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  • Friday with Heidi: Busy vs Productive

    It's been a busy week, but I am not sure how productive. Do you ever get those times when it feels that you are really busy, but when you look back at what you've actually achieved that day, it seems like you're still in the same place? That's definitely me this week! It's not a comfortable place for me, I like to me doing something that's productive or useful and this week it's felt more like 'stuff'. I see it as a reminder that every now and then you can stop being productive and just be still or quiet and reflective before moving yourself back on your path. It's an opportunity to see if you're working within your true values (I'm currently not) and whether you need to revisit ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day twenty five

    My Metabolic Balance® journey is now over 3 weeks in. I'm into Phase 3 and starting back to exercise again after the enforced time out for two weeks in the early stages. I took my stats on Tuesday and have lost more fat, gained some muscle and seen a slight overall decrease in total body weight as my body gets leaner. I am now in the healthy range in all aspects for weight for height, body fat percentage, body fat weight and BMI. Not bad at all for 3 weeks work. I'll be continuing as I want to see my blood health markers improve over the next few months, but won't be pushing for the weight loss now. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi (on a Monday): Can I Ask A Favour?

    You can wait for years for an award then and then two come along at once! If you've been following my journey this year it may all appear a bit confusing what with Venus Awards and Muddy Stilettos, but Friday night was the finals of the Thames Valley Venus Awards . I was in the Inspirational Woman category and was runner up alongside Angela Cox to Lucy Coulbert from The Individual Funeral Company who scooped the gong! I am so pleased for her. In her speech she said how she hadn't realised how much she'd wanted to win -- I am delighted she did, she's making waves in a stuffy, corporate profession and sits on the Department of Work and Pensions Select Committee. Long may it continue. It ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: A week of voting...(not at all political!)

    Please don't panic. This is not a political post. We've had enough of that. But it has been a week for voting. Of course there has been the regular 'ole election thing going on. But there has also been a bit of a do over at the Muddy Stilettos Blog site since they announced that the public could vote for their local favourite businesses. Voting opened on Wednesday for a week, but has barely been able to cope with the volume of votes. It's been said that at times 400 votes a second were hitting the site! It all got a bit too much and as such the website has had a little lie down and is back up from tomorrow to resume voting from where it left off. Why am I telling you this? ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day eighteen

    I am at the beginning of Phase 3 of my Metabolic Balance® journey using me as my own guinea pig. It's been a great trip so far and I've really found it to be easy to follow and adopt. The results have been great, so much so that Mr FastTrack Fit Camp has jumped on board too and is seeing an even greater return on his efforts. Weekly updates from now on as I share with you how adding exercise, oils on salads and in cooking and a treat meal a week affects the progress. ....

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  • Thank you! Muddy Stilettos Berkshire Awards -- We're through to the finals!

    I am delighted to be through to the finals, for the second year running, in the Muddy Stilettos Berkshire Awards. It's a huge honour that people have taken the time to vote, thank you so much! From Wednesday 7 June the votes open again and, go back to zero, so that the finalist can be identified. Even if you voted before you'll need to vote again, but this time you'll see how I am doing on the live voting graphs on the Muddy Stilettos website. Forgive me now for reminding you to give me a nod again, but needs must on a public vote :-) Best Fitness Instructor - Please vote for us We’re in the finals of the Berkshire Muddy Awards for best Fitness Instructor and it’s ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Weight Loss on Metabolic Balance®

    We've moved into a new month, into what feels like a new season and with it all the political and global shenanigans that will keep the media busy for some weeks to come. I decided a long time ago to be much more selective about what news I watched and when. It's definitely changed my mindset about life. I used to think that everything was awful all the time, but now I appreciate the good stuff too, and choose when to get my news fix. ( Which is why I embarrassed myself on Monday when I had NO idea what the fuss about some football match at Wembley was being discussed at our Wokingham Early Risers session! It's OK, I've been put right about the Reading match now! ) For the last 11 ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day nine

    I'm half way through Phase 2 of my Metabolic Balance® personal guinea pig trial, this time next week I'll be preparing to go into Phase 3 which lasts between 10 weeks and you reaching your goal, whether it's weight loss, weight gain or health improvement. I've found it easy so far and have discovered some things to be grateful for in small portions, less coffee and gaps between meals! See how I got here: Day one: https://youtu.be/SsLPC6MFNF8?list=PL-wZSwCWIxv91qCcFeJUerd_jbr3ZNNQP Day two: https://youtu.be/OYQ9mOSpn58?list=PL-wZSwCWIxv91qCcFeJUerd_jbr3ZNNQP Day three: ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day three

    Day three of my Metabolic Balance® 12 week journey. Click either Day one or Day two to see how I got here! Day three I felt so much better. I am not sure if it was the effects of the first two days, being tired or lack of caffeine, or all three. But I felt better today, looked forward to all my meals and wasn't overly hungry. I talk about why I've chosen this programme to accompany our Fit Camp eating regime and what I've achieved so far. Will be back in a week to update on this first week of phase 2. ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day two

    Day two of my 12 week programme with Metabolic Balance ®. Day one is here: http://fasttrack-fitcamp.co.uk/blog/69041/Metabolic-Balance-Guinea-Pig-Trial-Heidi-Strickland-Clark-Day-one Quick update: There are 4 phases. I'm in phase one and it lasts 48 hours. You choose simple, same food meals, to eat for two days. I chose rice on day one (wouldn't do that again given the choice) and vegetables on day two (much better). I've drunk 3 litres of water a day (an amount based on my weight) and no exercise, not that I had any interest in doing so. I've felt quite low and tired but I am attributing this to the lack of caffeine, food and that I've had a busy few weeks that have kept me ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Guinea Pig Trial | Heidi Strickland-Clark | Day one

    Following on from the Metabolic Balance course last weekend, I have embarked on my own 12 week journey to see what it's like, what the results are like and how my blood markers change. Here's my day one video explaining how I get on and what my plan is for.   The first part is a two day preparation phase whereby you eat three simple meals throughout the day. I have no idea why I did this, but of the four food types available, I chose rice. I think I thought that the cooked rice would provide a substantial amount, but I was wrong! It wasn't tiny, but it wasn't bowls of the stuff and so I did feel a bit hungry and tired for this first day. I've had a few long weeks ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Keeping it real...

    What a fabulously full and busy week. Since I wrote to you last, I've been on a fascinating course that uses a sample of your blood to generate a bespoke meal plan that will help reduce inflammation (the biggest cause of disease), manage weight and improve health. It was a great weekend. Firstly it was in a quirky space in Croydon called TMRW. It was a perfect venue for events, workshops and training sessions. I've mentioned this several times now to people who'll listen, but the lunch buffet was exceptional. Not a chicken goujon or sausage roll in sight and bowls of amazing salads, plates of cheese and the most wonderful 'dessert' items made from raw fruit and nuts. Anyway, I digress. ....

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  • NatWest Thames Valley Venus Awards | Inspirational Woman Finalist | Angela Cox

    Last month I shared with you my conversation with Lucy Coulbert , one of my fellow Thames Valley Venus Award finalists . This month it's time to meet the other lady and today it's all about Angela Cox. Overview
    Angela is a business consultant by day working in business development for OEE Consulting, a mum to two children and two stepchildren and amazingly (the biggest inspirational bit) the creator of A Big Girl's Journey to Lean
    . A seemingly unexpected and accidental success in building a community to support people on their weight loss journey as a result of going through it herself. When I asked Angela how this had all come about she told me that she'd been 'big forever', ....

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  • Metabolic Balance® | Training in Croydon | May 2017

    I've been a course over the last few days that has been both interesting and exciting. It's called Metabolic Balance ® and is a scientifically proven programme that is both simple to follow and individually focused. It was designed and developed by a German doctor called Dr Wolf Funfack over 15 years ago following his earlier work with nutritional medicine. He had a goal of designing a programme that promotes a healthy metabolism, by reducing inflammation, managing weight and promoting good health. The programme is available through qualified consultants (like I am now) and is a minimum of 12 weeks in duration. Each person goes through a process to establish that they are a good ....

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  • What's Wrong With Me? | The Four Mood Types

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and there is more talk than ever about the importance of talking about mental health. It’s not a one size fits all approach though. There are different symptoms, different approaches and different solutions to how to repair the situation. I read a great book some years ago called The Mood Cure. It’s written by Julia Ross and describes the four mood types that we may be affected by. In summary those types are: Black Cloud
    The state that you’d think of when you think of depression or ‘the black dog’. It’s the about negativity, obsessiveness, being irritable, sleepless and worried. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: CANI

    Tony Robbins talks about CANI. Continuous And Never-ending Improvement.
    Is that something you've signed up to? Do you read or listen to audio books? Do you take courses or listen to webinars? Have you volunteered or helped out in community? Do you think about ways that you can improve on the already very good person that you are? It will come as no surprise to you but I love learning, courses, finding out, reading, audio-books and self development and self-experimentation. So imagine my excitement at the thought of this weekend when I am off to Croydon ( I know! get me! ) to learn about a system called Metabolic Balance. Metabolic Balance is a food based way of restarting your ....

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  • Stress and Exercise | What's the best workout to do?

    Exercising when stressed may not always be the answer to your problems. Exercising places a stress on the body’s natural balance and when you are exhausted from long term work or emotional stress, physical exertion, grief, lack of sleep or poor lifestyle it may the last thing you want to look to do. If you are feeling wired and tired, stressed and agitated or generally flagging, going for a run or doing a circuits class or something like a FastTrack Fit Camp (high intensity interval training) won’t be the best choice for you. Then to make matters worse if you do go and do these and then find it tough to cope with or have muscle weakness or ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: A time for reflection (and a favour please)

    It's a beautiful morning out there today. The sky is clear, the sun is bright and casting a nice light all around. Chances are though that sometimes you can't see it. When your head is full of lists and chatter. When you are running around like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland for fear of being late and when there's a constant push and drive to achieve or get the next thing and the next and the next. You can quite literally forget to stop and smell the flowers. When your life has got like that. It's time to stop and reflect and what you have already achieved. I had to do this recently. I was invited into the University to have a chat with the two ladies who are judging the ....

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  • Year of Giving Back: National Autistic Society

    We had a wonderful turnout on the last day of April for our monthly Family Charity Fit Camp. Awash with red to represent the logo for the National Autistic Society we squatted, jumped and ran our way to raising £230.36 in 45 minutes! Thank you all so much! The money will go to the charity via Jill Davidson who is running the New York Marathon for the charity on 5 November this year. Look out for our next event on Sunday 28 May
    for Thames Valley Air Ambulance . We'll start at 9am on the Bearwood Recreation Ground in Winnersh. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Sit down, it's time for a read

    I am not sure what season I'm in this week. Tuesday night had me back in my hat and gloves for Fit Camp with a bitter 4 degrees at our evening camp and yet I am still sporting the sun lines from my two hours in the sun on Saturday. Such is the variety of the April weather. This week has been really varied for me too. I've filled my week with Focus Groups for my new programme, telephone interviews with Venus finalists, blog writing, event organising, video recording (for the Venus Awards), networking with other local business owners and catching up with my accountability buddy Emily from the Mendip area of Somerset. So this week it's over to you...you can read about the charity event on ....

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  • Supporting Business in Wokingham | Style Review: Vanilla Essence Lodge

    Last September, for our anniversary, my husband surprised me with a very un-him present. This delightful money pig arrived in our house and he's now in my office taking pride of place where I can see him. He was purchased from a gem of a place on the borders of Wokingham and Crowthorne called Vanilla Essence Lodge
    . It's a wonderful place full of pre-loved items that have been hand picked and selected by the owner Helen Jennings. Helen has an interior design background and, when she was a student, used to make ends meet by buying really high quality clothes from charity shops and selling them on. She certainly has high standards. All items are either new with labels ....

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  • NatWest Thames Valley Venus Awards | Inspirational Woman Finalist | Lucy Coulbert

    Not long after it was announced that I was one of the three finalists for theNatWest Thames Valley Venus Awards in the Inspirational Woman category on 6 April, I had clients asking me who I was up against. I had to confess I had no idea. I am not sure I even knew their names. Partly because it was all a bit of a blur, but also because I'd decided that I didn't want to know. When clients started to ask me, and then tell me who I was up against, as they'd gone on a Google hunt for them, I questioned why I was not curious and decided to address my own internal issues head on. I emailed the two ladies and asked them for a phone interview so I could blog about them and find out what their ....

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  • The 7 Mistakes We Make To Lift A Persistently Low Mood

    The 7 Mistakes We Make To Lift A Persistently Low Mood
    Feeling down in the dumps is one thing. But having a persistently low mood from stress, anxiety or depression is another. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, useless and not sure what to do to make yourself feel better, or even if you want to. Unfortunately many of the things we do to take our mind off feeling low are the things that can make us feel worse. Here’s a list of 7 common mistakes we make when we know we could feel better but aren’t sure what to do. When you begin to eliminate these you will feel better from the inside out, rather than the outside in.
    Thinking that you have to do everything at once
    When ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Have you snapped like Teresa?

    Overwhelmed and uncertain?
    This is not a political post! But I was drawn thinking about the 'snap election' that was announced this week and how sometimes we all just make a quick decision because we feel overwhelmed and pressured and anxious. It's been a week of talking about mental health with the Prince Harry's interview coverage ( are we really surprised the poor chap was traumatised? ) and the discussions in the media about what Prince William and Catherine are doing to help raise the profile and break down some barriers around the stigma of depression and anxiety. There must be something in the air as my own epiphany a few weeks ago was around just this topic and since then I have ....

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  • Recipe: Frozen Yoghurt 'Bark'

    Quick frozen pud suggestion. 1 large pot of Greek yoghurt Honey to taste ( I added enough to cover the top of the pot) A small packet of cranberries and macadamias. Stir honey into yoghurt. Turn yoghurt onto greaseproof papered baking tray and spread out to about 2-3cm thick. Sprinkle nuts and fruit on top. Freeze two hours or more. Break up and serve. It's not bad if you want the idea of a treat. This works for people (children) who like the thought of a pud and think it's ice cream. Worth a go. Am going to try with another flavour. ....

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  • Wokingham tops the activity league tables

    I hope you had a nice Easter weekend? We had four fabulous days of Fit Camp sessions in perfect weather which is always preferable. This is really quick -- but I wanted to share with you two notifications I read this weekend about FastTrack Fit Camp's home town, Wokingham. 1. Wokingham was listed as the most active town in England. I am not surprised. We are not short of gyms, spas, health clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, netball courts, hockey pitches, football and rugby fields, dance classes, trampolining clubs, Boxercise, Clubercise, triathlon clubs, cycling groups, Pilates, yoga, badminton, circuits, Bootcamp, Fit Camp.... The article is here --> ....

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  • Good Friday with Heidi: Happy Easter (bunny inside)

    It's here already! A late-in-the-year Easter and still I can't quite grasp that it's Spring. I have a theory that when time passes quickly you must be doing lots. It's certainly true for me at the moment. I want to thank those of you who responded to my request for help with building my new programme around improving the state of mind. It has already shown me some challenges that I will face in bringing this together but I am more determined than ever to do so. I have a 10 year plan with which to work on and am looking forward to my first Focus Groups next week. As you may imagine we get more enquiries when the sun comes out! This week has been no exception and we've spoken to new and ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Heads or tails...?

    I'll cut straight to the highlight of the week. Yesterday I found out that I was through to the final of Thames Valley Venus Women Awards for Inspirational Woman
    award! Woo-bloomin'-hoo! I'm chuffed to bits and humbled all at the same time. I've been whittled from 55 applicants to three by the judges from the University of Reading
    and along the way have been having an internal dialogue about how I feel about it all. When I have clients come to me and tell me that they really don't know what to do about a big decision in their life I tell them to toss a coin. Choose your sides and toss a coin.
    Leave horrible job - heads. Stay in horrible job - tails.
    Ask him out on a date - heads. Wait ....

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  • Supporting Business in Wokingham |Food Review: The Cook Curry Club Berkshire

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Kran Sondh
    at a network training meeting and we caught up after the event to share business tales and opportunities. Kran owns and runs the award winning Cook Curry Club
    . Awarded the Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Life Food & Drink Awards
    Newcomer of the Year award in 2015, Kran has gone from strength to strength with business curries through networking events, dinner party curries (you book her, she makes, delivers and cleans up) and her Take-Away service. During our discussion I was asking about the Take-Away and was pretty chuffed at the coincidence that one of her drop off points for the curries is within a 2 minute ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Stop Making It Complicated...

    This week has flown . Not just a bit quicker than normal, but since my breakfast ramblings in London last week to today it's been a blur or meetings, training, calls, meet ups, 1-2-1s with some Fit Camp sessions thrown in for good measure. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the next stage of the Venus Women in Business Awards
    yesterday. I was invited to the University of Reading for an informal chat with two of their representatives as they are the sponsoring the award I am up for. They are in the process of whittling five of us down to three -- we'll be told next Thursday at an announcement event who goes through. It's good timing as I can let you know how I did next week! ....

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  • Year of Giving Back: Elizabeth Fry Charity

    I am delighted that despite the hour change on the clocks and that it was Mother's Day we had a fabulous turnout for our March Family Charity Fit Camp on Sunday. A sea of purple washed over Winnersh as they puffed and panted their way to raising £210 for Reading based Elizabeth Fry charity. Thank you to all who came along and donated and looked gorgeous! Sunday 30 April is our next event where we'll be raising money for the National Autistic Society . See you there in a sea of red! ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Take some time off to think...

    I am late with my preparation this week. I normally write these on a Thursday afternoon so they can arrive to you on time. Not today, I am sat in a 24 hour diner in Russell Street in the big smoke waiting for a coffee and the start of a business development course I've been on since November. Why am I behind with my plans? Because of an epiphany. For a few weeks my head hasn't been quite content in some areas of the business and I've been more contemplative that creative. I sensed I was deliberately avoiding finding time to sit in some quietness and sort it out. Anyway, I did that this week. Took some time to just think, ponder and be. No fancy prep needed. Just a good mug of ....

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  • International Day of Happiness

    Today is the International Day of Happiness . This is right up my street. I was challenged a few weeks ago to come up with some pithy one-liner to express what my life purpose was. All my stuff about making people happy felt a bit fluffy and, at the risk of sounding self-obsessed, it's kept me awake a few nights recently wondering what on earth I am here for. The International Day of Happiness has helped me sum it up a bit today. I want to make sure that people take responsibility for their own happiness. Happiness doesn't happen to you - you create it. People and things don't make your happiness - your relationship with them drives it. Happiness isn't a privilege or a luxury - ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: How fast is fast enough?

    I hear many conversations around the idea of changes not happening quickly enough. "Why haven't I lost weight yet?"
    "Why aren't I fitter?"
    "When will I look different?"
    We have lost the ability to be patient. We want the quick win feeling from a computer game for our minds, bodies and health. There is a law in technology known as Moore's Law which states how the overall processing power for computers will double every two years for the foreseeable future. Great if you are into tech and the development of ever faster computers. But pretty frustrating if you're into humans and the process of change. For every computer instruction that can be generated more quickly, the faster ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: When something has to change

    Is it just me or did this week really fly by? It seems no sooner have I sent one Friday with Heidi that I am in the writing phase for the next one. This week I've been at the review phase for my book. I've found it more demanding than just pouring words onto a page, it's needed more concentration, more continuous time each day and has challenged my butterfly mind to stay focused. Recognising that this won't get a book written in my deadlines I've decided that something needs to change and I have reinstated a daily meditation to help me to focus and make stuff happen (MSH). I found the true power of daily meditation when I was on my Heal Your Life
    instructor training last year and it ....

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  • Year of Giving Back: The Elizabeth Fry Charity

    Our charity to support in March is The Elizabeth Fry Charity
    based in Reading. It's been nominated by one of our campers who volunteers there as a worthwhile place for women who've taken a wrong path in life to have a second chance. I asked Fiona Humphreys, the CEO, to let me know a bit more about the work they do there. What is the Elizabeth Fry Charity?
    The Elizabeth Fry Charity provides support to women, mostly on licence from prison, who have a range of complex needs. Through our work, we help women to begin to address theissues they face, to improve their lives and reduce the likelihood of further offending. For over 150 years the Elizabeth Fry Charity has provided ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: My best week this year (and how you can have that too)

    I'll get straight to the point! I've had a fantastic week. Not only have I been judged to be a semi-finalist in the Venus Awards Inspirational Woman category (so pleased!) but I have also been part of and experienced the power of accountability. If you've not seen my blog about the Venus Awards you can find it here . I really am delighted to be up for this award. This category is sponsored by Reading University and they selected five of us to to go through to the next round from an application of fifty five women. How damn cool is that? As exciting as that was on Monday, I was even more chuffed, goose-bumpy and teary-eyed that I was part of a fabulous group of people I met last ....

