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Friday with Heidi: Busy vs Productive

It's been a busy week, but I am not sure how productive.

Do you ever get those times when it feels that you are really busy, but when you look back at what you've actually achieved that day, it seems like you're still in the same place? 

That's definitely me this week! It's not a comfortable place for me, I like to me doing something that's productive or useful and this week it's felt more like 'stuff'.

I see it as a reminder that every now and then you can stop being productive and just be still or quiet and reflective before moving yourself back on your path. It's an opportunity to see if you're working within your true values (I'm currently not) and whether you need to revisit what they are and find a way to move back to working with them.

When you work within your highest values life is a breeze. You feel good, make good decisions and have the capacity for creativity and productivity.

When you're battling against something or doing that something that pushes the boundaries of your values then it can feel like an uphill battle.

If you feel like you're out of sorts right now take some time this weekend to look at what is causing you some discomfort and see where that fits with your values.

  • Are you begrudging working longer hours but are spending less time with your family?
  • Have you committed to something you now wish you hadn't?
  • Are you doing something that conflicts with what you believe in?

Whatever it is, take some time out to look at it and work out why you feel the way you do, it will save you some time next time a similar situation comes up (and yes I recognise completely that I need to take my own medicine this week!)

I want to leave you with the five things I've reminded myself of since doing the Metabolic Balance® programme that I knew already and wasn't implementing optimally, only a little. These 5 things have had the biggest impact on my results so far.

  1. No snacking between meals.
  2. 5 hour gaps between meals.
  3. Drinking plenty of water each day, I'm on 3.5 litres.
  4. Eat enough to satisfy not to stuff.
  5. Enjoy your meals (easy to do when you've waited 5 hours!)

I'm talking about these 5 tips and more at a Metabolic Balance® information morning tomorrow at Wokingham Cricket Club. We have a few spaces if you'd like to join us, please reserve a free seat by clicking this link, it starts at 10.15 for about an hour.


If you can't make tomorrow please don't worry, I will be running some more over the next few weeks.

If one of your mismatches with your values is around your health at the moment and you feel less like you than ever before, why not come and try us out for a trial?

We offer a free trial week so you can see what we do and whether it's right for you. You could be like Katie from Twyford who told me last week during her first week with us...

"Third boot camp this week!!!! 4 tomorrow!!! Loving it!!!"

To set up a trial week, please email me on this address or Nia on admin@fasttrack-fitcamp.co.ukand we'll start you off.

Have a fabulous weekend! Remember, take some time to stop and reflect :-)

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