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What We Do

So what can you expect when you sign up for FastTrack Fit Camp?

You’ll get a complete copy of our nutrition manual. It gives you full details of our clean eating plan. There’s no weighing or measuring your food, no calorie counting and not a point or a sin in sight! You’ll have suggested menus and food diaries plus a place to record your progress.

You come to the camp of your choice as many times as you like during the month. We do recommend three times a week as a minimum as we know that gets the best results. Each session is 45 minutes long and you’ll never know what comes next – sometimes we do partner work, sometimes you’ll work alone in the group. You’ll never do long runs with us – they just don’t work when you’re maximising fat loss and building fitness. Click here for an example of what we do in camp: (we help people get into shape for their wedding too!)

Fit Camp Overview

To qualify for our money back guarantee, you need to attend at least three sessions a week and follow the nutritional guidelines. Missing camp or eating sneaky cake, coffee or cola invalidates the guarantee! We’ll give you lots of recipe ideas so there’s no need to stray. Our eating plan fits easily into family life.

What Should I Bring?

Bring water. It’s especially important that you come hydrated and stay hydrated during the sessions. Our workouts are hard work. Some of you may need to eat before you come to camp, others may find exercising with a food in their stomach too much. You may need to experiment with this to see what works best for you. This is especially important for Early Risers. Lots of Early Risers bring a workout drink that’s half orange juice, half water and has a pinch of salt added.

You’ll need gloves as you’ll have your hands on the ground at times. If it’s cold, wrap up well in lots of layers. We work mostly outdoors. You’ll usually need a mat too – unless you’re a Wokingham camper, where we have mats available for you.

Make sure you have a good pair of trainers. The outdoor camps can get a little mucky, so you’ll want clothes that you don’t mind ruining.

Am I Fit Enough?

Our campers are all at different fitness levels, from never exercised to doing a triathlon. No-one is ever left behind and you won’t be segregated into high achievers and low achievers. As most of our exercises are timed, it means that everyone works to their maximum, so if you only manage 10 repetitions in 30secs and your neighbour gets 40 in, no-one will notice – and certainly no-one counts!

Our job is to get you fit. No-one wears sparkly lycra so those trackie bottoms and t-shirt will do just fine, as long as you can move freely.

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