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  • Do you have a mindset of going without or feeling complete?

    I like to go out each morning and use it as thinking / processing time (I have a very busy head!) and whilst out walking this morning I was contemplating life stuff and started thinking about Lent and how people have already been mentioning what they are going to give up. I've decided to turn it on it's head. I've decided that we should add stuff in. Forget feeling deprived and left out and lacking. Boost feeling good, feeling abundant and happy. I understand the Easter story, but I want to focus on adding in, giving back and contributing rather than feeling lack and deprived. So here's my input.

    Put in a walk each lunchtime.
    Smile at the grumpy lady with the snappy dog.
    Buy a ....

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  • Thames Valley Venus Awards 2017: Semi Finalist Announcement

    Last November I was nominated for a Venus Award . It's a women in business event and aims to recognise the different aspects of business for women whether it's an entrepreneur, a working mum or a corporate high flyer. I had to submit an application and then wait... Last night Marshall Volkswagen Reading hosted the semi-finalist announcements for the 18 awards. It was networking in a car showroom with some shiny VWs to look at (not really my thing), bubbles to drink (damn, I'm not drinking at the mo) and canapes to much on. I had applied last year and wasn't too sure which award categories I was in, so was pretty damn chuffed to be through to the next round (semi finals) in the ....

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  • Year of Giving Back: Younger People With Dementia Wokingham based charity

    We had a fabulous day today at Sunday Wake up! It was such a great morning raising money for the Wokingham based charity Younger People With Dementia we raised £300 to support camper Neil, in a husky trek later this year. I ran the session as a lesson from the Dementia Friends too, so we learned the five key things you need to know about dementia as we exercised. 1. Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process. 2. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. 3. It is not just about losing your memory. 4. It's possible to live well with it. 5. There is more to the person than the dementia. Thank you to everyone who came along, learned the key things, shouted them out ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Short and sweet

    Today is a short but heartfelt Friday with Heidi. Thank you. Thank you for deciding to read my email each week. Thank you for trying us out, coming to events, posting on our Facebook page, referring other people to us, coming to Sunday charity events each month, coming out in storm Doris, driving rain, British snow, English summers and warm Christmases. Thank you for trusting us to keep you fit, healthy and happy, for sending me recipes I may be interested in, books I may want to read and challenges I or the team may be up for. For wearing silly hats, Christmas jumpers, pants on the outside and a colour for charity. For nominating me and the team for awards, saying hello to me when you ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: How to read a food diary to maximise weight loss

    Since I wrote to you last week I've been to Wales to source and secure a venue for the FastTrack Fit Camp Weekender event in September this year. It was an interesting day. I was snowed on in Gloucester and treated to bright sunshine in Wales. I saw two very different locations and, for this event, chose the sunny Wales one (sun is part of the arrangement isn't it?!) It's been incredibly well received and as of today (Thursday) I have one space left. It's there for the taking and, if it's not gone before this goes out on Friday morning, I'd love for you to join us. We always have a wonderful time. I make sure you are fed fresh and from scratch each day, have a full but interesting ....

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  • Wokingham Boot Camp Covers All Kinds of Fitness

    Following a programme on the television recently about all things health and fitness and what it means to us in different stages of our life, I was asked by a camper from our Twyford Fit Camp how it works within Fit Camp sessions. So I thought we'd have a little education slot on what the different types of fitness are first. When you train as a Fitness Instructor one of the first things you learn after anatomy and physiology are the different types of fitness that make up an ideal physical activity routine.
    Cardiovascular exercise
    (also know as CV or aerobic exercise) this is stuff that you can do for a long time, that makes you puff. So running, cycling, walking, hiking, ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Getting a Quick Win

    Why quick wins help the process...
    Thank you for the lovely comments after last week's FWH ( you can read it here ) - it seems spontaneity can indeed pay off. As an update, I wasn't able to meet my American family on Sunday after all due to some transport issues, but they don't know my mate Mike...that would have been simply too perfect! On Saturday I finished my first draft of my book. Some 30,340 words and 23 days after starting I sat at my desk and thought, "I think I'm done". It was a great feeling, and whilst there is still a lot to do, I did feel pretty chuffed that I'd got this quick win under my belt early on. It makes you feel confident that you can do it, it makes you realise ....

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  • A Year of Giving Back | February: Younger People With Dementia

    This month FastTrack Fit Camp are supporting a local charity supporting young people with dementia. Our Family Charity Fit Camp is on Sunday 26 February at 09.00 at Bearwood Recreation Ground, Winners RG41 5DU. All welcome and all proceeds to this fabulous charity! Young Onset Dementia affects adults between the ages of 30-64. In Berkshire alone it is estimatedthat there are 522 people with young onset dementia (based on Dementia UK 2014 report).Traditional services are designed to meet the needs and expected therapeutic outcomes of olderadults and subsequently, access to activities appropriate for younger adults with dementia is limited. People with young onset dementia often ....

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  • An Ode to Valentine's Day (and how you can get free socks 'n' chocs)

    This Valentine's Day we're welcoming you to bring your lovers, your partners, your sister, your chums to Fit Camp. Come along from 14 February onwards and get two weeks trial. We'll reward you in socks 'n' chocs...classy eh?! Email: admin@fasttrack-fitcamp.co.uk and as Nia for the Valentine's Trial Offer. ....

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  • A FastTrack Fit Camp Weekend Away | Time To Register Your Interest

    We're in the planning process for our 2017 FastTrack Fit Camp Weekender Event. No dates, venues or prices have been announced yet, but we want to make sure that you get them as soon as they are. Pre-register your interest on THIS LINK

    to make sure that you get to know what's happening when and first! Full details will be announced soon and you'll get them before anyone else does. Registering your interest does not commit you in anyway! With 21 places available we know this will sell out quickly -- so this is how you keep in touch and find out straight away. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: What made me squeal this week!

    Friday again and what a week! I've been beavering away on behind the scenes stuff at Fit Camp this week.
    Paying in charity monies for the events we've run.
    Writing emails for new people joining us.
    Meeting with clients to talk over life and it's challenges.
    Inviting myself to networking meetings.
    Writing my book (obvs!)
    Stalking an author of a book I loved.
    Making you all a v-logoem (video-blog-poem, it's a very niche term!) The stalking came about as an accident. I read a FABULOUS book last year that changed my life. It's called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and it's been fundamentally amazing for how I run my business, so much so that I am running a free workshop on how to ....

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  • FastTrack Fit Camp: A Year of Giving Back | January 2017 - Thames Hospice

    Following the success of last year's Y ear of Giving Back
    , we're doing it again this year too. I asked my Fit Camp members which charities they supported and why and then chose a charity a month for us to run a Sunday Family Workout for each month. The first one of the year has been for Thames Hospice. One of our long standing campers, Denise Clark, asked me if we could raise money for them as they cared for her mum in her last stages of life. Denise has raised money herself for them, completing a skydive last year. The hospice is based in Windsor and costs more than £7 million a year to run. With only 17% of their income coming from the Government via the National Health ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Fancy a 4 week challenge?

    We're fast approaching the end of January and we've seen a great month at FastTrack Fit Camp. I know the perceived view is that everyone wants to get in shape in January, but I don't tend to see that trend. We see more people coming to us in February and March. It's usually when what they've tried isn't working as they'd like and a new approach is needed. This year however we've seen more interest and more people trialling than before, so it's kept camps vibrant and friendly throughout some pretty bitter weather ( photo: -5 at camp last Sunday! ). I've been working with a group of people since 2 January in our 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge
    group on Facebook. It's been a great little ....

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  • Changes to Mortimer Camp

    I hope you are having a nice week. January has certainly given us a selection of weather to train in. From -5 degrees last Sunday to back ice on the ground at Winnersh camp yesterday that was just like a rink -- it's certainly been interesting! I wanted to let you know that with effect from this Friday I have made the tough decision to close the Mortimer camp
    . The numbers have been low for a little while and our new leads coming through have all expressed more interest when the mornings are lighter and weather warmer. So, for the interim it will close. I have contacted the regulars there and they'll have their last session with Vicki tomorrow. And I want to thank them for their loyalty ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Blue Monday? Not here...

    I love this saying. "You get what you focus on".
    It's so damn true. This Monday was a prime example . The media were calling it Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. Blah, blah, blah... Over in our Swallowfield camp it was a different story.
    We had twenty four happy souls all buzzing about their day.
    One went for an interview and got the job there and then.
    Another was made redundant on Friday and got a new job on Monday.
    Two campers we'd not seen for a while came back and got a distinctly happy welcome.
    We have twins at camp, it was their birthday.
    One of them made and brought along chocolate treats for everyone.
    Someone had new shoes to train in. The list went on and on. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Getting started...

    It is a good morning too. The sky is clear, the sun is rising and I've started
    ... It's not at all uncommon for the human being to want to put something off.
    I'll wait until I've got enough time.
    When I'm older.
    When I'm retired.
    I need to lose weight first.
    When I have £XXX saved...
    When I've done more work / research / training / qualifications. Have you used many yourself? I hear them when people contact us about Fit Camp or making a big change. I frequently hear them when I'm talking 1-2-1 with people about getting started on our Fit, Strong and Happy programme programme or committing to themselves to getting healthier. I heard me
    telling me
    it this week as I ....

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  • Fit Camp | What happens if it snows?

    With the scaremongering that is Facebook and the news about the potential snowfall, I thought it best that I let you know the snow policy for Fit Camp. Firstly, I bet we all want perfect snow like this... But we end up getting this... Here's the most important point. No Fit Camp session is worth a dangerous journey for. So please, if the roads aren't great don't come out. If the roads are clear but there is snow on the ground - it will RUN. If the roads aren't safe, and the ground is deeply covered - it WON'T run. If it's black ice we won't run a session. If we have to cancel I will email you all and place a message on Facebook. You don't have to miss out though! ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: 2017 -- are you ready and willing?

    Happy New Year to you! I wish you a very happy and contented 12 months. If you've read many of my blogs I expect you'll know that I love a project or a goal that I can get my teeth into. This year is no exception! I've got two big BHAGs this year (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and in 12 months time if I can look back and say 'yep, I did it' it will indeed be a very happy and contented year for me. As we go through the year I'll share with you what they are. Apart from that I am going to go with the flow. Just like a leaf on a river. Sometimes I'll be rushing along in the current. Other times I'll bob about in the side waters. Whilst other times I might be floating along looking at the ....

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  • Recipe: Savoury Flapjack

    Cheese and Onion Savoury Flapjack
    250g salted butter
    1 bag gluten free porridge oats (can be ordinary oats if gluten not a problem)
    2 eggs
    150-200g grated cheese (Cheddar or Red Leicester)
    Small bunch of spring onions finely chopped
    1 stick celery finely chopped
    1 teaspoon smoked paprika Added options
    caramelised onions
    chopped mixed fresh herbs
    1-2 teaspoons dried mixed herbs
    chopped cold ham
    Cooked lardons or bacon Method Pre-heat oven to 170C / 325F / Gas 3. Melt butter in a large saucepan without burning or bubbling. At the same time gently saute the onions and celery. Add enough oats to make the mixture very stiff. Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir well. ....

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  • Recipe: Vegetarian Lentil Slice

    @page { margin: 2cm } h2.western { font-family: "Liberation Sans", sans-serif; font-size: 16pt } h2.cjk { font-family: "Droid Sans Fallback"; font-size: 16pt } h2.ctl { font-family: "Droid Sans Devanagari"; font-size: 16pt } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } a:link { so-language: zxx }
    Vegetarian Lentil Slice
    100g buckwheat groats 1 onion, chopped 1 carrot, chopped 2 tablespoons oil 175g red lentils 900ml vegetable stock 2 tablespoons chopped parsley ½ teaspoon powdered rosemary 1 teaspoon yeast extract Seasoning and nutmeg to taste Method
    Toast buckwheat in a dry frying pan until brown. Saute the ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Cheerio 2016...

    I hope you've had a nice week. Whether it's been taking time off work, or making the most of the reduced traffic each day -- hope the festive-in-between-bit has been fruitful, We've seen over 30 people each day come to our Winnersh camps this week. It's been frosty but great to see so many keen people post-Christmas. You can join us too on 30th or 31st at 09:30 at Bearwood Recreation Ground, Winnersh or Monday 2nd at 09:00. The New Year's Eve camp will be our final charity camp of this year -- all donations go to The Amuka Foundation
    , a Kenyan based charity being run by a Wokingham resident called Jane Ainslie who has worked tirelessly to support children in Kenya with education for ....

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  • Friday with the Heidis: A FastTrack Festive Thank You

    Wishing You A Happy Christmas! Ho ho ho! This Friday with Heidi comes to you from not just one, but TWO Heidis. For the third year I am delighted to share with you our Christmas card as designed and produced by Heidi Sandford, a Winnersh camper, who is so creative it hurts! ( check out her website here for cards full of quirky goodness! ) -- isn't the robin just fab? I've seen that face on the cry of 'one more round' all too often! Thank you for reading my blogs, telling me what you're up to, setting goals, achieving goals, being happier, getting fitter, doing more things, saying no more often, rising to challenges, knowing when to step back. Isn't life a wave of highs and lows and ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Why I'm quitting the dieting industry...

    Find out why after 15 years in the fitness industry I'm quitting the dieting industry...
    Over the past 18 months I've become more and more aware that I no longer want to be part of the dieting industry statistics that show that most people who lose weight go back to putting it all on again. I can't live with that. I don't want people cycling through the emotions of that and I know that there is a better way. That. I do want to be part of. The part that's missing, in my opinion, is the bit between the ears. When you can come to terms with how you feel about yourself, how and why you react to certain situations and realise that you are good enough, you are able to ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: 10 Tips To An Easy Christmas

    In a week's time I may just have started my Christmas shopping! I tend to leave it to the last minute. Perhaps I like to live precariously, perhaps I'm not that concerned with whether I have parsnips or not, but I like to take a laid back approach to Christmas. I was in Marks & Spencer in Wokingham on Wednesday picking up our campers Christmas gifts and could feel the stressed and anxious energy around me in the store. Not just from customers but from staff too, and I just wanted to say to them, 'slow down, take a breath, this will end' in the hope that they'd realise it's all self fulfilling and temporary. Anyway, this week after asking some of my campers what they'd like help ....

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  • Alcohol Free Warming Apple Punch

    This alcohol free drink can be a nice replacement for non-drinkers or drivers over the party time.
    1 litre good quality apple juice
    Thin strips of orange peel (use a potato peeler and then slice into thin cocktail stick sizes)
    1 cinnamon stick
    3 cloves
    Honey or maple syrup to taste Place juice, orange peel and spices into a saucepan and place on the hob. Simmer the juice with the strips of orange peel, the whole cinnamon stick and cloves for about 5-10 minutes until the flavours have mingled. Have a quick taste and add honey or maple syrup to taste. Serve with orange peel. ....

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  • How to be making progress when you feel at a stand still

    Friday with Heidi: Can you give it 1%? How's your week? Mine's been up and down a bit this week. It's like I've not found my stride and been struggling against the tide somewhat. Yesterday it peaked and I was begin completely useless so had to go and do something else. I took myself to Wokingham, ran a few errands and then plonked myself in Tesco for a coffee and a think. I do like to sit and think. Not talk. Not read. Just think. And I used it to untangle the ball of string that was wrapping my thoughts up and came back to a saying I use on myself a lot. Just do 1% more.
    When I do 1% more things change for the better. Applying 1% more effort on something that needs improving is ....

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  • How to be happy. Ten tips from Wokingham Boot Campers

    Friday with Heidi: How to be happy (tips from our campers)
    I hope you've had a good week, acclimatised to the new temperature and are ready to take the final month of the year by storm? No? Don't worry, you're not the only one! How many times do we put pressure on ourselves to do things that we think will make us happy when in fact they make us stressed, anxious or just plain sad. Last weekend Dale and I went away for a fleeting trip to Devon. As I said last week it was a planned day off as a reward from me to me for achieving something I wanted to do that would make me happy (and it did) and therefore I wanted to remind myself that it's OK to reward myself too. I also wanted to go ....

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  • Getting Stuff Done with Wokingham Bootcamp

    Friday with Heidi: What do you think? "Whether you think you can, or think you can't. You're right." I love this quote that's been attributed to Henry Ford. How true.
    I see it in Fit Camp time and again. "I'm not fit enough for Fit Camp, I'll go to the gym first" "I need to get fit for the gym so I'm coming to camp for a few weeks" "It's been a bit easy this week" "I don't do full versions, I can't do them" "I can't change, I'm too old" "I'm never going to be able to do a full press up" When you think that way, that's what you'll get every single time
    . What you think is true for you. So how about changing a thought? Setting a new goal, a new vision of you? ....

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  • Karaoke is the medicine for confidence for Wokingham bootcampers!

    This week's Friday with Heidi. Are you a worry-what-they-might-think
    type person? I kind of am, much less so than I used to be. But still a little bit of me goes into defence mode if I need to do something daft or silly or where I am not really in control. This weekend I was invited to a birthday party. Nothing wrong with that I hear you mutter. And you'd be right. There was a live band there entertaining us all. And you'd be right, there's nothing much wrong with that either. Until I saw that it was actually 'Bandeoke' ... we, could be the entertainment! Given that I have managed to avoid karaoke for all of my life I felt fairly sure this was not going to be a game changing ....

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  • Wokingham Based Bootcamp Birthday Big Give Away!

    Happy Birthday to us! This month we're celebrating our 7th birthday and have a fabulous opportunity for someone to win a 12 month membership to FastTrack Fit Camp. All you need to do is click this link and enter your name: https://goo.gl/forms/54hSG5Lhye4BZ9xA2 We'll draw the winner on Wednesday 30 November and announce the winner via email. There is no alternative prize or financial substitute. The winner receives 12 months unlimited access to any Fit Camp location for 12 months from 1 December 2016 - 30 November 2017. All the best of luck to you! ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Food is not the problem...

    I'm not sure if there is something happening with the moon this week but I've had a roller-coaster week of emotions and revelations. Have you ever found that just when you think you've got your head straight and life seems a little smoother ahead of you - BAM! something comes up either in life to derail you or you have an epiphany that changes how you view yourself. That's been my week! I want to share with you one concept that, if you are on a hamster wheel of dieting/not dieting, may well resonate with you and I want to release you from the guilt and shame and bad juj-ju you shower yourself in every time you step on the scales or try your jeans on - and I know this ....

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  • Waste Not Greens Soup

    50g butter or coconut oil 3 shallots, peeled and chopped (onion will be fine too) 300g (about 3-4 bunches) washed, roughly chopped greens from the fridge (watercress, rocket, spinach, kale, parsley, coriander) 1 litre stock ( I used the water I boiled gammon in, but you can use any flavour) ½ can coconut milk pepper Method
    Melt the butter in a large saucepan and gently cook the shallots and watercress for about 10-15 minutes, gently turning them in the butter every few minutes or so. Add the stock and cook gently (no need to boil) for about 10 – 15 minutes. Blend with a hand blender or in a food processor. Add the coconut milk, taste ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The Meaning of Life

    I saw a fabulous video on Facebook this week. It was one of those moments when I thought ' damn, I wish I'd said that '. I've hunted for a YouTube link but couldn't find one, so hopefully you'll be able to read this link to watch it. It's about 3 minutes and is a truly great message. If you aren't able to view it 'll break it down very simply. To get the best out of life in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy. 1. Have a sense of belonging 2. Working on things that are linked to your purpose in life 3. Story telling around your purpose and what you stand for 4. Having experiences where you sense awe. As I watched this I realised that ....

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  • It's our birthday...join us!

    FastTrack Fit Camp is seven years old next month! It seems a long time ago that Vida and I rustled 5 willing'ish participants together to start Fit Camp. It also seems just like a blink of an eye that Fit Camp has helped over 1400 people to get in shape, feel fitter, feel stronger and improve their mental health with regular outdoor exercise. Thank you. Thank you for being part of that. I really appreciate it. I really am very grateful for all the support that FastTrack Fit Camp has had over this time and as such I am running a Birthday Bonanza in November to share what we do even more. As someone who has taken the time to like our Facebook page, I would like to offer you the ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Excited for life

    Are you the easily excited type? I'm not. I don't think I am known for being overly excited or excitable. Happy? Yes. Positive? Yes. Passionate about some issues? Definitely. But not excitable. So it always is a breath of fresh air to me when I meet or hear people who are. Yesterday I got a Wassap voice message from our elder daughter about the next phase of her life in New Zealand. The message went from mild happiness, to excited puppy in about 60 seconds with the never-to-be-forgotten statement "...and I'm going to be a sheep lady and drive tractors...." in such a squeal of excitement that it was like she was 5 again. She's 23! Then this morning at our Henley ....

