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Friday with Heidi: Keeping it real...

What a fabulously full and busy week. Since I wrote to you last, I've been on a fascinating course that uses a sample of your blood to generate a bespoke meal plan that will help reduce inflammation (the biggest cause of disease), manage weight and improve health.

It was a great weekend.

Firstly it was in a quirky space in Croydon called TMRW. It was a perfect venue for events, workshops and training sessions. I've mentioned this several times now to people who'll listen, but the lunch buffet was exceptional. Not a chicken goujon or sausage roll in sight and bowls of amazing salads, plates of cheese and the most wonderful 'dessert' items made from raw fruit and nuts. Anyway, I digress.

Secondly, I loved the concept of the course because it's values, like mine, are rooted in the concept of health through food. There are no additional supplements or potions to buy. By using the blood sample an individualised food programme is generated to maximise your health in a minimum of 12 weeks.

Thirdly I was reassured that what we offer our clients at FastTrack Fit Camp as an eating plan is on target. There are some tweaks with this programme to make it specific for you, but overall our rules are their rules. This is therefore a really good and clear message for me to pass on to you.

If you are unhappy with your weight, your size, your health, your energy, your digestion, your immune system, your skin, that you ache, don't sleep well, have cravings, up and down moods and seem to be in a cycle of going nowhere. You must look at your diet.

If you haven't addressed how many processed foods you eat, how much water you drink, how frequently your snack, drink alcohol, what your total sugar intake is or whether you are eating enough fresh foods -- It's time to do so. Start making those changes and see what happens for you and how things change.

Yes it's a bit tough not eating what you'd rather all the time. But it's easier than being ill through bad health, in pain through high inflammation or borderline Type II diabetic.

I am starting my own 12 week process with the Metabolic Balance plan from Sunday. I will be video blogging about it on our FastTrack YouTube Channel if you want to follow me and see how it works.

This week I also received confirmation that an interview I did with Elaine Sullivan of Skybrook Consultants for her Business Radio Show had gone live. If you want to listen to what goes on inside my head please click here for the show. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Have a fabulous weekend lovely readers. I am off to Devon with my mum for a day or so. We're planning on getting the wind in our hair, some sand on our shoes and some chatting done -- lots of chatting.

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