂
Robin (vest top, 2nd row) is 74.
Robin (vest top, 2nd row) is 74.


It’s not just exercise with FastTrack Fit Camp. We want you to have a healthy, happy life in the easiest way possible. We provide you with meal plans, easy family meals that leave you all feeling great, leaner and happier. You’ll have more energy, more oomph and more time (yes really! being active has the wonderful benefit of giving you more time to enjoy doing things you want to do, rather than sitting in a fug every night moaning that you don’t have any energy).

We want you to do well and know that you’ve done well. So we offer full accountability and ongoing assessments.

  • Body measurements
  • Body composition
  • Goal setting

You may notice that we don’t much worry about your weight. We will weigh you for the purposes of the body composition testing, but it’s not a key measure in your success. As you’ll see here, Heidi can get quite soap-boxy about it 🙂

We’ll show you how you can change shape and clothes size with good healthy changes that may or may not affect the scales.

We’d love for you to join us!

As someone who has been to FastTrack Fit Camp before we have a great offer for you to get you to Christmas feeling amazing!

Our normal 3 month price for unlimited visits to any of our venues is £342.00.

By choosing to join us now you can get 14 weeks for £247.00 saving over £95.00 on our normal price. And as always your results are guaranteed. If you follow our guidelines and still don’t lose a clothes size in 4 weeks we’ll give your your money back.



All Twyford sessions are held at Polehampton Junior School in the playground. They run on Tuesday and Thursday evening 19:00 – 19:45 and Saturday 08:30 – 09:15. You are also able to attend any of our other sessions. Here is our full Fit Camp Timetable 2015

What are you waiting for? Come and join us for the first session back since the summer holidays or for our seminar, bring a friend and get accountable together. It’s going to be the end of the year before you know it, wouldn’t it be great if you weren’t wishing you’d looked after yourself a bit more and just got started now?

All prices shown here are inclusive of VAT. Our online shop will add VAT at the point of purchase.