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  • *** Waste Not Wednesday ***

    This week as we dip into quite an autumnal feel, I thought I'd share some ideas on how to make the best use of apples, even if they are a little past their sell by date or you've snaffled some windfalls from someone. I love that apples can be quite transformed when cooked and used in other dishes. It can bulk out basic sponge recipes, make a flapjack more fruity, add sweetness to a salad, ring the changes with a pork chop or casserole and be put in the freezer for an emergency crumble or apple snow. Here's a few ideas: If you have a lot of apples that are all going a bit manky at the same time, preparing them all to be stewed in the oven then gives you multiple options for saving and ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: When will I learn?

    It's been a little while since I got in touch and that's because I did, what I knew I was doing but didn't stop, I over filled September!
    How often do you do that? Just keep adding and adding stuff in, thinking 'oh it will be OK -- I'll make it work', when all you do is think of each bit of 'stuff' as something to work towards, tick off and move on, without really getting to experience any of it for what it is before I did that last month. And it isn't that I didn't enjoy any of it. I very much enjoyed it, but I didn't let any of it sink in and stick before dashing about for the next thing. This is definitely my thing to work on. I am a work in progress, as are we all! When my days ....

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  • **** Waste Not Wednesday ****

    It's a fruit that can challenge many a friendship... "you like them black?!" or "they must be green with a hint of yellow!" or "yuk, hate them" I don't like chucking them away so here are a few ideas for bananas past their eat by date. 1. Peel, place in a plastic freezer box or bag and freeze. Perfect as a replacement for ice cream or ice cubes in a smoothie. Great for toddlers to eat frozen as 'ice cream' and can also be dipped in melted chocolate for a Magnum-y feel to a fruit pud. 2. Whilst in skin, slice along the length on the inside (the bendy bit) of the banana. Shove in some square of chocolate, maybe a splash of rum (for the adults) and some walnuts and wrap ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Join us for 100 days...

    Today, and every 23 September,
    marks 100 days until the end of year. Now I am not wishing your life away, but I do love a 100 day challenge
    of some sort and this will be our 5th year of an event I named the 100 Day Fitness Challenge
    . Over these years I've made some daft choices and seen others over commit and then burn out at day 31 so this year I have a new way of participating. It's based on the principals in the books 'The Slight Edge' by Jeff Olsen
    and 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy.

    Both these books talk about the huge and magical returns on making sure the smallest stuff is done each and every day to amass to huge results and improvements. They ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: "I don't know what to eat anymore..."

    A few months ago I decided to ask some of my clients what they found frustrating about the health and fitness industry. What really riled them? Put them off? Made them rebel? And got on their nerves enough to have a little soap box moment with me as they got it off their chest. And they did! There were varied topics but the most commonly occurring one was the amount of conflicting, ever changing, guilt-mongering media messages around food and being healthy. I completely understand. It can be really confusing to be all ready to eat your blueberry, flaxseed pancakes cooked in coconut oil one day to be told the next that coconut oil isn't so good for you, you shouldn't ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: P is for...

    We're back full pelt at Fit Camp. I thought we would be, Sunday Wake Up! was buzzing this week with lots of returners after the holidays with the new mantra of 'lets-do-this'. They didn't say it out loud - but I could see it in their eyes :-) I've also had quite a few conversations with people this week who are either in camp and wanting to improve their health a little after the holidays and also with the new participants in my new programme that started last week. ( I've called it 'The Programme With No Name'. No prizes for why! ) The biggest problem for anyone wanting to shift some pounds to feel better is down to primarily one thing. If you can ....

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  • This month's charity - Sport In Mind

    I'm really pleased to be supporting this charity this month. If you've never heard of Sport In Mind before, here's a little summary of the work they are doing in Wokingham and across Berkshire. Come and join us at our Family Charity Fit Camp on Sunday 25 September
    where we'll be raising money for them at 9am in Winnersh.
    More event details on Facebook
    and the Website

    Sport in Mind works in Partnership with Wokingham Borough Council to provide
    Sport & physical activity sessions in Wokingham for people experiencing mental health problems

    Sport in Mind
    is A Berkshire wide mental health charity that provides participants with FUN, weekly ....

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  • Weekly Update: Three cheers for chia!

    These Chia Charge bars are 'on-plan', a great healthy snack and not as oily as some of the other raw bars on the market. There is one for everyone who comes to camp this week, so make your way along and pick up yours to try! Chia seeds are becoming a common product in health foods and supermarket shelves. They really are a very nutritious and versatile food offering a range of ways to get protein, fibre and essential fats into you and your family. They are very high in essential fats like the omega 3 and sixes. This is particularly good if you, or someone in your family is vegan or vegetarian and are wondering where you'll get these good fats from in your diet. They are ....

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  • FastTrack August News and what's coming up in September? (clue: a lot!)

    I thought I'd drop you a line as we have a lot going on at FastTrack Fit Camp at the moment that I wanted to share with you so that you know what's going on. I love September.
    Not only did we get married in this month, but I love the autumn-y feel, the feeling of getting back into a routine and making new plans. Here's what I've been planning over the summer for you all. It's Organic Month and once again we'll be linking with an organic food supplier to give you the opportunity to win some organic goodies! Watch this space. The Programme with No Name starts on Saturday 3 September
    . I am now full with the 10 applicants needed to help work with me ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Bank holiday thinking time...

    Our campers have found it a bit hot this week and found that summer fitness isn't quite the glorious experience they'd pictured. Not quite so much of the frolicking in the park with a cool water bottle to sip on, more like a sticky, sweaty, hair-on-face swilling warm water from the car kind of affair! Luckily for we Brits this is a small blip in the normal :-) When a bank holiday looms I know that we'll see more interest in what we do, how we can help people and have more than the usual number of enquiries. It's even more noticeable during this August weekend. It may be instilled in us from school days, but September still has a lure of new-ness about ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Blooming glorious...

    I love the Olympics. I may love them a touch too much, as for the first time in about 5 years, I overslept for the Henley crew today! I won't tell you exactly how quickly I got from bed to Henley camp, but let's just say it was medal winning :-/ Anyway, over the last 10 days or so I have become an armchair expert in diving, hockey, gymnastics (landings specifically!) and the canoe sprint thingy! I love the ability to get athletes to the perfect peak of performance at exactly the right time. To streamline their preparation for one or two perfect performances. And isn't that just it?
    These athletes are in the best form of their lives so they can perform for one or two ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Are you willing?

    Today did not go quite as planned! I am supposed to be at a business seminar in London. It started at 9am and I had planned to be there by 08.40, all comfy with my complimentary coffee in the front row ready for a good old listen. Trees had other ideas. A tree on the line at Virginia Water meant I had to hop off at Ascot and get a train to Aldershot which would then go directly to Waterloo. Hooray! I hopped on the said train to Aldershot (very crammed in now) which crawled it's way to Aldershot. At one point we stopped on the tracks, mid-way between stations, and an announcement was made about either "stopping devices" or "doors". Given that I had my nose up against a ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Self Esteem...how's yours?

    Two weeks ago I was in my little bubble of kindness in Bournville, celebrating becoming a licensed Heal Your Life
    ® teacher. A lot has happened since then. The sun has disappeared, I've discovered a great way for using up courgettes in a rather nice loaf cake recipe and we ran our well received Gluten-Free Wannabe workshop last weekend. Like any time away you get back into the old routine and before you know it you are back into the groove of routines, habits and ways of thinking. Luckily for me this course has helped me to spot those normalities earlier and address them more quickly. Issues like not starting or completing a ....

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  • Recipe: Courgette and coconut, lemon drizzle cake

    Courgette and coconut, lemon drizzle cake
    220g grated courgette, squeeze liquid out of is (this is about half a large one) 125g melted butter (could use coconut oil) 100g sugar or Xylitol 1 egg 1 lemon juiced 220g gluten free self raising flour ( I used Sainsburys) 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 large heaped tablespoons ground flaxseeds (in baking section) 2 large heaped tablespoons desiccated coconut (optional) Topping/Glaze 1 lemon juiced 1 level tablespoon sugar or Xylitol Method Line a loaf tin. Pre-heat oven to 170C. Mix all ingredients together until well combined with a wooden spoon. Turn into the tin and level off the top. Bake for 55 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes and whilst ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Keep it simple...

    T his week I've been talking to several of our clients about how we can help them and where they are getting stuck and I thought that it might be useful to share how I value my health and fitness goals, because maybe they will strike a chord with you too. My values are all around simplicity and responsibility. I like to help people like me who aren't aspiring to be a fitness model or athlete. There are plenty of other organisations who can help people like that. I like to help people like me who want to be healthy and well, but on a limited amount of time and as simply as possible. I like to help people like me who initially feel they don't know what ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: A bubble of kindness...

    Woah! I've had the most amazing week. Not only has the sky been this blue pretty much all week ( I am sure it was for you too).But since last Saturday I have been on a course in Birmingham (within a 5 minute walk of Cadbury World) that has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life so far. Based on the work of Louise Hay I have spent the week with 38 other trainers in training to learn how to be a Heal Your Life (R) trainer -- and this has meant that we have had to go through the training ourselves first. What a ride! Learning where limiting beliefs about ourselves are, working on how to see beyond them and listening to our body when it's telling us something is ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Drawing a line...

    I love skies It could be a pitch black night full of stars, the moon, clear blue, wispy clouds or dramatic lines of clouds like it was this morning on my way to Henley camp. Yes, I did stop and take a photo on the way to the camp :-) I am pretty much the only one around and it's a lovely time of the day. I like these clouds, there is a very definite line. A finish and then a start of something new and brighter. I like that. I am about to embark on my own 'something brighter' -- I am heading up to Birmingham tomorrow for a week to take part in a course that will take me away from home for 7 days. It's a big commitment in time but I am really looking forward to ....

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  • Recipe: Irish Style Oat Bread

    If you are trying to go gluten free, this oat based loaf may be a good transition to cutting out the gluten from your diet. It toasts well and holds it's shape nicely when sliced. It's also so easy -- you can get the kids to make it. Irish Style Oat Bread
    1 x large tub natural yoghurt (soya or dairy) 1 x 500g bag gluten free oats 0.5 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon milk substitute 1 tablespoon treacle or molasses (helps with the colour and flavour) Seeds to top with. Options: You can add the following to your bread if you like. Seeds Chopped nuts Sun dried tomatoes Chopped olives Grated cheese and onions Method
    Pre heat oven to 180 fan oven. 350 degrees F. Gas ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The Irish Mountain Metaphor

    Happy 1st July! Blimey! 6 months of the year whizzed past already, I hope you've had a successful and rewarding first half of the year so far. This time last week I was heading off to Ireland, with my friend Gilly, to climb Mount Brandon. Mount Brandon is the second highest peak in the Republic of Ireland (we did the highest last year!) and we were looking forward to seeing what a different experience it would be. We did indeed make it to the top and back down again in one piece but it made me stop and think about how the whole experience is parallel to what we experience all the time when we are striving towards a goal. Here's a summary of my conclusions.

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  • Friday with Heidi: Thank you, I won!

    Photo Credit: Simon Kemp Photography Woo-hoo! I can say I am ' award winning...'! On Tuesday night I learned that I had won the 'Best Fitness Instructor'
    category in the Muddy Stiletto Awards for the Berkshire area. Yay!! Thank you so much if you voted for me, it's bloomin' brilliant! Whilst it's in my name, I really do feel that I couldn't have achieved this without FastTrack Fit Camp and the community we've built as a team over the last 7 years. So, in true awards ceremony style I accept this for all of us, my team of instructors, the girls who help me with the admin and support for events and my very, very tolerant husband. Thank you all so very much. ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Overwhelm is NOT not being good enough...

    What a disabling feeling that is. It can kick in at any time, without any warning and leave you staring at your computer screen wondering what on earth you need to do to get out of it. And the problem is that it sometimes mistakenly disguises itself as the feeling of 'not being good enough'. So much so that you think you aren't capable of running a home, or feeding your family or earning a living, or getting a work life balance or getting it all together like, (and here's the kicker...) everyone else seems to be coping just fine. Ouch!
    And there we have it, an ounce of overwhelm leads us to compare, contrast and use everyone else's lives ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The great big gluten conundrum

    Gluten Free.
    Free From.
    Wheat free.

    You can't help but escape the new labels and badges that are attributed to foods and supermarket aisles. Or to people checking food labels, asking in restaurants and making sure that they are not going to be glutened mistakenly. The rate of change over the past 5 years has been huge and your granny would laugh her bloomers off if she knew the fuss we go to to get food these days. But is it all a hype and a marketing con, or is there some truth in the gluten free phenomena that is sweeping right now? In my opinion, from personal experience, from the reading I do and real life examples I've seen with ....

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  • Midweek morsel: The great big gluten debate - it's not all a lot of hot air

    I've spent a lot of time over the past 7 years watching people change their eating and lifestyle habits to effect a change in how they look and feel. The one thing I have learned that there isn't a one size fits all solution to weight loss and weight management. We are unique beings and each of us come with our own personal packets of hormones, stress levels, metabolic response, immune activity, belief systems, values, attitudes and approaches to life that affect our results. However, there is one area that I've noticed that gives people the biggest return on their efforts and makes them feel good quickly. They get visibly quick results and can feel the changes in ....

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  • Membership

    teamup.calendar({provider_id:511340,width:"100%",height:"600px",view:"month"}); ....

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  • Tash's Testimonial: The 6 Week Feel Good Challenge spreads it's web wider

    So since joining fit camp 8 weeks ago. I'velost 5 kg - 11lb and Iwasn'ttrying to lose weight, just tone up – andI've done that too! I need a new belt becauseI've lost at least 2 inches. I feel stronger, mentally and physically – that was my main goal. Until the feel good challenge started I can’t remember a day without chocolate – albeit sometimes just a little bit – there was always chocolate. Ididn't touch chocolate or sugar for the six weeks – I feel so much better – my skin is the best it has ever been and I used to have very bad skin when was younger. Today I had the choice between a coffee and a hot water with fresh ....

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  • Testimonial: Becca's 6 Week Feel Good Challenge feedback

    I am a huge fan of FastTrack fit camp and all it stands for, I'm a regular on a Sunday morning and FastTrack also helped mefeel super-toned and fabulous for my wedding inNovember.After the wedding,I didn't exactly let myself go, butI did slipintothinking " well,I haven't got a weddingdress to fit into...it's my honeymoon, it's Christmas...it's Monday.. ." etc. In March, Iwas struggling, andI desperately wanted to feel 'normal' again - notamazing, not super-toned, or any particular dress size,just more like myself.This coincided with Heidi launching the 6 Week Feel Good Challenge in April, so I thought that I had nothing tolose, and if it helped in any way,that couldn't be a bad thing! ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Are you a tortoise or a hare?

    Thank you so much for the big response to last week's Friday with Heidi it struck a note with many of you and I am grateful for your feedback and response. I had a great day off. I did nothing much. Sat in the garden, read my magazines and tidied the dining room! So back to my original question. Are you a tortoise or a hare?
    Are you someone who rushes to lose weight, shape up and feel healthy 4 weeks before a holiday or a big event? Only to wait until the next year to do it all again? Or are you someone who runs four times in one week, eats salad for lunch on three days a week and expects to see a change on day eight? And then, when ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Who are you?

    What a gorgeous week! ( this is the view from the end stretches at our Wokingham Early Risers session! ) Last week our Twyford campers had snow on Tuesday evening and last night it was 18 degrees! Madness :-) I've planned something very special this weekend. I'm taking Saturday off work!
    Shock horror! I know that's a kind of given for most people, but I've been pretty busy since January getting on with running the business and doing something every single day even if it's not all day. Now don't get me wrong. I love it. I choose it and despite the fact my work life balance isn't that well.... evenly balanced. I am still balanced, afterall you can be balanced whilst ....

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  • Fit, Lean and Happy | Register Your Interest!

    The 12 week Fit, Lean and Happy programme is the 12 week package that gives you personal training results at group fitness prices. If your jeans need hoisting up over your belly when you sit down. And you get out of breath bending down to do up your shoes. Or you've simply had enough of your own moaning about how tired, unfit and fat you feel. This programme is for you.
    It's only open to 12 women
    who are truly committed to achieving fabulous results in 12 weeks. Like Judith, who lost 22lbs (20lbs of which was pure body fat) and feels so much better physically and mentally. Or Fiona who has maintained her 12 week target for 9 months since finishing the programme last year. The ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: I'm the kind of person who...

    ...loves to read. Any books really, but particularly self-development, business, nutrition, recipe and dictionaries (you can blame my mum for that one!) I'm also happy that if I can get just one key tip from a book, be it a quote, one good recipe, a new way of thinking, an idea or an understanding then it was money and time well spent. So this week I am chuffed with having found a golden nugget of a paragraph in the book 'Psycho Cybernetics' by Maxwell Maltz.
    It's a self improvement book written in the 1940s. The author was a plastic surgeon who observed that some people were able to change their lives completely after plastic surgery whereas ....

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  • Group Fitness in Wokingham - FastTrack Fit Camp - FastTrack Rustic Activity Weekender

    FastTrack Rustic Activity Weekender

    For several years I've had a camper post on facebook and say to me personally and on email, " I wish I could have you and Karen live with me so I knew what to do to be healthier ". Two years ago we set this straight and ran our first FastTrack Weekender. It was a really full on, but fabulous weekend where Karen and I hosted 10 campers from Friday night to Sunday afternoon at an old Vicarage in Somerset. We did workouts (a lot of workouts!). We fed them clean food (lots of clean food!). We had fun (a lot of fun!). We're doing it again! Karen and I headed off Thelma and Louise style on Good Friday to visit a venue in the heart of the New Forest. We loved it! It's going to be a ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Ruled by Gadgets?

    I've started running (again!). Don't worry, I am not going to run a half marathon again, that Reading one last year really was my second and last time. However, FastTrack Fit Camp are sponsoring the Binfield 10km event in May and I thought it was only proper that I entered and did my bit. Afterall it's only 6 miles -- what can go wrong?! I decided that if I am going to run it, I may as well aim for something specific and so set myself a time target. There was no rationale to this decision. It was more like think of a number! I asked Karen to write a programme for me and now I need to track ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: It's not perfect...

    Thank you for such a positive response to the last Friday with Heidi. I am very grateful for all your emails and conversations you had with me about it. It certainly resonated with many of you and I am pleased it spurred some of you on go and make a decision, any decision, to make your life less complicated. Today I wanted to share with you a story of one of our campers whose progress has been exactly as I like it. It's not perfect. It's not fast. It's life changing. Jan has been with us since September last year when she came to FastTrack Fit Camp feeling like nothing was going to work for her. She had tried diet after diet. Slimming group after ....

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  • Recipes

    Check out our awesome and nutritious recipes! Click the links below for the full recipe! Hummus Nut Bars Nut-Free Seedy Bars Spiced Nuts Munchy Seeds Seasonal monthly and weekly Meal Plans January week 1 January week 2 January week 3 January week 4 February week 1 February week 2 February week 3 February week 4 March week 1 March week 2 March week 3 March week 4 April week 1 April week 2 April week 3 April week 4 May week 1 June week 1 June week 2 June week 3 June week 4 July week 1 July week 2 July week 3 July week 4 August week 1 August week 2 August week 3 August week 4 September ....

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  • Group Fitness in Wokingham - FastTrack Fit Camp - Friday with Heidi: How to feel free...

    Friday with Heidi: How to feel free...

    This time last week I felt completely out of control, swamped with stuff and no control with any aspect of my life. It all started last September when I took an opportunity to work with a business coaching organisation to help support other fitness businesses. It was a great opportunity and I saw it as a great complement to what I do with FastTrack. The time commitment was challenging but I wanted to do it and so jumped right in. I loved it!
    My problem was though that I quickly found I wasn't doing any of my work properly for them or for me at Fit Camp. I was struggling to get through emails. I was reneging on commitments made. And I was very, ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: (almost!) Why we're feeling the love this weekend....

    I am deliberately late this week. I wanted to share with you how our Charity Aerobics
    event went last night. Not just because we raised £189 for The British Heart Foundation
    , which is a brilliant total to start our fund raising for February's charity, but also because it was a test for me to see whether I still had a love for exercise
    to music like I did many years ago. I got into the world of workouts by becoming a Group Fitness Instructor very quickly after qualifying as a Personal Trainer. I realised that I much preferred group training and got quickly involved in BodyPump, BodyBalance, aqua, aerobics and BodyAttack. For 9 1/2 years I earned my living ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Four ways with pancakes if you are gluten free

    It's Shrove Tuesday next week and I thought I'd share some ideas with you if you are after a gluten free version of the standard pancake. Buckwheat Pancakes (1) These are simple to make and just like an standard pancake. Buckwheat (despite the name) is wheat free and gluten free and isn't a grass but a grain like seed. You can buy it in flour form and groats. These pancakes are made with the flour. Serve with traditional lemon and sugar or bananas and natural yoghurt or fill with a savoury filling and bake in the oven with a cheese sauce on top. You can find the recipe HERE . Buckwheat Pancakes (2) Using the groats rather than the flour takes a little more ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The Museum of Procrastination

    Have you seen the advert for The Museum of Procrastination?
    It's from HSBC (I had to look that bit up) but all I remember is the room of unused gym memberships
    . I've heard this a lot this year from people who want better health but don't want another 12 months of one swim a month from their membership. I am not anti-gym. I am completely pro anything that people need to get active, feel better and happier. However the simple fact is that unfortunately, many people don't keep up at the gym as they don't know what to do
    to get the results they want, don't have the accountability to go often enough
    and they don't enjoy it
    . And then the membership card gets relegated to the bottom ....

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  • Group Fitness in Wokingham - FastTrack Fit Camp - Friday with Heidi: Five Tips to Being Content

    Friday with Heidi: Five Tips to Being Content

    Being happy is a great thing, so is being excited and eager and anticipating good stuff coming. It keeps you moving and growing and you become a fuller more rounded character for all of that. But that's quite hard to maintain all the time and sometimes accepting that being content with where you are, how things are going and that life is good - is perfect. But how do you get there? Here's five things I thought about on my walk this morning. 1. Be yourself. Stop pretending, stop trying to please everyone and allow yourself to be relaxed in your own body from the inside out. 2. Have a purpose bigger that you. It might be charity work, or raising a family or building a community ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: 3FM Henley Networking

    I attend the very popular and busy networking group called 3FM in Henley each month. It's run by the Henley Business Partnership and is an energy filled, thought provoking networking opportunity that I really enjoy being part of. After a 5 month wait I had the opportunity to deliver the 10 minute business topic this month and discussed why looking after your health by making good food choices over all other lifestyle choices will pay dividends to the long term health of an entrepreneur who needs to be healthy and functioning for the good of his company. I challenged them all to decide on one thing that they could start immediately and continue for a month that I would hold them ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Six Years On

    On the 16th November 2009 FastTrack Fit Camp became a real, sweating, fat burning, belly shrinking 'thing'. After a three week build up with plans and preparation, searches for appropriate venue and mass emailing to attract some attention Vida and I started with five naive campers and some family members to pad it out a bit! London Marathon One of those campers was Duncan who is still with us today. ( What a guy! Thank you Duncan, boy how you've changed since then!) The others have since had babies, got married or retired but I am still in touch with them and I do owe all of them a huge debt of thanks for putting up with us during that first month when we tested out new workouts, diet ....

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  • What We Do

    So what can you expect when you sign up for FastTrack Fit Camp? You’ll get a complete copy of our nutrition manual. It gives you full details of our clean eating plan. There’s no weighing or measuring your food, no calorie counting and not a point or a sin in sight! You’ll have suggested menus and food diaries plus a place to record your progress. You come to the camp of your choice as many times as you like during the month. We do recommend three times a week as a minimum as we know that gets the best results. Each session is 45 minutes long and you’ll never know what comes next – sometimes we do partner work, sometimes you’ll work alone in the group. You’ll never do long runs with us ....

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  • Mid Afternoon Snack Attacks

    I'm often asked about how to solve the problem of the mid-afternoon snack crisis. It's quite common and I reckon it comes down to one of these reasons.Not enough lunch
    Not the right lunch
    Lunch too early
    Bored Here's a few ideas on cracking this:
    Eat more for lunch.
    Choose more veggies / salad for lunch with oily dressing and protein.
    If you eat early and dine late put in another meal around 4pm. Something like soup, dahl, avocado and prawns, cold meat and tomatoes, fruit salad youghurt and seeds.
    Drink more water throughout the day.
    Have hot soup, herbal teas, green tea to keep you warm.
    If you are stressed choose between going outside and taking 5 minutes to breathe ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The 100 Day Mindset

    Some of you will remember that four years ago I came up with the 100 Day Fitness Challenge
    . The end of the year charity event that sees you through to the best end of the year you could imagine, rather than a mediocre, frumpy one. Well we're at it again. On Wednesday this week we started our 2015 100 Day Fitness Challenge and this year our challenge is to do 30 minutes of exercise every day for 100 days. I'm three days in and so far on target 100DFC:Day One Winnersh Day Camp
    I really like 100 day 'things'.
    It pushes you out of your comfort zone more than a 21 or 30 day challenge.
    It definitely makes you a more organised and decisive person when you know you need to fit something in ....

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  • 100 Day Fitness Challenge 2015

    As I was grunting my way through some press ups at Winnersh camp this morning, I heard Karen inform us that it was "95 sleeps until Christmas"... this got me thinking that in which case it was very soon the start of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge for 2015
    . For those of you new to FastTrack Fit Camp this may be a new idea to you, but for the fourth year running we'll be raising money and improving our own fitness as we count down to the year end. The idea is that for the last 100 days of the year you do something active every day for 30 minutes and donate some money to the charity we support. The exercise can be anything over and above what you'd normally do. So if you walk ....

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  • Quick Hummus


    1 packet or tin of chick peas
    1 tsp sea salt
    3 garlic cloves, peeled
    3/4 cup tahini
    1-2 lemons juiced
    fresh squeezed lemon juice
    1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, more to taste
    100mlfiltered water, plus 1/2 cup or more as needed
    sea salt to taste Add chick peas, garlic, salt, tahini, juice of one lemon, cayenne, and 100ml water to afood processor. Whizz until combined. Check for taste and texture. Adjust where necessary. Whizz again until smooth and light. Unless you prefer chunky. ....

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  • When is the right time?

    I met my mum for a catch up and a coffee on Friday and we decided on the local garden centre as we could sit in the garden as it was a b-e-a-utiful day. As we walked through the garden centre I was stopped in my tracks. There, in broad summery daylight, two ladies were setting up the CHRISTMAS CARD
    stands. I'm not a bah-humbug, but I don't expect Christmas to last four months of the year. It's just not the right time
    . Which got me thinking. That I frequently hear from people that they'll start to get fit " when the kids go back to school " or they'll lose weight " after my holiday " or the one we all use time and time and again " I'll start tomorrow ". Whilst I think Christmas ....

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  • The Colour Trap

    When you walk into a supermarket what are you almost always presented with first? Fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. Why? Because they look enticing, colourful and fresh. That's what your plate should look like at every meal. Brightly coloured, varied and fresh. What doe the cereal and biscuit aisle look like?Colouful? Yep the packets are coloured to attract your attention, but what colour do you see on your plate? Beige. That's what you don't want on your plate. Fill at least half your plate with green, yellow, orange, red, yellow and purple whenever you can. Don't make much room for beige on your plate :-D ....

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  • Easy nut bars

    Even if you 'don't do baking' -- you can make these. They are very simple. 200g walnuts (could use pecans) 200g of dried apricots (I've also used figs or dates just as successfully) 2 eggs 1 generous teaspoon vanilla essence Cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips (a sprinkle) Line a square cake tin with greaseproof paper. Pre-heat the oven to 160C, gas 3. Whizz the nuts and fruit in a food processor until chunky. Whizz in the eggs and essence without making it smooth. Turn into the tin and smooth over. Sprinkle the chips or nibs on top. Slightly press into the batter so they stick. Bake for 30 minutes until starting to brown. Leave to cool and cut into bars (8) or smaller portions (12) -- ....

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  • Nut Free Seedy Bars

    Here we go...just as simple as the nutty ones and very tasty. Ingredients
    250g apricots 250g mixed seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, linseed) 2 eggs Generous dash of vanilla essence 1 small, mashed banana Sprinkle of cacao nibs or chocolate chips. Method
    Line a square cake tin with greaseproof paper and pre-heat the oven to 140C, gas 1. Whizz the apricots and seeds in a food processor until granular. Whizz in eggs and vanilla essence. Pulse in the mashed banana. (You don't want to over mush it) Smooth into the tin. Sprinkle with the nibs or chips. Bake for 30 minutes until starting to go golden. Cool, cut, eat. Really nice, and you will be picking the bits out of your teeth ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Tracy H.

    Tracy (46) Wokingham Early Risers Tracy wanted to be part of Fit, Lean and Happy to gain more insight into her nutrition so that she could keep herself fuelled for all her activities (hockey, running, Fit Camp and weekend active adventures) whilst still changing shape. Tracy didn't want the ups and downs of normal life and it's challenges to thwart her efforts and so we worked on ways to manage snacks, be mindful around food choices and taking time out to stop and eat as part of the FLH strategies. Tracy has shifted weight on the scales, body fat weight inches and feels tighter around her waist and stomach ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Nia

    Nia (40) - Swallowfield When Nia applied to Fit, Lean & Happy she was worried about being too unfit, too heavy and just not fitting in. She had some long term health issues and we needed to make sure that she didn't do any damage to some vulnerable joints. We worked together, kept it safe, effective and functional -- and she got better and better. :-) Nia set out with complete acceptance of what she needed to do to reach her 12 week goal. She set a strong goal oflosing 30lbs in 12 weeks with Fit, Lean and Happy. Her results in 12 weeks have been amazing. When I asked her how much her life had changed since starting Fit, Lean & Happy she said there was no comparison between the ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Julia P

    Julia (49) - Warfield Julia was very keen to be part of the programme as she felt she wantedto lose weight to be happy. During the programme she discovered a love for group exercise, started running, open water swimming and wake boarding. She's confident, happy and delighted with her results and now realises that the number on the scales doesn't define you. " When I started FLH I was just hoping to lose some weight, but I've learned so much and have been so intrigued by the stories, highs and lows which we have all shared " The statistics: Chest: down 6 cms Waist: down 4 cms Hips: down 7 cms Arm: down 1 cm Scales weight: down 4KG (8.8lbs) Body fat weight: down 2.8KG (6.16lbs) Body ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Sarah J.

    Sarah Sarah (47) Winnersh Day / Wokingham Evening When I spoke to Sarah at the beginning she said that her gaining weight " was getting silly " and her clothes weren't fitting any more. She wanted to be able to sit down " with no bulges " and, if she chose to, wear a bikini again. She's had a great 12 weeks and the results show it. Here are the stats: Chest: down 2 inches Waist: down 3 inches Belly: down 3 inches Hips: down 2.5 inches Thigh: down 1.5 inches Arm: down 1 inch Scales weight: down 5.6KG (12 lbs) Body fat weight down: 4.4KG (9 3/4 lbs) Body fat percentage: down 3.8 points ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Claire C.

    Claire (38) Swallowfield / Wokingham Evening Claire has been a Fit Camper for some time and had got her head into regular exercise but hadn't quite got her head around how the nutrition side of things could help her. She was keen to join the Fit, Lean & Happy programme and committed herself full on to the programme. She has 4 children and a high level European job that involves a lot of travel. All of these needed to be managed and organised around her commitment to herself. It was very soon apparent that getting her food choices right benefited her family by her improved moods and stress. This made organising the programme around her lifestyle an easier choice as the rewards were ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Tarnia W.

    3 clothes sizes down in 12 weeks[/caption] Tarnia (42) Winnersh Day Tarnia came to FastTrack Fit Camp as a brand new Fit Camper and was nervous about an old ankle injury that she felt was going to stop her from putting as much effort in as she would like to get the results she wanted. After a few weeks she realised that the ankle was getting stronger and that she was able to do more week on week. Tarnia had one major goal. Getting in shape for her holiday. At week 11 of the plan she went holiday shopping and found that she was having to choose clothes 2-3 sizes down from what she was before she started. Her physical transformation has been brilliant and you can really see how she's ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Fiona G.

    Fiona (47) - Wokingham Early Risers / Swallowfield Fiona was one of the first ladies that I contacted to discuss the Fit, Lean & Happy programme. When we spoke she was so keen to be included. She had been looking for a way to feel better and get to the point where she didn't " have to pull my jeans waistband over my muffin top when I sit down ". In 12 weeks Fiona has transformed her attitude to food and drink, maintained a regular and consistent exercise routine and kept to her regular weekly run routine of a 5km run once or twice a week with a friend. 12 weeks in and here are Fiona's results: Chest: down 2.5 inches Waist: down 5 inches Belly: down 4inches Hips: down 2.5inches ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Amanda E.

    Amanda (51) Henley-on-Thames When Amanda and I first spoke she said that she was " desperate to lose weight and get fit ", she's previously been a member of gym, said that it had worked but she found it boring and it fizzled away. Amanda felt that her mindset and food choices were letting her down and when I asked her if she wanted to be part of the 8 week programme replied " I'd love to do that! ". Some 8 weeks later and the results are in: Chest: down 2 inches Waist: down 4.5 inches Belly: down 2.5 inches Hips: down 3 inches Leg: same Arm: down 1 inch Scales weight: down 7.4KG (16 1/4 lbs) Body fat weight: down 6.7 KG (14 3/4lbs) Body fat %: down 3.9% I askedAmanda about how she had ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Vroni R.

    Vroni (37) - Early Risers, Wokingham When Vronifirst contacted me she wasn't sure she was eligible but said " I know what I want, but I don't know how to do it and fit in in " -- funnily enough she's done more exercise and got more achieved since doing the programme than before. Including eating lunch each day at work where she previously wasn't and taking time to plan her food better, rather than leaving it to chance. Here's the data. Chest: down 5cms Waist: down 7.5cms Belly: down 9.5cms Hips: down 7.5cms Thighs: down 5cms Arms: down 2cms Scales weight down: 4.2KG (9 1/4 lbs) Body fat weigh down: 3.8KG (8 1/3lbs) Body fat percentage down: 3.3% Vroni made this wonderful ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Sophie A.

    Sophie (43) Wokingham Early Risers. Sophie joined our Fit, Lean and Happy Programme a littlelate to the game. She was at her wits end and in need of a change. Sophie said that she'd convinced herself that regular exercise was enough, lifestyle choices and food was not as important. As a result she'd got a bit in a rut and dissatisfied. So, 8 weeks on...and she is a new woman! She has chosen to make some big lifestyle choices that suit her values and new lifestyle choices. One of these is going tee-total and the other is to take on triathlon as more than a mere passing hobby. For Sophie her desire to be a certain weight or size clothes has now become part of the bigger journey of health and ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Vivien N.

    Vivien (40) Vivien completed 11 weeks of our Fit, Lean and Happy Programme
    before whizzing off on holiday. When I first spoke with Vivien she said she wanted to "feel like me again", that she'd slowly put on weight and wanted to feel "more alive". Following our Fit, Lean and Happy Lifestyle plan she really got into the outdoor exercise and cleaned up her eating which gave her a lot more energy early on. Her results after 11 weeks are: Chest: down 1 inch Waist: down 3 inches Belly: down 5 inches Hips: down 3 inches Leg: up 0.5 inch Arm: down 0.5 inch Scales weight: down 5.8KG (12.5 lbs) Body Fat weight: down 4.1KG (9lbs) Body Fat percentage: down 3.6% She also wanted to be 9.5 stone as ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: When cravings bite...

    We all know the gnawing feeling of a craving that won't go away. It's like an itch that you can't scratch. You crave chocolate, but you want to avoid chocolate. So you eat an apple. You still want chocolate. So you try a yoghurt. You still want chocolate! You have a bowl of cereal. The chocolate craving is still there and so you say "Sod it!! and eat the kids chocolate, the chocolate cake decorations in the cupboard and eat hot chocolate powder off a spoon. "That's better"... :-) Cravings are our bodies way of telling us we need something. It's usually not the thing you craving -- it's a signal for a nutrient in that food that will satisfy the need. Here is a list of common cravings, ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Testimonial: Pip W.

    Pip - Henley (36) Pip participated in an 8 week trial of the Fit, Lean and Happy Programme. She told us in her application interview that she had got "lazy and comfortable" but wasn't happy with how she looked any more. She'd not been at her best for about 10 years and was ready to do whatever it took to feel better again. Pip has limited time and isn't keen on cooking so we had to adapt her lifestyle to an eating plan that suited her. Her goal was to fit into her favourite work suit again and wear her favourite jeans. Her new goal is to aim for a 6 pack. "Thank you for the amazing support. Love the FLH family!!" - PW In just 8 weeks Pip has changed her body like this:
    Chest - down ....

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  • Friday With Heidi: Is tiredness ruining your dreams?

    I've seen a theme this week with clients that I have been talking to at Fit Camp. It usually starts with, "I've lost my mojo"
    or "I just can't get my head in the right place at the moment"
    or "I can't stop eating crappy foods"
    . After a few questions and a bit of probing it almost always boils down to one, very simple thing. Sleep
    . Or lack of it. Clients that are either chronically tired or over-tired from a few days of long hours and a heavy social life. Clients that have disturbed sleep from pressure at work or home. Clients that just don't get enough sleep because they feel they should always be doing something else and just don't go to bed. Sound familiar? Lack of sleep is the ....

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  • Paula's shorts are falling off!

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying Fit Camp and the difference it is making! I wish I had measured myself before I started...I've lost about half a stone but don't seem to be able to shift anymore, however the difference in my clothes is amazing. I wore my denim shorts yesterday for the first time since last summer and they were falling off me... definitely need a belt now! Even my youngest commented on my figure the other night! ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: How we (and others) screw us up.

    I hope you are enjoying a simply fabulous week of British weather. I am in my element. I love the outside. I love the sunny days. I love Wimbledon. It's a good week. But then again it's been an emotional week too. In one of my facebook forums we've had a very busy discussion about the memories we have kept since being kids and carried with us about our shape, weight and bodies. For example like my swimming coach telling me I was fat when I was 13 and needed to lose weight to be a better swimmer. 5ft 10 and 10 stone...I wasn't carrying excess. Or a mother who's had a letter home from school because her 5 year old is 'overweight' when he clearly and physically isn't. This isn't a ....

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  • PTM School Day 6

    After a week of not being able to attend a Pilates class with Rachel or Sarah I find myself back for an equipment session at the studio on a pretty warm day. The windows and doors are open and a nice breeze is flowing through which is really nice and not stuffy or oppressive like some exercise venues. The studio was quiet today, there was no mat class or 1-2-1 training going on whilst I was there and so there were just 3 of us and Emma (not seen Emma before!) for an equipment class so it was quiet and no one else for me to be distracted by when things get tough. We used the foot corrector again to start the session (feet felt lovely afterwards), then we did some work on the Cadillac ....

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  • PTM School: Day 5

    I always seem to be late for these classes. As a result I frequently trip on the first step of the second flight of stairs up to the studio. There really is no need. It's taped in bright yellow tape and you'd think I knew by now, but it's a slow learn this one and I have made a thundering crash everytime I charge up the stairs to be on time. Just thought I'd warn you when you go :-) Today was a small group equipment class with Rachel. There were 4 of us. All different levels and abilities, but it didn't matter as we were only ever working on a piece of equipment on our own. We started the chair. Whilst I had great plans at the time to remember all that Rachel told us about it, no sooner ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: The Wardrobe That Keeps On Giving

    Do you have a range of clothes in different sizes in your wardrobe? Are you wearing the same 3 items because you don't know what fits, what doesn't and don't want the stress and hassle of having to go through it all? Or, possibly worst of all, do you have clothes in your wardrobe new and unworn with the tags still on because they 'weren't quite right' or 'I'll shift half a stone and it will look fine'? Isn't it time you removed the stress and sorted it out? One of our Fit, Lean and Happy
    ladies did just that this weekend. After being on the programme for 5 weeks (exercise 3 times a week and honest, healthy eating) she decided to take control. She's tried everything on, hung them ....

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  • 200DFC: Day Three

    Day 3:
    Back to my old roots of fitness and a BodyPump session, on my own in the dining room. Much cursing of how much stronger I used to be and sweaty elbows as always :-) ....

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  • Fit, Lean & Happy Events

    These free seminars will help you to learn the four key steps to improving your mood and happiness. It's for you... * If you're driving yourself mad with your moods and attitude. * If you've been prescribed anti-depressants but really don't want to go on them. * If you are on anti-depressants and aren't enjoying the experience. * Or if you just want to feel better about yourself. With many great stories of how people got off the 'happy pills' and found a new love for life this event will inspire you to get started with your own transformation right away. And once you've had your fill of what to do to improve your happiness in the short, medium and long term you get the fantastic ....

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  • 200DFC: Day Two

    Day Two:
    2.2 mile run 8 minute Tabata
    Band: Upright Rows Plank Jump Squats Band: Bent Over Rows


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  • 200DFC: Day One

    5 KM Slow run -
    no music, no tracking, no time.
    55 minutes of mat based Pilates.

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  • PTM School: Day 4

    Did you know what makes a Pilates Studio a 'studio'? Neither did I. But Sarah informed me at my last visit ( the sun tan one ) that a studio is considered a studio when it has the large equipment in it like the Cadillac orTrapeze orReformers. At Pilates-Train-Me they have these. At PTM they have also recently been awarded Pilates School
    status as they have reached the advantageous position of being qualified and authorised to teach, mentor and support new and upcoming Pilates instructors. This is a great coup for Rachel and Sarah and they are working with several instructors at various stages of their Pilates education. They are one of the few Classic Pilates Schools outside of London. ....

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  • PTM School: Day 3

    My third visit to Pilates-Train-Me and I am being let loose in a mat class. For most people who experience Pilates through a local gym or privately run session this is what they'll experience first. A class that includes standing, sitting and lying exercises which, when observed from the side of the room, look easy. But in reality are not and make you curse inwardly and frequently. The studio part of the Pilates Train Me Studio is laid out with twelve mats that are designed specifically for Pilates classes. They are more padded than a gym mat, have a foot strap at one end and are longer so that you can lie pretty much full length on one. At PTM they are lined up by the windows and ....

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  • Please STOP doing this now...

    Please STOP
    this... You are not a number. You are not defined by the single moment in which you look down at your scales.You can move them around the bathroom to avoid the mat. You can sway to and fro to get the best reading. You can take your shoes off, your clothes off or not have anything to eat or drink. But it still is JUST a number
    . You are the same generous, hard-working, beautiful person who works hard for a living and cares for your family and friends as you were two seconds before you checked your weight. You are charitable and sociable and loving and generous and people like you for who you are and how you make them feel and they don't know that you weigh 1lb ....

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  • PTM School: Day 2 - More Sweat!

    So, what does an hour with Maddy at Pilates Train Me do for you? After my first session I went about my normal day. But by the evening I felt as though I'd done something different as I had a different type of feeling in my legs. I can't say they ached, they didn't. They weren't throbbing or sore, but it felt like something deep inside them was waking up. It was very subtle but definitely there. The next morning too I had a feeling of having done something with my shoulders. Nothing really of any great consequence, but definitely something was going on! I was back at PTM School
    on Monday for another 1-2-1 with Maddy. The school is set on the first floor of a small retail precinct in ....

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  • PTM School: Day One - Role Reversal

    I've never
    done Pilates before. In all my years of fitness teaching I've never been to a dedicated Pilates session. Yes - I taught BodyBalance and there are 'elements' of tweaked Pilates in that, but to be honest the whole concept of Pilates bored me. I completely understood why people do it and I recommended other people to go and do it. But not me. I knew I was wrong when I thought it was all
    about this. But I still thought it was all about this ( and there isn't anything wrong with this, but I didn't want to do it!) Anyway, Rachel
    and Sarah
    of the PTM School in Lower Earley asked me if I'd like to experience what they do. I already refer clients to them and they thought if I ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Mountain Climbing and Weight Loss

    This time last week I was not at all ready to be leaving for a weekend away in Ireland to climb a mountain with my mate Gilly. She is a PA, so super organised. I tend to be a bit more ' let's see how far I can stretch this ' :-) Anyway, we did indeed climb the highest point in Ireland. It's called Carrauntoohil,
    1038 metres high and we went up it via ' The Devil's Staircase'
    . Whilst climbing this boulder lined, very steep, waterfall like way up to the top I had cause to think that my experience is much like dieting, weight loss and fitness.
    As we walked towards The Devil's Staircase from the distance it looked quite easy, not too steep or too uneven underfoot. How often have you ....

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  • 50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

    50 reasons why regular exercise is good for you!


    ability to burn excess calories
    self image
    lung function
    sleeping patterns
    immune system
    recovery after physical exertion
    physical appearance
    overall quality of life
    decision making abilities
    mental alertness
    short term memory in older people
    respiratory function in asthmatics & bronchitis sufferers
    blood glucose control in diabetics.

    muscular strength
    energy levels
    resting metabolism
    the number of capillaries (reducing blood pressure)
    muscle size: you can train harder or for longer
    stability of joints (tendons and ....

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  • Are you doing it right?

    This week I had to tell someone not to come to Fit Camp any more. Not because they were disruptive or out of order, but because continuing would have been detrimental to their health. You see how
    you exercise is as important as why
    you exercise. We all know exercise is good for you. There are very few reasons when exercise wouldn't be recommend to improve someone's condition. My 50 reasons Why You Should Exercise  is a great reminder of that. But what you do
    and how you do it
    can make or break your goals. You want to lose weight?
    Then playing golf or walking the dog probably aren't enough activity for you to achieve this. Interval training, resistance training and some cardio ....

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  • Gluten Free Pancakes

    Gluten Free Pancakes
    These are dead simple and you don't even need weighing scales. 1 cup/small mug of Doves Farm gluten free plain or self-raising flour 1 cup/small mug of almond or coconut milk 1 egg Butter for cooking
    Beat together the ingredients until smooth. Cook in a hot, buttered frying pan like an ordinary pancake. Makes about 4-5 ....

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  • Why Nic said 'I think I like Fit Camp' :-)

    This is a thank you Fit Camp post... :-) I've been going to Fit Camp for ages, since it was on Duncan's field. I've never been sporty, I've never particularly enjoyed sport. My favourite fit camp exercise is the bum lift (RIP normal bum lifts). I think I enjoy Fit Camp, I certainly love the feeling you get at the end! I love the camaraderie. I was overweight as a child, lost weight without really trying as a teenager, since having babies my weight has gone up and down and I've tried various diets. I've remained a size 12, but some clothes were getting to be quite tight and some just never got tried on because I knew they wouldn't fit. In March a good friend commented on how she'd ....

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  • Are you being 'over-tested'?

    Last night I delivered a seminar to 45+ people about being 'Fit, Lean and Happy'.
    It was a rapid run through why when we are our happiest it's not generally linked with what the number said on the scales, that being lean requires more than an aerobics class once a week and 'being fit' is so wide and open it's anyone's guess what it means to you
    . One of my main points of the evening was that when you aren't feeling great and you start to think that your body or mind is breaking down your first thought maybe that you should go to the doctor. My argument to this is that unless you can categorically say that you are doing the following four thingswhilst s till having a problem, then you ....

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  • The Activity Ambassador (how to keep active without working out)

    [caption id="attachment_4005" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Bisham Abbey[/caption] Last Friday I attended a meeting at Bisham Abbey that was being hosted by Get Berkshire Active. This is a sports partnership working on promoting sport and exercise across the county. They were looking for women in sport and fitness to represent them as ambassadors in an attempt to get more women and young girls active. Sport England did a survey last year and found that 75% of 14-40 year old women want to exercise, but don't, for fear of what they look like, what others might think or how hard it might be. As a result of the meeting I am now one of the Berkshire Ambassadors for the 'This Girl Can' ....

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  • Nicola's new outlook to food...

    Nicola Bhojani has made fantastic changes that will last her a lifetime. "I've recently just finished a Fit Camp in Warfield and it's completely changed my attitude towards good. Heidi who runs them is very inspirational and is superb and setting you on track to a healthier lifestyle combined with exerci se. I no longer go to the exercise sessions as have taken up running, but the nutrition guidance has changed my diet for life. I cook meals from scratch and see food as healthy fuel. My taste buds have changed and now I fet satisfaction from fresh foods (believe me things like salmon and veggies have never tasted so good). I sound like a promotional testimonial but I'm super ....

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  • Duncan: FastTrack's life-time camper

    London Marathon I could talk forever about what joining FastTrack Fit Camp has done for me and my life but will keep it as short as I can. I am ONLY talking about myself because I havea burning desire and passion to help others who are perhaps struggling in life, like I was, and are trying to find theirway, whether it be alcoholism, depression, bereavement, low self esteem, obesity, fear of group work out, or zillions of other reasons etc. Before I joined FastTrack just moving forward for me was the biggest anti-depressant in the world, I already did lots of walking with my dogs but joining Fit Camp introduced me to a world I never knew existed, a road to well being and self ....

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  • Anne's 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Experience

    Anne -- holding what she's lost. I have been going to Fit Camp sessions for about 16 months and haven'treally taken much notice of the additional diet and nutrition benefits thatHeidi offers. Once or twice I had looked at the weekly meal plans andthought that they looked complicated and involved too much shopping!! How wrong of me! I need to lose weight and get stronger and had decided that 2015 was theyear to make my personal improvements, so, when the 21 Day Fat LossChallenge
    came up I decided to sign up for it. We all like quick wins and Ithought it would be the motivation that I needed. Once I got my head around the weekly meal plans and shoppingrequirements it was a doddle. And I ....

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  • Helen glows with Fit Camp

    I In 2011 I was about as low as I'd ever been. I did not enjoy going out at all, especially if I caught sight of myself before hand. I often just would not go on social events. I was trying to have a healthy diet but was unwittingly eating things that didn't agree with me. Also I'd throw caution to the wind and eat what the heck I wanted on extra low days. I dreamt of being fit and happy! I knew I had to find something to try and get myself sorted. After talking to a friend about this boot camp thing in Winnersh, we finally bit the bullet and joined in January 2012. I just turned up for exercise, but I soon realised that there was far more to Fit Camp than I thought. It was a hard first ....

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  • How Fit Camp helped Becky ...

    I joined Fit Camp in 2011 because I am an outdoorsy type and loved the fact that I could combine my need for some fitness that was more strenuous than walking the dogs, with the fact that many of the camps were outdoors. Regular fitness has always been important for my physical and mental well-being. When I joined Fit Camp, I was a member of a gym and had a personal trainer once a week with whom I did Pilates, but I was missing a more social activity that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. My main reason for joining was to help me stay toned, ideally lose fat and keep my mental well-being levels up - I am always happier and less stressy when I do regular exercise. However there ....

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  • Heidi's story one year on...

    http://www.heidimadethis.co.uk/ Back in April 2014 Heidi Sandford joined us at FastTrack Fit Camp and thought that if she could just get through the first session she'd never have to see us again. But the something wonderful happened, her first story is here. 12 months on and in Depression Awareness Week Heidi updates us on how she has got on. _____________________________________________________________ I was diagnosed with depression years ago. It is horrible, crippling and life-threatening and I hate it. I wish I didn't have it and didn't have to cope with it's nasty little quirks and traits but I do. For the first 9 years after my diagnosis my depression ....

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  • Remember 'I Can'?

    Do you remember the post I sent back in October about Richard McCann? I'd seen him speak at a business event and was moved to tears by his presentation. That blog is here , but today I wanted to share with you what happens when you say ' I Can
    ' like Richard does and encourages others to do. At that event back in October I took a very bold and scary decision to invest in me and FastTrack Fit Camp
    . I embarked on a two year coaching programme that supports fitness businesses and helps them to get to where they want to go. It was big and scary for two reasons. 1. It was a financial commitment. 2. It was two years. Oh boy has it paid off. :-) I attended another one of these events last ....

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  • Walking, talking therapy

    What a fabulous week! It's not often school holidays are so blessed with good weather. Long may it continue. I've had a week of revelations and decisions. Firstly, I realised that whilst we help people get fit and lose weight we do also change much more than that. We are really pretty good at helping people who have been feeling crappy with their lives. This may be either through depression, stress or anxiety and they find that committing to Fit Camp they improve it so that they feel free of the burden of their mood and start to enjoy life again. I wrote about this week, you can read the full article ---> here .
    As a result I was reminded that Fit Camp
    isn't for everyone ....

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  • Time for a decision...

    [caption id="attachment_3618" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Keep on smiling :-)[/caption] I am sure I am not alone in realising that the beauty of long weekends and holidays is that you get time to stop, take a breath and think about stuff you don't normally find time to contemplate. I see this from a flurry of enquiries as people realise they want to get in shape before their holiday, or realise that putting off getting fit isn't making getting fit any easier. For me I find that I allow myself more time to  not  work than I would if it was a normal weekend. I know all the benefits of making sure you don't work all the time and ensuring that your work life balance is well ....

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  • 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Successes

    [caption id="attachment_3825" align="alignleft" width="225"] Lisa lost body fat, inches and weight.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3856" align="alignleft" width="225"] Kay got back into her skinny jeans![/caption] [caption id="attachment_3826" align="alignleft" width="225"] DJ lost weight, body fat and needs a new belt.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3827" align="alignleft" width="225"] Vanessa lost weight! That smile says it all.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3849" align="alignleft" width="225"] Becca lost 2 inches off her belly.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3824" align="alignleft" width="225"] Elly lost body fat and inches and feels great.[/caption] ....

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  • RHM Blog: Race Day - The End.

    h3.cjk { font-family: "Droid Sans Fallback"; }h3.ctl { font-family: "Droid Sans Devanagari"; }p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }
    Sunday 22 March
    Here we are. The real thing. I've not been nervous or worried at all about this event until Karen posted some km/per hour times I could aim for to get around in a sub 2 hour time. Looking at them last night I thought, I can do that. That is do-able. But it made me nervous as suddenly the thought of not achieving it became a bigger problem. When I look back on this journey my original predicted time was 2.24 (ish) and I was not happy with that. Karen rewrote my programme for 2.15 and then gave me some ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 66 -- Feeling the fear

    As if running the Reading Half
    this weekend isn't enough to worry about I decided to step out of my comfort zone one more level after taking a quick peek at Twitter last night. I don't look at Twitter much but I did happen to see a retweeted post about BBC Berkshire looking for Reading Half Marathon runners to contribute to the Breakfast Show this morning and all interested people were to call a number to arrange. The original tweet was sometime yesterday morning and I was reading it at 22.45 last night so I thought that they would have enough people, but I thought ' oh what the hell, I've come this far why not let others know what I've been up to '. I know that to get what ever you ....

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  • Tom Yum Soup

    This has to be the quickest, tastiest soup ever! Ingredients
    3-4 tablespoons Tom Yum soup paste 1 chicken stock cube 3 spring onions, finely sliced 1 dried block of rice noodles (1 portions worth) 1 mushroom, finely sliced Frozen peas or sweetcorn Coriander, chopped Cold chopped turkey or ham 500-600ml boiling water Method
    Place stock cube, boiling water, dried noodles and Tom Yum paste into a saucepan. Add frozen peas or sweetcorn. Place all other ingredients into a bowl and as soon as the noodles are soft (about 1-2 minutes) pour soup over the ingredients in a bowl. The heat of the soup will cook the rest and heat it through. Serce ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 65 - the last training run

    [caption id="attachment_3624" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Da daaaa![/caption]
    Thursday 19 March
    OK, so I went. I was still in bed at 9am (I've been sleeping very well since I got back) and got my sorry trainers to the group run. Karen told us that we were to do an 'easy run', no more than 5km and enjoy it. Sounds easy enough doesn't it?! How wrong you can be! We seemed to get split out fairly quickly and by about 2.5 km were in 2 separate groups. We decided that the 4 of us (with Karen) would peel off in separate directions to find the other group. So our 3 miles became a 4.4 miles and Lizzie and I tried to run at a pace we'd like to run the half in. So not so easy, not so short ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 60 - 64

    [caption id="attachment_3790" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Back to work :-)[/caption]
    Saturday 14 March
    Not a lot going on here. Just mooching and eating and sleeping. Slightly bothered that I didn't run in the gym again -- but have felt a bit flat all week and not really bothered enough to do anything about it.
    Sunday 15 March (1 week to go)
    Came home today. Had a complete blow out at the airport. I don't know what came over me but we got there very early and decided to have a drink. So two pints, 1 shared portion of chips and a chicken burger and chips later I thought I should stop :-) Horribly cramped on the way home and not at all pleasant. If I get DVT and can't run I'll be ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 55 - 59

    Monday 9 March - Tuesday 10 March
    There's not a lot of running go on this week. I am away visiting my mother in law and it's going to be a tricky business. There is snow on the ground, black ice on the pavements and it's a bit too risky with the half marathon just weeks away.
    Wednesday 11 March
    Decided to use the gym in the facilities she lives in and ran on the treadmill. All I can say is that I am glad I don't have to run the half on it. What a boring, hot and boring, (did I say boring?) experience that was. I was instantly sweaty, couldn't help but clock watch and had to keep tricking myself into not looking at the clock. I stated off by saying, 'oh just do 30 minutes'. Then I tricked ....

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  • How I went from fat to fit...

    Have you ever had a long term idea about yourself that one day you realised was false
    ? I did. I thought I was a fat kid. I've since realised that it turned out that I was just tall. I stopped growing at 11 and ended up around 5ft 10. That's way taller than some adults. And I towered over most people I knew. But tall meant big in my eyes and after being told at 12 to lose weight by my swimming coach it sealed my self image. Then once again when I was 17 a consultant told me to lose weight to improve my health. Unwittingly, his comments sent me off on a weight loss spiral to unhealthy lows where I looked stick thin and gaunt and not at all the picture of teenage health. It wasn't until ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 52 - 54

    [caption id="attachment_3630" align="aligncenter" width="300"] That's me that is![/caption]
    Friday 6 March
    No running today, but a much better mood. I gave myself a bloody good talking to, stopped the self pity and woke up ready for a super day. The sun was shining, life is good. There is only so long you can wallow in your own made-up bad mood after all. I wanted to run today, but for some reason ended up working late and not getting out. Resolved to go tomorrow.
    Saturday 7 March
    I'd gone to bed thinking that if I woke up in time I'd go for an early run. I did wake up in time but couldn't find the oomph to get out of bed. So didn't. Said I was going to run in the evening. Didn't. ....

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  • How to feel 'so much better'

    [caption id="attachment_3561" align="alignleft" width="300"] Feel like you could jump for joy![/caption] This has been our most popular post this month...
    Do you know what I hear the most when I ask people what they've got out of Fit Camp? "I feel so much better".
    Interestingly during my 1-2-1 sessions with clients in preparation for the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge
    the response to me asking, "what's your goal for 3 weeks?" is ... "I just want to feel better".
    Given that that 90% of people I meet are not looking for ripped abs, pumped pecs and size 8 bikinis but the wonderful result of 'feeling better', I guessed that maybe you'd like to know some tricks on how to feel ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 48 - 51

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="alignleft" width="300"] Let's do this![/caption]
    Monday 2 March

    Still craving carbs. No run today.
    Tuesday 3 March
    Thought about running today, but couldn't be bothered. Was too tired when I woke up and had too much rabbiting around in my head to think that running would be a good idea. I should have run today too really, my mood was low, I've been sad and low and anxious and all things that aren't conducive to a positive state of well-being. If I'd been talking to someone who was in the frame of mind that I was in I would have told them to go for walk, get outside for a bit. But I couldn't even face that. All I wanted to do was wallow. Eat. And ....

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  • Narinder is an addict!

    March 2015
    "I am addicted! I'm really enjoying it and seeing results too which is great. My clothes fit better and I have a belt on my jeans again! I also love the atmosphere at camps (especially Swallowfield they made me so welcome on my first session)." Narinder Sambhi Narinder then followed up with this in  April 2015.
    "Also I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I'm enjoying Fit Camp. I used to go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 40 mins and then started to think 'what am I actually doing / gaining?'. This gives me a full body workout that I couldn't have achieved in the gym as it pushes me beyond what I often think is my limit! Also yoga and fit camp ....

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  • Porscha's puff has improved

    [caption id="attachment_3755" align="alignleft" width="150"] Porscha Davies[/caption] I was diagnosed with 'mild' asthma at the age of 11 and since then have generally been able to control it using a combination of two inhalers. Just before joining Fit Camp, my peak flow (the rate at which I am able to push air out of my lungs) had reduced significantly and as a result I had to be monitored on a monthly basis. After a year or so at Fit Camp, my peak flow had increased significantly and I reverted to a standard annual check-up at the doctors. Don't get me wrong - I still 'huff & puff' during many of the workouts, but 'smile & breath' (to quote Kirsty) throughout, knowing that ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 45 - 47

    [caption id="attachment_3516" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I like trainers...[/caption]
    Friday 27 February
    The day after...apart from my ankles being stiff as old leather when I got up. I felt pretty good today. I did have hunger like I've not experienced in a long time, but other than that I felt pretty normal, if that's anything to go by. I even set my alarm to get up at 06.30 so I could run before Fit Camp in the morning. [caption id="attachment_3672" align="aligncenter" width="300"] GF pancakes, banana, yoghurt and maple syrup.[/caption]
    Saturday 28 February
    Ah, so that wasn't happening. I slept pretty badly last night and was awake a lot. So when my alarm went off at 06.30 ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 43 - 44

    Wednesday 25 February
    No run. No walk. No guilt.
    Thursday 26 February
    [caption id="attachment_3732" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Sue's borrowed run details![/caption] Group run today and it's a biggie. Karen is taking us around as much of the half marathon route as possible so we know what to expect in 3 1/2 weeks time :-) I was really ready for this. My mindset has completely changed. I know I can do this, I want to do this in a faster time that Karen predicted back at the beginning of January and now it all seems possible. I've had my number for a few weeks and not bothered to look at the route as it really doesn't bother me. So this was going to be a magical journey! We met at ....

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  • Spiced Nuts

    Spiced Nuts 1 bag organic mixed, unroasted, unsalted nuts 1 tablespoon melted coconut oil 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ – ¾ teaspoon mixed spice 2 tablespoon runny honey Pre heat oven to 140C / 120C FAN / gas 1. In a baking tin mix the nuts and spices and oil. Drizzle over 1 tablespoon of honey and mix well – lay in a single layer. Cook for 10 – 15 minutes. Have a stir and drizzle last remaining tablespoon and cook again for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, cool and store in an airtight container. ....

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  • Munchy Seeds

    Munchy Seeds Pumpkin seeds Tamari sauce Place pumpkin seeds into a dry frying pan and heat until they start to pop a bit. Remove from heat and sprinkle tamari over them (it will sizzle) and stir to coat them all over. Allow to cool. Great on salads or as a snack. ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 42

    [caption id="attachment_3624" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Da daaaa![/caption]
    Tuesday 24 February (under a month away)
    A new frame of mind today. When I decide I am going to run. I run. When I faff about and think I might try and squeeze one in to my day, it rarely happens. I have been having a little chat with myself about my running this week. We have a 2 1/4 hour run on Thursday so I don't want to run too far on Wednesday and leave myself with nothing in my legs. Especially after the success of last week. So I have been chatting with myself about a 5 mile run today and a 3 mile run tomorrow or a longer run today and a day off tomorrow. Gawd knows how my brain would cope if I ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 38 - 41

    Friday 20 February - Monday 23 February
    No running done on any of these days. Friday
    was out as I had a very long day and it was never part of the schedule. Was very hungry in the morning though after Thursday's efforts. Saturday
    was so tired after Friday (22 hour day) that it was not an option. Sunday
    was a possibility and the morning was gorgeous and Sunday Fit Camp was awash with happy, fresh faced people! However by the evening it was cold and wet and I just wasn't that interested in getting a run in to go out in that weather when I had other stuff to do. [caption id="attachment_3703" align="aligncenter" width="150"] The Sunday Wake Up Crew[/caption] Monday
    should have been ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 36-37

    Wednesday 18 February
    No run today. Want to be ready and looking forward to the 2 hour group run tomorrow. I feel quite happy about the prospect actually. Have eaten well today so ready for tomorrow. [caption id="attachment_3700" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Bracknell and back![/caption]
    Thursday 19 February
    Group run with the ladies today. We set off at 9am as it was half term and the mums with young kiddies didn't have to worry about a school run drop off. We met at Cantley Park, the sun was out, it was chilly but very nice weather for a run. Karen outlined the route and the rules. Run slowly, don't race ahead and we're running to Bracknell...she dropped that in like we weren't ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 35

    [caption id="attachment_3516" align="aligncenter" width="150"] I like trainers...[/caption]
    Tuesday 17 February
    I've broken my own rule. I went for a morning run :-) I was awake quite early and decided that as I am not around much tomorrow I'd get the run in today. So faffed about for 15 minutes and headed out for a 5 mile or so run about 06.40. It was still dark and the pavements were very icy, so whether I was supposed to be running slowly or not, I decided I would as it was a bit slippery in places. I found it hard to get going, but did enjoy the fact that it was pretty quiet on the roads and there weren't even many dog walkers about. I had the mildly irritating problem of the ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 34

    Monday 16 February
    The morning after the night before. I wasn't sure if I was going to ache after the long run last night, but woke up pretty spritely and did my morning walk. I was ravenous though and this is most unusual as I am not usually hungry in the morning and miss breakfast. And if you think that I should be pushing the 'breakfast is the most important day' mantra. I don't. I don't believe that everyone  should  eat breakfast. I do believe that you should eat when you're hungry, eat proper food and not snack your way from one non-meal to the next. So given that I am generally not hungry in the morning and I can go happily to lunch on nothing then I am comfortable with my ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 33

    [caption id="attachment_3666" align="aligncenter" width="150"] How to fill 90 minutes...[/caption]
    Sunday 15 February
    Today was the day when I WAS going for a run. No more excuses, no more internal chatter about being busy or tired and I WAS going to do 90 minutes. I've dropped out of the last two long runs with Karen and the Butterflies on a Thursday and so my long runs have been few and far between. Today was the day. It was made easier by the fact that Dale was going to head out to squash night and be out for several hours, so the feeling of going out for a 90 minute run felt less selfish. Don't get me wrong, he has NO problem with me doing it. He is very supportive of my work hours ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 24 - 32

    [caption id="attachment_3662" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Still in training :-)[/caption]
    Tuesday 3 February - Saturday 15 February
    This has not been a good few days for running training. From Tuesday 3rd to Monday 9 February I simply took on too much to do. There was no time for running, I was too tired to even go for my walk each morning and it was a good lesson in realising that I am still not Superwoman despite all my attempts for being all things to all people. Thursday 5 February - Group run with Karen but she gave us the option to run for an hour or 1.45 hour. I dropped out at 1 hour to catch up on some work. No more running until the next Thursday 12 February - had ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 23

    [caption id="attachment_3650" align="aligncenter" width="150"] It's all about the shape[/caption]
    Monday 2 February
    I went to bed last night with the briefest of visualisations that I would run first thing this morning, 'get it out the way' I thought. Well, on waking up I decided that was a stupid idea and I really like my early walk too much to miss it for a run. So I did that instead. I needed to do a 5 mile run today and kept a constant babble in my head about how I was going to do it, when I was going to do it, should I even do it...and did eventually get myself out the door. Previously I have tended to run for half the distance in one direction and then turn round and you're done. ....

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  • Zoe's Weight Loss and Diabetes Management

    I started at Fit Camp in January 2013, as my goal was to loose weight quickly. I have type 1 diabetes, which to a degree makes it a bit harder to lose my extra weight. When signing up I didn't realise how much of a difference Fit Camp would make to my diabetes, other weight loss programmes hadn't really worked for me and I wanted something regular and enjoyable to do. Once I started, I lost the most weight I had ever lost and I felt better than ever! As well as this it helped my diabetes tremendously. With the regular exercise, eating more healthily and not snacking it was much easier to control my blood sugar levels as well as reducing my insulin intake on a daily basis. Overall, starting ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 22

    [caption id="attachment_3643" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Think your way to success.[/caption]
    Sunday 1 February
    A day off of running today. I did my early walk which was lovely but very windy and chilly and I was quietly pleased that I wasn't running today as the wind and chill would have played mind games with me. I realised quite clearly today that in any sort of exercise, sport of fitness regime there are a few stages.
    starting out everything is a struggle. Your fitness is shot, your strength is limited and your technique is poor.
    after a while your fitness improves, but as you get fitter you can push yourself a bit harder, your strength improves in bursts but there are ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 21

    [caption id="attachment_3624" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Da daaaa![/caption]
    Saturday 31 January
    It's official! I have a number with my name on it. If there was ever a chance that I was going to drop out (again) it would have had to have been before this plopped through my door. So we're on :-) Early morning 2 miler walk this morning in the very crispy snow. It was just wonderful. Saturday and Sunday walks are best as it's so quiet. It was significantly lighter this morning too so I felt especially happy to be out and enjoying the morning. [caption id="attachment_3625" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Interesting patterns. Think they must be snow-grips on shoes?[/caption] ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 20

    Friday 30 January
    [caption id="attachment_3618" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Keep on smiling :-)[/caption] I was expecting to wake up sore and stiff after the previous 48 hours exertions but was pleasantly surprised that I felt mildy bothered by it and I was more than eager to get up and walk first thing. I relish my morning walk, it's almost exactly 2 miles, takes me about 35 minutes and I plug myself in and listen to my audio books. These aren't fictional books, they're usually self-improvement listens. And I love them. I thought I was someone who learned well from reading until I discovered audio-books, these have now become my noise of choice when I am walking, driving or ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 19

    [caption id="attachment_3613" align="aligncenter" width="150"] That's 9 miles that is...![/caption]
    Thursday 29 January
    Oh gawd. I didn't spring out of bed this morning and go for my normal walk. I was pooped! I am not sure if it was the run last night, the fact that Dale is ill and coughing and keeping us both awake all night or I was dehydrated or a combination of all 3, but walking was not on my agenda today. I also knew that I was off out on a group run this morning and needed to make sure that I got there and did it. It was a bit chilly this morning and I was worried about getting a sore belly again as it's so itchy and painful. So I smothered my stomach in Vaseline and put two ....

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  • Nature's Wonder - Apple Cider Vinegar

    [caption id="attachment_3597" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar[/caption] There's not much apple cider vinegar (ACV) can't do it would seem. I've had a fabulous result with it this week in just 48 hours of using it I have rid myself of an annoying skin tag that had been pestering me on my neck for a month or two. Skin tags are caused by abrasions or repetitive movements on the skin. I suspect it's a result of my coat collar rubbing my neck that's caused it to appear. Anyway I found that I was always picking at it and fiddling with it that was as annoying as the skin tag itself so I thought I'd look into what options were available. I knew they could ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 18

    [caption id="attachment_3604" align="aligncenter" width="150"] 6 miler...just need to do that again![/caption] Wednesday 28 January
    2 mile walk and listen done this morning. I was expecting to feel stiff around the shoulder and arms after the press ups, but feel good so far. Achilles is a little graunchy today but nothing unusual, but have new, surprising knee jip which I am going to think better. I don't need it, it doesn't need me and that's that :-) Left going out for a run until it was dark as I am much happier running like that. It was quite chilly this evening but I layered, put my music on and headed out. I am behind on Karen's plan so I chose to do the essential run she ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 17

    Tuesday 27 January
    Right I  must run today.  I walked my 2 miles this morning whilst listening to my book and then decided that I'd run this evening. Finally went out about 16.10 and have decided to go against the prescribed plan for this first run as I am time poor tonight and haven't run since last Monday. So I did a steady 5km around Wokingham and found myself enjoying the whole process quite a lot. It wasn't a great time but I felt I could go out when I had more time and not feel too far behind because of the break. Also as it's 100 Days to the General Election today I am also undertaking to do press ups each day (minimum 20 full ones) and take a photo each day. So I've done both of ....

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  • RHM Blog: Days 10 - 16

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Let's do this![/caption]
    Tuesday 20 January - Monday 26 January
    If there was ever a preferred way to train for a Half Marathon this week won't have been it. After 3 days in London I had two days of catching up at home before disappearing off to Gatwick for 3 days to get some business coaching up my sleeve. I have done my 2 mile walk in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday and took my running stuff with me to use in the hotel at Gatwick. I've not run a step :-) Infact I have been so inactive in the course that one day I only walked a total of 1300 steps all day. Most office days I'll do 3500, when I am running and /or ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 8-9

    [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="150"] My only pink items of clobber.[/caption]
    Sunday 18 January
    2 mile walk and that's it. Sat down all day and not much else.
    Monday 19 January
    Oh look day 3 of my 2 day course! I decided I needed to get a run in today if I was to stay on top of my game as I have another 3 day course to go to from Thursday and won't be running then either. So I got up at 5.30 and did a 4 mile tempo run. This means running at a faster pace and hitting a specific time (as specified by Karen based on my first speed test). Well...it  was  early and I am not that keen on going anything other than my pace, but I found that tough. I ran with as much ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 7

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Let's do this![/caption]
    Saturday 17 January
    Up early and walked for 2 miles like I normally do each day. I love it. I pop my audio book on and plod. Lovely way to start my day. Got to London...bugger, the 2 day course is in fact 3. This is going to take some reorganisation. ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 6

    [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="150"] My only pink items of clobber.[/caption]
    Friday 16 January
    So my sixth consecutive run this week. I was in two minds before I went out as I've had a niggly Achilles tendon for a few days and I am also off out tonight to see a friend, so time was precious. The run today was to be a 5 miler, at a slow pace. That's fine. I can handle that. What I am not so good at handling though is the fumes and volume of traffic during a run between 18.00 - 19.00 on a Friday night! Note to self, don't run in the commute. Other than that I really enjoyed this run. I had my my music on, it was cool but not chilly and I hit the new pace set by ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 5 (first group run)

    [caption id="attachment_3545" align="aligncenter" width="150"] What we did :-)[/caption]
    Thursday 15 January
    Today was going to be my first ever group run, ever...yes ever! The weekly Lady Butterflies group run by Karen at Elite Conditioning . I was rather apprehensive as, despite what you may think, I am an introvert and group stuff is tricky for me. I mean I'll have to make small talk and know stuff that's going on in the news and media and really I don't have clue. I am much happier running at my pace, on my own without worrying about anyone else. Anyway, I told Karen I'd be there and so I turned up not really knowing what to expect. There were about 12-15 of us I think and after ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 4

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Let's do this![/caption]
    Wednesday 14 January
    I'm a ticker-offer of tasks and so given that Karen has given me a lovely weekly plan of runs to do I have been ticking them off in a gratified way after each run. Part of me is delighted to be cracking through them, but the other part looks ahead and thinks 'oh-er, there's a long way to go.' Today was another slow 3 mile 
    run. I've liked all this easing-into-it this week, but I know that it will start to ramp up next week. I used a 5km route that I ran a bazillion times in 2013 on my 100DFC. It  was  slow, but still not slow enough for my training plan. It was raining, but ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 3

    [caption id="attachment_3516" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I like trainers...[/caption]
    Tuesday 13 January
    Because I delayed and procrastinated so much last week I need to do all my runs this week daily before the group meets on Thursday. So today I am off for a 4 mile slow
    run. As I said already, I haven't exercised since the summer and I only have one speed. This was going to be interesting. However I do now have a new mindset about the whole Half Marathon thing and had no problem finding time, getting ready and going out to run at 16.30 today. I would normally avoid this time as it's a) too busy with the end of school turn-out and b) it's daylight !! I much prefer running in ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 2

    [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="225"] My only pink items of clobber.[/caption]
    Monday 12 January
    So I didn't ache or have any problems this morning. I should hope not, it was only 2 x 1km afterall. But given that I haven't done any serious exercise since last summer I am pleased. I did walk most days during the 100 Day Fitness Challenge but nothing of high volume, impact or cardiovascular endurance. This is going to be a challenge and my head has been saying " you don't need to run your best for this, just plod about and cross the line ". That sounded like a grand plan to me as I set out on my next prescribed 2 mile run
    . Shame that my noisy brain doesn't ....

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  • RHM Blog: Day 1

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Let's do this![/caption]
    Sunday 11 January
    I'm running the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday 23 March. It was a snap decision made at 06.30 on morning in September when one of the Mortimer campers said she had signed up for it and I found myself suggesting we should have a FastTrack posse running. I do sometimes wish I would engage brain before the mouth starts to move :-) Anyway, I entered, secured my place and left it. And left it, until Karen got whiff of the news that I was entered and told me to get my bum to her Lady Butterflies  running group in January. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to her first session ....

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  • Spicy Pork

    Spicy Pork Loin (Adapted from a Patrick Holford recipe) -- Serves 4
    1 tablespoon melted coconut oil 3 tablespoon tamari 2 teaspoons tomato purée Chunk fresh ginger, chopped 1 large red chilli, de-seeded and chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 teaspoons honey
    Boneless pork loin -- but works well with chicken too
    With a hand blender or in a food processor whizz up the tomato purée, garlic, tamari, chilli, ginger and honey until it is smooth. Rub all over the meat and leave to marinade for as long as possible but preferably 20 minutes. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes at 350F / gas 4 / 180C adding more marinade as a baste half way through. Serve with the lentil dahl or a mix of pan ....

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  • Tarragon & Dijon Haddock

    Tarragon and Dijon Haddock
    2 tbs. white wine vinegar 2 tbs. olive oil 1 tbs. Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp. dry tarragon leaves or 1/2 tbs. chopped fresh tarragon leaves Freshly ground black pepper Haddock fillets enough for 4 Method
    In a large bowl whisk the vinegar, oil, mustard, tarragon and pepper.
    Rinse fish and pat dry. Add the fish to the marinade and turn pieces to coat completely; let marinate 15 minutes.
    Lay fish, overlapping thin areas, in a shallow baking pan and drizzle with any remaining marinade.
    Grill, uncovered until fish flakes in the thickest part when prodded with a fork and flesh is opaque about 8  - 10 minutes or so. ....

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  • Moroccan Turkey Breasts

    Moroccan Turkey Breasts

    Turkey breast steak per person
    Harissa spice mix
    Coconut oil Veggies of your choice to serve with them. We had it with salad, but you could do steamed vegetables, wilted spinach, ratatouille, roasted veg anything that takes your fancy. Place the turkey breasts on a plate and sprinkle harissa spices over them on both sides. Pressing the spices onto the meat well so they are well covered. Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan, not too much just a thin coating and fry the steaks until they are cooked through - about 8-10 minutes. Serve with vegetables of choice. ....

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  • Let Us Make 2014 Our Healthiest Year Yet Testimonial: Jackie Wade

    Following our 'Let Us Make 2014 Our Healthiest Year Yet' Event in January 2014 Jackie went on to have a fabulous year, here is what she wrote. 2014 what a year I've had !!! I sat in a room full of lovely ladies and gents listening to a talk hosted by the lovely Heidi not really knowing what I wanted out of 2014 but knowing that with the hell of some lovely like minded people I would set myself some goals and learn a little bit about myself and what I could achieve !!! I had also decided that as I was going to be reaching the big 50 this year I was going to make this year special !!! And boy has it been special. With the help of Heidi, the Fit Camp instructors and my lovely hubby , ....

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  • Attitude Quote Print Out

    Click below for a print out of the quotation used at the event: Attitude Print Out [caption id="attachment_3460" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Goal Setting Fit Camp Style[/caption] ....

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  • Tuna Salad

    Tuna & Apple Salad

    1 tin tuna in water drained
    1 apple chopped

    1 celery stick chopped
    Choice of lettuce ripped into bite size bits as your base, try and get some dark green leaves in there
    1 tablespoon mayonnaise
    2 teaspoons lemon juice
    Salt and Pepper
    Extra salad bits of your choice like cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, cress... Combine well and nosh. ....

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  • Butternut Squash Soup

    Butternut Squash Soup
    Fry some onions and garlic in coconut oil or butter in a saucepan until slightly caramelised and soft. Add in a peeled chopped butternut squash. If you are making for one person you'll have enough for at least 2 portions here so you can always freeze the rest. Add 500-750ml water with 3-4 level teaspoons Marigold / Veggie stock powder and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Cover and bring to the boil, then simmer until the butternut squash is soft. Whizz with a hand blender or food processor and serve with chopped coriander or parsley if you have any. ....

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  • Friday With Heidi:

    Rise and shine! It's 2015.  Are you ready?! Or are you still in getting back to normal after the splurges of the past 10 days or so? I am in the latter category, I find the thought of changing at midnight on 1 January a bit too much, after all there is always something in the house that needs eating up, to be thrown out or given away. In a marketers world of ideal timing this month is Love Your Liver Month and works alongside the national Dryathlon Challenge to encourage people to give up the booze for the whole of January. There are some really easy ways to give your liver a break from the detoxification of rich foods and alcohol over the past few weeks. Here are my top five:
    Eat ....

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  • Happy New Year! Can you spot yourself?

    I hope you had a very lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I am always really excited about New Year's Eve for no other reason than I like to look back on what I've done and (normally) think 'wow' that was quite a lot! And then look forward to the new year with an idea of what I want to achieve. Every year, for as long as I can remember, Mr Strickers and I sit down each New Year's Eve and eat cheese, drink wine and plan our year ahead. We write it out like a mind-map and think about all the areas we want to put some effort into. This year, however, I am going to up the ante a little and make it much more specific by making a vision board. Using pictures, photos and ....

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  • Joanne has improved at Twyford

    "Having repeated the fitness test today and improving all round I thought I'd write and tell you what a great few weeks we've had at Twyford. Stuart has brought enthusiasm to the group and with his motivation and individual attention has allowed me to improve my technique, speed and stamina. It has certainly been a challenging few weeks but well worth it!" Kind regards Joanne Smyth November 2014 ....

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  • Weight loss: Why it's not just about exercise...

    One of the most common questions I get asked at Fit Camp is 'why aren't I losing weight? I'm doing Fit Camp and it's not coming off'. I always feel my heart drop a bit when I hear this as I do think we've been lead to believe that all you need to do to shift some pounds is move a bit more. If only it were true. If it were, there wouldn't be a lot of people obsessed with stepping on the scales each day and allowing it to determine how good their day will be. It has been shown in many research papers that exercise alone will not kick start fast and steady weight loss. I can vouch for this. Last year I decided to set myself a goal of running 5km each day for 100 days. This took me ....

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  • Cauliflower Pizza Base

    This is a fantastic way to keep pizza in your life if you are avoiding grains or want a low carb meal. Make the toppings your own. It's quick, easy and tasty. For the base
    450g cauliflower florets 2 free range eggs 150g ground almonds 50g grated Emanthel cheese (unpasteurised) Dried mixed herbs Toppings
    Your choice, but I used: Tomatoe puree Mozarella Halved cherry tomatoes Semi-fried courgette slices Chorizo Sliced red onions Grated Emanthel cheese Method
    Pre-heat your oven to 180C / 350F / Gas 5 Whizz the cauliflower in a food processor until it's rice like in size. Add eggs, almonds, cheese and seasoning and mix together until well coated. Turn out onto greaseproof paper and ....

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  • Dealing with depression and stress with exercise

    This testimonial from Heidi Sandford is EXACTLY the reason why we do what we do at FastTrack Fit Camp. FastTrack Fit Camp is the best thing I have done in years. It has totally changed my life, in more ways than one. I was diagnosed with severe depression over 10 years ago and, as depression does, it consumed my life. On a couple of occasions it nearly claimed my life. I was just existing, not living. I found no joy in anything, everything was struggle. Then at the beginning of this year, via a friend, I discovered FastTrack Fit Camp. Now I'm not going to lie, when I was researching it I was very sceptical, could it really be that effective? Couple that with the fact that I would ....

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  • Who are your '5'?

    Jim Rohn said  “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”
    . I've heard this quote many times, I say it to my clients at FastTrack Fit Camp about spending time with those people who have achieved what you want to achieve. For example, if you're mixing with people who smoke, you're probably not going to give up smoking. If you want to shift 2-3 stone. Find someone who has done it already and ask them how. If you want to run a 5km race, find someone who has done it and ask them how long it took them and what they did. If you want to come off medication and improve your health, ask someone for help who has  done it and start learning from them. The ....

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  • How to fight back

    Have you ever had a day when you've thought "my life sucks" and blamed it on the traffic, the dog, your kids or your boss? Yep, we've all had them. I know I have too. But, after a fantastic weekend at a fitness event this week, I can't see me doing that again in a hurry. On Friday morning we heard a keynote speaker called Richard McCann tell his story. And it's mind-blowing. It all started when he was 5 and his mother was Peter Sutcliffe's first victim, The Yorkshire Ripper. You may think that the hour was very sad, but how he has coped despite what life has thrown at him is quite remarkable. Inspite of all this however he has become a leading motivational speaker, author, film maker ....

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  • Importance of Rest and Recovery

    Importance of Rest & Recovery
    At Fit Camp we are here to help you be the best you can be. Whether you are training with us to get in shape or take part in an event we want to make sure that you achieve your target, but we want to make sure that you do it in a balanced way that's healthy and maintainable. It's very easy, when you start to see your target getting closer, to do more of what's been working. Maybe eating less or training more to get there quicker. This is where we want to step in and guide you to long term success with a more holistic approach to your health and training and make sure that you don't over train, do take enough rest and recover properly. At Fit Camp ....

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  • Are you over training?

    At Fit Camp we are here to help you be the best you can be. Whether you are training with us to get in shape or take part in an event we want to make sure that you achieve your target, but we want to make sure that you do it in a balanced way that's healthy and maintainable. It's very easy, when you start to see your target getting closer, to do more of what's been working. Maybe eating less or training more to get there quicker. This is where we want to step in and guide you to long term success with a more holistic approach to your health and training and make sure that you don't over train, do take enough rest and recover properly. At Fit Camp most of our sessions are based around a ....

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  • Jackie's Fit Camp Experience

    Jackie came to Fit Camp unsure that she would 'fit in' and worried she wouldn't be able to do the exercises. Here is her experience.  ....

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  • Sourdough Bread

    [caption id="attachment_3260" align="alignleft" width="150"] Rye Sourdough bread[/caption] I've been experimenting with sourdough bread over the past few weeks to see whether it's a) something I can eat without any digestive problems b) something I want to commit to c) worth it. So far the jury is still out. Sourdough is an old traditional way of making bread that makes it more digestible, has a good shelf life and also doesn't require any yeast for the proving. It's not a quick loaf by any means, to make a loaf of sourdough you need a 'starter' and this takes anything between 7-10 days of fermentation before a loaf can be made. However the results of a true, unleavened bread is ....

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  • Sourdough Bread Recipe

    I spoke about why I got into sourdough break making in this earlier post, here is the recipe for both a starter and the make the bread proper! To make a sourdough starter you will need:

    2 bowls
    A cup or mug
    Clean tea towel
    Wooden Spoon You'll also need:

    Doves Farm Rye Flour
    Water Place one mug / cup of flour and the same of water into one of your bowls and mix with a wooden spoon until all the lumps have gone. Cover with a teatowel and leave on your worktop. Every day for the next 7-10 days repeat this process. Take a clean bowl, transfer the mixture across and add one mug or cup of flour and the same of water. Stir and cover. The mixture will be sloppy. After about 3 ....

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  • Organic September / Riverford Winners

    Organic September
    gives FastTrack Fit Camp a great reason to remind you about what you eat and how it impacts your health. Just for turning up to a session this week you were in with a chance of winning a Riverford veggie box. Here are the winners! [caption id="attachment_3236" align="alignleft" width="150"] Riverford Ready For Collection[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3248" align="alignleft" width="150"] Winnersh Winner: Diksha[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3240" align="alignleft" width="150"] Warfield Winner: Jackie[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3234" align="alignleft" width="150"] Shepperlands Winner: Sarah[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3233" ....

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  • 100 Day Fitness Challenge 2014

    [caption id="attachment_3077" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Day 99: 100 Day Challenge 2012[/caption] Hello! If you've never done a 100 Day Fitness Challenge
    before you'll want to know the 'rules'. Well, the rules are there to guide you and make suggestions, this is completely your choice.
    Join the FACEBOOK group to get involved, be accountable and support others.
    It starts on Tuesday 16 September (but you can join at any time)
    Finishes on Christmas Eve (inclusive)
    You need to do something active everyday. It doesn't need to be a 6 mile run or 2 hours in the gym, but it should be something over and above your normal stuff. So, if you have a dog and you already walk ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: 5 tips to restart your fitness routine ...

    [caption id="attachment_3178" align="aligncenter" width="150"] South Coast Summer Skies[/caption] How has your summer been so far? We've had great weather haven't we? Great for vitamin D but not so good for active Fit Campers who have melted in the heat some weeks. Ah, but how has your summer been for fitness? Mine has been rubbish and despite talking a good talk I have been pretty rubbish at listening to my own advice. I really don't like exercising in the extreme heat. Sunbathing, yes. Running, no. However I have kept up a pretty good eating plan and that has helped me to stay on top of my weight and health despite the lack of activity. It's not enough to stay healthy though and I ....

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  • Jaskaren is stronger...

    "I can not recommend this camp any higher, I can see the tone difference  in my body, and my core is stronger I can do exerc ises I could not before, always trained so didn't quite expect this to make as much difference  as it has, awesome support and run so profession al and sessions are fun and you feel part of a team working on a fit and healthily lifestyle,  money and time well spent. Heidi runs and manages her business so well, absolutely  adore Karen Burles with her teaching and the other people who have covered our sessions, I will actually continue coming long term as this was going to be a short term thing for me but know I can't imagine not being part of this, thank you so ....

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  • Diksha's mountainous challenge

    "My aim was to get fit to scale Ben Nevis in 12 weeks’. I injured my right knee in 2012 and the consultant had warned me that I would need a knee replacement in 5yrs time; he also advised me not to walk on the treadmill, such was the poor state of my poor knee. To be honest, I used this as an excuse and became lazy – my knees were constantly bothering me and I was definitely not fit for purpose. But I was getting itchy feet so decided to go public with my idea of scaling UK’s highest mountain. Ellie Barnes of www.barnesfitness.co.uk who helped me climb Mt Snowdon in 2012, suggested I join Heidi’s FastTrack fit camp. To begin with it was agony but as the weeks went by, I began to feel ....

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  • Because I'm Happy...

    For many of you Fit Camp is just about getting your bum out of your chair and moving with intent several times a week. If pushed a bit further about why you are at Fit Camp we hear that it's to
    Improve your health.
    Put damage limitation in place against future problems.
    Shape up.
    Lose weight.
    Feel better. All of these come back to the single, personal emotion of feeling happy with ourselves. The best long term successes are from our campers who realise that: Long term changes are better than short term fixes. Consistency is key to results. They don't give up on something before they've given it chance to work. It's not about deprivation. You can eat what you like, when ....

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  • 100 Trillion Reasons to Improve Your Gut Health

    There are more bacteria in your intestines than you are made up of cells. 100 trillion give or take a few hundred thousand or so :-) That's a pretty staggering number. What this really means is that we need these little critters as much as they need us to survive. There are however both 'good' and 'bad' bacteria and getting an imbalance of the 'bad' is most likely to lead to long term health problems. Let's look at the importance of looking after your digestive health and gut flora. The quality and quantity of your gut bacteria will effect:
    Your digestion
    Allergic reactions
    Immune health
    Mood, anxiety and brain function
    Successful weight loss In simple terms there are ....

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  • Kohlrabi Coleslaw

    [caption id="attachment_3030" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Coleslaw with kohlrabi - carrots - onions Just add mayonnaise.[/caption]
    Kohlrabi Coleslaw
    Serves 3-4 1/2 kohlrabi 2 carrots 1 large onion or 2 small 3-4 tablespoons full fat mayonnaise
    Wash the kohlrabi and carrots and peel the onions.
    If you have a food processor this is much easier, if you don't you can grate by hand or slice finely.
    Using the grater blade on your food processor whizz the kohlrabi and carrots.
    Change the blade to a fine slicer and slice the onions.
    Mix together and season with salt and pepper. Add mayonnaise and mix to combine. You could add toasted seeds or walnuts. Serve with salad, ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: May camp week 2 (well two-thirds!)

    Hello! I don't know about you, but my first week of any 'new thing' is always full on, determined and focussed...but then something tips me out of whack and I revert to normal behaviours and find reasons not to be as determined. This time has been no exception. Last week was great, I did my workouts, went for a run, did the workouts at my conference and loved it. Came back on Sunday (exhausted from brain overload and really poor sleep) and had to  make  myself do session one on Monday. I did it reluctantly and that was that. I've not done anything all week apart from go for a short walk around the block with Dale on Wednesday. Rubbish! I've been very pre-occupied with the Oscar Ball ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: May Fit Camp Week 1

    I thought it was time to practice what I preach and do a complete Fit Camp again. I did one about 2 years ago but use the well used excuse that "I don't have time" to fit it in to my day more regularly. This is of course rubbish ... I have a garden to workout in and workouts at my fingertips. All I need to do is get out there and do it. This month I'm doing just that. I've done as I recommend campers to do. Done my pre-measuring, weighing and body composition measurements. I've taken my before photos. I've committed to doing all 12 sessions on Early Riser days when I get back from Mortimer (Monday, Wednesday) and then on a Saturday. I'm trying out a modified eating plan this month. ....

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  • Does a lack of serotonin run in your family?

    Did your mum have frequent migraines? Does your sister have anxiety? And do you have depression? Low serotonin can run in the family but it can also be disguised with different symptoms. You don't have to put up with it. There are natural ways to boost your serotonin and get you functioning normally again.
    Natural sun lamp for winter blues
    Tryptophan rich foods - animal protein, dairy, nuts, pumpkin, banana.
    5-HTP - a natural supplement that is the primary ingredient for serotonin production. (Not to be taken if you are on anti-depressants already) You may not be abundant , but you don't have to put up with what you were given. For more ....

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  • Are you abundant with serotonin? How to boost it...

    So if you are not topped up , why are some people less abundant with serotonin -- and more prone to serotonin deficiency problems? It may be that your diet is not providing your body with the essential nutrients to boost serotonin production. The essential amino acid tryptophan is the best source and you'll find it more easily in meat, poultry and dairy. Choose foods like turkey, beef, dairy, eggs and chicken. If you're a vegetarian you'll need to choose nuts, seeds, bananas and pumpkin, but you may find it harder to get the quantities required. [caption id="attachment_2961" align="aligncenter" width="553"] Pumpkin - a good source of serotonin.[/caption] Women produce up ....

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  • Are you topped up with serotonin?

    This is the brain's master chemical that is vitally important in how we function. It's important for regulating our moods, eating patterns and habits, sleep, sexual behaviour and pain response. If you produce too little then you may feel one of many of the following, depressed, anxious, irritable, abusive, craving sugar and carbs, have a short attention span, poor dream recall, regular and painful headaches, exhausted and reactive to name a few. If you are producing enough you'll feel hopeful, calm, good natured, loving, creative, sleep well, concentrate and be task focussed and not over eat carbohydrates. A quick fix? Get outside and get some sun and take a walk as a ....

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  • Heidi's 'Granny' (Granola)

    This is great for breakfast, a yoghurt or fruit salad topper. This makes quite a large amount so store in an airtight container. Ingredients
    300g organic rolled oats 75g ground almonds 75g desiccated coconut 75g pumpkin seeds 50g sesame seeds 50g sunflower seeds 100 – 150g nuts of choice – roughly chopped (cashews, almonds, Brazil) 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 120g coconut oil 2-4 tablespoons organic honey, to taste 100g raisins 50g dried cranberries 6 medjool dates, chopped 10 dried apricots, chopped into sixes This is about 300g dried fruit, so you can combine what you like to get this quantity. Method
    Pre-heat oven to fan 130/ gas mark 2
    Tip oats, ground almonds, pumpkin, ....

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  • Feel Good Cake

    Feel Good Cake
    based on Feel Good Cake from 'Vegetarian Cooking Without' by Barbara Cousins
    125g carrots
    270 ml water
    3 star anise
    3 tbsp linseeds
    270ml coconut, nut or soya milk substitute
    125ml melted coconut oil (or butter if happy to use dairy)
    50g rice flour
    90g buckwheat flour
    140g corn flour
    2 tsp ground cinnamon
    2 tsp ground liquorice
    1 tsp fennel seeds
    60g ground almonds
    60g dried, chopped apple
    60g pumpkin seeds
    30g sunflower seeds
    200g raisins
    50g chopped dried dates
    1 mashed, ripe banana (optional - -may need longer cooking if included)
    Sunflower or pumpkin seeds or walnuts to decorate Preheat oven to 170C / 325F / gas 3. Line a 2lb loaf tin with baking paper. ....

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  • Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars

    Feed me!
    As I am sure you are well aware by now my interest lays primarily in food. I understand the importance of exercise and totally get why people love sport but it's the foods we eat that are much more likely to cause us to be healthy or not. You can exercise three times a week and improve your health, but if you never address what you eat then your results and successes will be very slow going. Research has shown time and again that unless we address our nutrition as well as our activity our fat loss results and health gains are going to be slow to insignificant. I've also seen how merely changing what someone eats can drastically improve their health. I've had Fit ....

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  • Recipe: Gluten free Chocolate Cake

    This cake is so quick to make it can be knocked together in no time. It's great for a dessert with Greek yoghurt and berries, or dusted with cocoa and served with a hot drink. Enjoy it :-) Serves 8-10
    200g ground almonds
    40g cocoa powder
    pinch of salt
    ½ teaspoon baking powder
    2 large eggs
    100-120 ml agave nectar
    1 tablespoon vanilla essence Method
    Pre-heat the oven to 350 O F, 180 O C, gas 4 In a bowl mix together all the ingredients until thoroughly blended. Pour all the batter into a lined sandwich tin. Smooth over. Cook for 30 – 35 minutes. Allow to cool on a cooling rack. Serve with Greek natural yoghurt and berries. ....

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  • It's A Pants Workout -- Sports Relief 2014

    This year FastTrack Fit Camp are getting into the spirit of Sports Relief by running a charity event on  SUNDAY 23 MARCH.
      The theme this year is 'It's a Pants Workout' -- so come along wearing your pants on the outside of your workout trousers all to do something funny for money! This event is open to families so do bring your children along and let's see who is the fittest in your family! All monies will go to Sports Relief and donations for this event are suggested at £5 per adult and £2 per child. We'll meet at  Bearwood Recreation Ground, Mole Road, Sindlesham RG41 5DU
     for a 09.00 start, it will finish at 09.50. You'll need a mat or something to lie on, a pair of gloves and ....

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  • Buckwheat / Teff Pancakes

    Wheat free, gluten free pancakes
    1 mug of buckwheat or Teff flour 1-1.25 mug milk substitute 1 large egg Butter or coconut oil for frying. Toppings of your choice. Beat altogether in a jug or bowl until there are no lumps. If you want small drop-scone like pancakes then keep thicker, if you want a crepe style pancake make it a bit runnier. You could leave to stand, but I don't normally think about it that far enough ahead. Heat a frying pan and melt some butter on it. For smaller pancakes use a serving spoon to pour 2-3 small pancakes onto the pan. For a larger one, cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of batter. When bubbles start to appear on the surface and the edges look ....

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  • Stress -- Part 4

    Stress and disease
    I've shared with you how stress can account for your lack of results with weight loss, but it's not just the scales that stress disrupts. When you've been chronically stressed for a long time there are a lot of other normal bodily functions that go awry and cause disease. Problems associated with chronic stress, from any source, can lead to the following diseases.
    Obesity – greater fat storage, breakdown of muscle and increased appetite.
    Heart disease - increased cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure.
    Depression / anxiety – brain chemistry problems.
    Alzheimer's disease – shrinking brain cells.
    Diabetes – high blood sugar levels and ....

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  • Stress -- Part 3

    Stress and the pesky enzyme
    So you now now what stress can do to you, how it can damage your metabolism, memory and appetite control. When left unchecked it can lead to osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, obesity and more. But what about those of you who aren't constantly stressed, but still can't shift the pounds despite exercising and eating well? Let me introduce you to the sneaky ninja tactics of a little known enzyme called HSD. It's full name is 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 and it is spectacularly good at ruining your best weight loss intentions. It has been shown that HSD (you don't mind if I call it that do you?!) is a little known fat storing enzyme that lives in ....

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  • Stress -- Part 2

    Stress – I keep seeing that it makes me fat but why?
    In the split second that we experience a stressful situation cortisol is called upon and it's job is to prepare us for action. This means it demands immediate energy for our needs, so it stops our muscles and fat cells storing any more energy (after all we need it right now!) and demands amino acids from muscles to be converted into immediate glucose energy. Finally it stimulates fat cells to breakdown into fatty acids. All of this means that there is more readily available energy circulating through our body because we need it for running or fighting. However what does this mean when we are sat in the office with a grumpy customer on ....

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  • Stress -- Part 1

    What do you think about stress? Does it apply to you? Is it merely a coverall phrase for any mood / energy / personality disorder? The stress response is vital to our staying alive. Without it, we can't be arsed to make a decision about whether to fight or flee a drastic situation. So stress is good. But too much stress, and specifically too much continuous stress over things we can't escape from, is bad. This continual over production of cortisol every time we feel stressed has been shown to be detrimental to us. Here are a few ways how...
    destroying muscle tissue (which lowers resting metabolism)
    thereby increasing ability to gain weight, specifically abdominal ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Motivation

    This week I had a very interesting realisation after speaking with my hairdresser about the motivation to exercise. What's yours? ....

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  • Spring Fiesta Timetable

    Please download the timetable so you can see what's on offer on Sunday 9 March. Spring Fiesta Programme ....

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  • Happy Sheet

    Please download the 'Happy Sheet' to see whether you suffer with one of the Four Mood Types. Four Part Mood Questionnaire ....

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  • Friday with Heidi: Breakfast

    Do you eat breakfast? Do you want new ideas for breakfast? Ever wondered if you really should eat breakfast? It's all here :-) ....

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  • Chicken Liver Pate

    Chicken Live Pate
    A super quick and easy way to eat nutrient dense liver.  1 packet of chicken livers 1 small to medium onion, peeled and chopped 1-2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped butter to fry butter to seal seasoning Fry the onion and garlic in a frying pan until soft and golden. Add the chicken livers and cook until the middles are dark red / burgundy.* Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Transfer to a food processor or blender and process until smooth. Transfer to individual dishes or a larger serving dish smoothing the top over. Pour over a layer of melted butter to seal it and place in the fridge until required. * Ensure livers are cooked through. ....

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  • Coconut Oil - Food of the Gods?

    There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of coconut oil recently and here, at FastTrack Fit Camp, we encourage our campers to add it into their diets too. It has a host of health benefits, a range of more unusual uses and, the product we sell, an ethical benefit also.
    Health Benefits

    Virgin coconut oil is cholesterol free. Minimising your cholesterol intake is not such an issue as we make our own when intake is low, and produce less when our intake is high, but for many knowing a food is low cholesterol helps them to think of it more fondly.
    It's naturally sugar free.
    It contains medium chain triglycerides, called lauric acid, which are used directly by the liver for energy and ....

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  • End of Year Family Charity Camp

    [caption id="attachment_810" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Charity Camp 2012[/caption] You know that dead bit in-between Christmas and New Year? Well so do we and we thought we'd help get you moving so that you don't become one with your sofa this Christmas holiday. SUNDAY 29 DECEMBER 09.30-10.15 at BEARWOOD RECREATION GROUND, WINNERSH
    To mark day 98 of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge we'll be running a charity camp for all the family to come to. A fun, 45 minute session to get the body moving, the mince pies shifting and the alcohol fog lifted. Come along and join us - all donations go to 'Pass It On' a Wokingham based charity supporting Children's homes in Kenya. So if you're a ....

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  • Spicy Oven Roasted Brisket

    If you like beef and you like a bit of heat, then you'll love this. It needs planning as it takes about 4-5 hours, but it is worth every mouthwatering minute of the wait! You need to make up a dry marinade. Whatever you don't use you can store in an airtight container in the fridge.
    2 tbl spoons chilli powder
    1 tspoon salt
    1 tbl spoon garlic powder
    1 tbl spoon onion powder
    1 tbl spoon ground black pepper
    2 tspoon dry mustard powder
    1 crushed bay leaf Mix that altogether, this is the basic mix. Pre-heat your oven to 350F, 180C, gas 4. Rub the mix all over the beef and place in an open casserole dish in the oven for about 50-60 minutes depending on size of joint. Then turn ....

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  • The cortisol soup

    This Saturday just gone, I spent the day in Islington at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios learning about the Parasympathetic Nervous System and how we can work with it to improve our overall training. It was a whirlwind journey on how to:
    Assess people so that when they do train they do what their body needs, not what the trainer thinks they need.
    Use simple techniques and tests to increase movement, reduce pain and build strength.
    Understand the difference between injury and pain.
    Radically improve our quality of sleep.
    Protect against self-sabotaging processes. For example, we saw on several occasions the power of just changing the visual focus for someone to improve or ....

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  • Fresh Tomato Soup

    Fresh Tomato Soup
    A great recipe if you have a glut of tomatoes or can buy some supermarket ones on marked down price! It’s a real favourite in the Strickers household. Ingredients
    10 – 12 tomatoes (the riper the better) 1 bulb of garlic 2 red onions (white will do, but red are better) 2 litres of homemade or good quality stock (chicken works well as does gammon or vegetable) 1 tbl sp coconut oil Freshly ground black pepper Sea salt Pre-heat your oven to 190C, 375F, gas 5.
    Wash and cut you tomatoes in half.
    Peel the garlic cloves.
    Peel and slice the onions.
    Place the tomatoes cut side up on a baking tray, sprinkle the garlics and onion over and around the tomatoes. Dib bits ....

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  • When diets make you fat

    I expect that if you have clicked on this link then you are someone who has experienced the 'here we go again feeling' of starting yet another diet or you know someone who seems to be perpetually on one. In 2004 a survey showed that 1 in 4 people were trying to lose weight 'most of the time', another survey stated that by the time a women reaches 45 years old she has tried 61 diets in an attempt to find the magic pill. I am going to run through the reasons why diets fail so many and why you keep starting on Monday – again ! Most diets are based on calories in, calories out. Regardless of the quality of the calorie. Think about it, if you were told you could eat 1200 calories a day (a ....

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  • Why the eatwell plate is broken

    [caption id="attachment_2640" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Healthy or not?[/caption] I am sure that you've seen this image before. It's the recommended 'typical plate' for a healthy diet. It's provided by the NHS and replaced it's previous cousin 'the balance of good health'. In the current model the idea is to show visually how you should serve up your main nutrient groups each day and it's from this idea that we get the '5 pieces of fruit and veg a day'. However have you noticed that we aren't getting any smaller as a nation and in fact our children our getting bigger from a very young age. So why isn't this working, or more importantly what's wrong with this model that is ....

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  • Ten Tips to Stay Looking & Feeling Fabulous

    Drink enough water
    Yes, I know you know...but are you doing it? When you are hydrated you feel alert, have more energy and concentration, eat less, digest better and burn fat more efficiently. I can't see that you need too many more reasons. But if you do, how about that it's readily available, calorie free and perfect for the whole family. If you really can't bear the taste of water then add a slice of orange, lemon or lime it will flavour it slightly. You can also try fizzy water, or iced water, or mint leaves in water. It can be hot or cold. Just make sure you get enough in each day.
    Get enough sleep
    Yes, I know you know this too. But I'll ask you again, are you doing it? Many people ....

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  • Lockey Farm Voucher

    Valid Saturday 31 August ONLY.
    In recognition of Bacon Day
    when you buy any meat produce from the butcher's counter you'll be able to claim a free hot drink from the Lockey Farm cafe. Please hand this to the cashier and they will stamp it for you.
    This voucher has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
    This voucher can only be exchanged for a hot drink as determined by Lockey Farm.
    One voucher per person. Lockey Farm, Sindlesham Road, Arborfield RG2 9JH FastTrack Fit Camp www.fasttrack-fitcamp.co.uk ....

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  • Chilli bean burgers

    A meatless burger recipe for all the family. Quick to prepare and freeze then just cook in 30 minutes. This has been adapted from the recipe on the Good Food website. Serves 4-6 Ingredients
    2 x 400g/14oz cans kidney beans, rinsed, drained and mashed
    100g processed gluten free oats (whizz with a hand blender or in a mixer)
    2 tsp mild chilli powder
    1/2 small bunch coriander, stalks and leaves chopped
    1 egg
    2 tablespoons of either spicy salsa or chilli flavour tomato puree. Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl. With wet hands divide into 4-6 burgers and layer between greaseproof paper before freezing until needed. When you want to cook them,  cook from frozen and ....

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  • Spicy Turkey Burgers

    These burgers are quick to make and could be either made in advance and kept in the fridge or frozen. Serves 4
    500g ground turkey mince (free range if possible) 1 small onion, finely diced 1 desert spoon of curry powder 1 red chilli, finely diced but seeds removed (unless you like it hot!) 2 crushed garlic cloves Similar amount of fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped or grated 1 large free range egg Put all ingredients into a large bowl and using your hands, squeeze and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Form into 4 equal sized amounts and make into burger shapes. Leave in the fridge until required. When ready to cook, heat a frying pan or griddle if you have one. Heat coconut ....

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  • Spicy Lentil Pate

    [caption id="attachment_2203" align="alignright" width="300"] Red lentils[/caption] This is very nice cold from the fridge the day after making it. Ingredients

    100g split red lentils
    125ml boiling water
    1 onion, chopped finely
    1 carrot , roughly grated
    1-2 garlic cloves, crushed
    1 teaspoon cumin seeds
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1 teaspoon turmeric
    ½ teaspoon ground coriander
    50g organic butter
    salt and pepper to taste Method
    Cook lentils in boiling water in a small pan for about 20-25 minutes until soft and mashable. At the same time, dry fry the cumin seeds in a frying pan until they start to pop. Then add butter and fry onion ,garlic and carrot and cook ....

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  • FastTrack Muesli

    Making a batch of muesli at the weekend for the week ahead is incredibly simple and you can make it to your own taste and choosing. You may want to use it as a topping too. Here is how we make it.
    1 large bag of oats. They can be gluten free or ordinary oats. 250g mixed seeds (sunflower, linseed, pumpkin and sesame) can be bought in Holland & Barret or some supermarkets 100g dessicated coconut 250g mixed dried fruit of your choice. We like apricots, raisins, cranberries and dates. 150-200g chopped nuts of your choice. We like Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews. Optional flavouring of 2 teaspoons mixed spice or cinnamon. Place all ingredients into a large airtight plastic container ....

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  • Why do I exercise?

    Are you guilty of this? Starting (and enjoying) an exercise programme and getting great results from it then for some reason just stopping and letting all your hard work, sweat and motivation disappear? I am and I see it in others. People saying that they wish they could just get out of the rut they are in and get moving. That they don't have the time to exercise, the space, the money, the equipment. I use all these too. I've gone from teaching 10 classes a week to sitting on my bum all day in about ten very quick and easy months. How do I feel about this? Well, a little bit peeved that I can't get myself back in the routine when I can do it for others. A tiny bit worried that my ....

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  • FastTrack Fit Camp Weekender

    We are delighted to announce our first FastTrack Fit Camp weekend event for campers and friends. The dates are confirmed as:
    Friday 27 September to
    Sunday 29 September

    We'll get started at 17:00 on Friday afternoon and finish by midday on Sunday after brunch. The venue is the impressively large old vicarage home in the Somerset town of Clutton. Cholwell Hall is a fine country house a few miles outside Bath offering a high standard of accommodation. When you enter Cholwell Hall you see the original hallway with oak beams dating from the middle ages and original Victorian tiles. A large wooden staircase leads to the first and second floors where you will find the 10 bedrooms and 6 ....

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  • Flat breads

    Gram Flour flat breads: 
    200g gram flour 220-240ml water salt & pepper and today I added about half to 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds. Beat together until smooth. Fry in a hot pan in a dab of coconut oil until bubbles pop and they get browned on both sides. Leave out the cumin seeds for a less savoury taste, but you could add sesame or pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, grated lemon peel, finely chopped spring onions, garlic or dried chillies. In fact the options are vast. ....

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  • Maria gets back on track

    Thanks for a good camp this month and a big thanks to Karen for getting me re-engaged when I bailed out on a couple of sessions due work. Wasn't the weather I had hoped for being spring but thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Warfield camp this month and feel a lot better for doing it. ....

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  • Marion's amusing feedback!

    OMG its working! For the first time in weeks I put on a pair of trousers and without having to wrestle with the zip and having to stuff the fat in the pockets and then watching the button ping off and ricochet across the room  I could zip them up a lot easier than before. Seriously struggled with the eating plan the past few days but persevered - was tough though. ....

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  • Jaime's Fabulous Inch Loss

    I just wanted to send an email to thank you and all of the gang at fit camp. I did my final measurements and have lost a ridiculous 34 inches overall from the three camps I attended!! Cannot believe it :-) ....

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  • Mel's thoughts on FastTrack Fit Camp

    Heidi,  Fit Camp has been so amazing. I can honestly say that it has been the most enjoyable time for so many reasons. Fitness  - it has been brilliant for improving my fitness levels and has been challenging but so much fun. Nutrition  - my mindset has transformed and I now eat healthier and see food in a totally different way thanks to you. Friendships  - I have made some amazing life long friends. Heidi,  I want to thank you so much for everything I feel as though you have given me all the tools to go out there and maintian the same high standards in my nutrition and fitness. ....

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  • Rosie's results

    Hi Karen! Thank you for a fab FitCamp, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've just measured ... 6" gone! (2.5" from belly & 2" from thigh! Waist -1", hips -0.5") Weight -2.1kg. Trousers less snug & I feel 'stronger'. FitTest results were also up quite a lot from the first test - amazing! Lastly, I didn't think I felt I had more energy but I must have as previously tired by 9pm but now still wide awake at 11pm, lol. Thank you! ....

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  • Thai Prawn Noodles

    Thai Prawn Noodles
    Serves 4 Ready in 25 minutes 250g packet medium rice noodles 2tbsp sesame oil 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper 6 spring onions ½ red chilli pepper deseeded 1 stalk lemon grass 2cm piece peeled root ginger 300g raw king prawns 4tbsp lime juice 2tbsp tamari sauce 1tbsp honey 2tbsp fresh chopped coriander stalks Fresh coriander leaves to garnish
    Cook the rice noodles according to the packet instructions. Drain well and rinse under cold running water. Add a few drops of the sesame oil to the noodles and toss them gently to coat the oil. Set aside.
    Thinly slice the peppers and spring onions. Finely chop the chilli and lemon grass and grate the ginger. Heat 2tsp of the ....

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  • How do you define healthy?

    So just how do you rate yourself on the healthy scale? What defines health? How do you know if you have enough
    of it?Do you know what you need to do to get more
    of it? It's a timeless debate. What IS health? Is it only to exercise more, sleep better, eat five portions of vegetables a day and drink 2 litres of water? If that was all it was then more people should be healthy, happy and well. But they are not. So what else is missing? What about how youinteractwith your family and friends? A good relationship will certainly improve your health by keeping your stress levels low and serotonin high. How much do you contribute to the local community, to society or charity? Contribution has ....

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  • Men's Health Week: 10 - 16 June 2013

    Steve Jobs was right.
    We all have different financial, relationship and career dreams and ambitions, but to achieve any of it we all need time and this is theleveller. We all have the same minutes and hours in each day. So are you planning to hang around for a while or are you burning the candle at both ends and neglecting your health for money you don't have time to enjoy or a job you don't like? Luckily at FastTrack Fit Camp
    we take your health very seriously and we make sure we give you as many tools as possible to improve what you've got in the shortest time possible. For some this means getting into a smaller waist trousers, for others being able to stay awake all afternoon is a ....

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  • Thank you for booking your place.

    Thank you for securing your place for the FastTrack Fit Camp weekender
    from Friday 27 September to Sunday 29 September. We look forward to seeing you there! ....

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  • Fruit 'Crunch'

    Fruit Crunch is an adaptation of fruit crumble Serves about 4-5 Ingredients
    Fruit of choice (apricots, rhubarb, apples, plums, pears) Honey to sweeten 150g - 175g butter (depending n size of your dish) 2 tablespoon Xylitol 2 tablespoons honey 1 medium, ripe, mashed banana About 200g gluten free oats Method
    Prepare your fruit an place in suitable oven dish. Drizzle with honey to sweeten. Melt the butter in a saucepan with Xylitol and honey. When all melted add in the oats and banana until all the melted butter is absorbed. Cover the fruit with the oat mix and bake at 180 c / 350 f, gas 4 for about 30-40 minutes. ....

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  • Brownies

    I do love baking. I also really rather like chocolate. Too bad that the two nearly always mean flour and wheat. So I came up with these rather lovely brownies and you, yes you!, wouldn't even know! Enjoy. Ingredients
    220g ground almonds 1 generous tablespoons tapioca flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 115g cocoa powder 150-200g xylitol 200g melted butter 1 tablespoon vanilla essence 4 eggs, beaten 150g chopped, stoned prunes 8-12 walnut halves Method
    Pre-heat oven to 350F, 180C or gas 4. Line a flapjack tin with baking paper (9x13inches) Combine almonds, tapioca flour, baking powder, cocoa and sugar. Stir together and squidge the lumps of cocoa powder. Add melted ....

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  • Quick Chicken with Pesto Sauce

    Quick Chicken with Pesto Sauce
    Chicken thighs or breasts for how ever many people you are serving, chopped into bite size bits. 1 onion, sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 6-8 mushrooms, wiped and sliced 1 red pepper, washed and sliced finely 10-12 cherry tomatoes, washed and halved ½ jar of the best pesto you can get 1 can of organic coconut milk Coconut oil Method
    Fry the onion and garlic in a large frying pan until softened. Add the chicken and cook almost all the way through. Add mushrooms, red pepper and tomatoes, heat through. Add pesto and gently stir so all food covered in pesto and warming through. Pour on coconut milk and stir gently to make a sauce for ....

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  • Ice Cream / Smoothie

    My daughter and I concocted this one afternoon when we fancied ice-cream, but didn't have any! It needs preparation as you need frozen bananas and a tin of coconut milk from the fridge. However when you've done that pre-preparation you'll need a blender or food processor... 2-3 frozen bananas (whizzed up on their own so you don't spray the kitchen in ice-cream) 1 can very cold coconut milk 2 handful of peanuts 1 handful raisins Whizz. It's a very thick smoothie that needs to be eaten with a spoon. It was lovely. ....

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  • Wine Tasting Social - Friday 24 May

    On Friday 24 May
    FastTrack Fit Camp and The Wine Place are hosting a wine tasting experience at The Cantley House Hotel in Wokingham . It will start at 19.30 and is £20.00 per person. Whilst this is a FastTrack Fit Camp event all friends and family are welcome too. This is perfect timing as it is English Wine Week during this week and so Lynda can enlighten us in all things important in both English and International wines. There is a minimum number of people required to run this event so in the event of a cancellation all monies will be refunded immediately. ....

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  • Chickpea Curry

    Chick Pea Curry
    1 tbl sp coconut oil 1 onion chopped 1 clove garlic crushed 1 teaspoon lazy ginger 1 teaspoon ground cumin 2 teaspoon ground coriander 2 teaspoon garam masala 1tsp chilli powder or 1 red chilli chopped (remove seeds for less heat) 1 red pepper sliced 2 x 400g tin chickpeas 400g tin green lentils 400g tin chopped tomatoes 1tsp Himalayan pink salt Method
    Heat the coconut oil and fry the onions until soft add the ginger and garlic and continue to fry for 2 minutes. Add the cumin and coriander and fry off for 1 minute. Add the red pepper and fry for another 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, chick peas, lentils, chilli powder, garam masala and salt. ....

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  • Flapjacks

    For those moments when just something is needed... 250g butter 3-4 'granny' tablespoons runny honey (old fashioned ones) 2 ripe bananas mashed A bag of gluten free oats Optional: dessicated coconut, or seeds or milled linseeds Pre-heat oven to 350F, 180C, gas 4 Melt butter and honey in a large saucepan, gently. Add as many oats as you need to get all the butter used up. It should be a stiff mixture, not a sloppy one. Add in the mashed banana and 'extras' if using. Smooth into a flapjack tin. Bake for about 30 minutes or until golden. Cut into pieces (12) immediately, but leave in tin to cool completely. ....

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  • Grain free Pizza Base

    250g ground almonds 50g softened butter or coconut oil 3 eggs dried herbs handful grated cheese of choice Pre-heat the oven to 150C / 300F / Gas 2. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Mix all the ingredients together, I do it in a food processor. Place on the tin and roll out by placing another piece of paper over the top before you roll it, to stop it sticking. Aim to fill your tin with 'bread'. You want it no more than 2cm thick. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, then top with whatever toppings you like before placing back in a hotter oven to finish off. Enjoy! ....

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  • Patrick Holford's Dahl

    Serves 4 Ingredients
    315g red lentils 570ml water 1 medium onion, finely chopped 4 cloves garlic, crushed 1 large can (397g) tinned tomatoes 1 heaped teaspoon of curry powder 4 teaspoons Marigold vegetable bouillon powder Method

    Rinse the lentils under running water until the water goes clear.
    Place in a saucepan with water, onion, garlic and bouillon powder.
    Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
    Add tomatoes and curry powder and stir well. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes more. Stir occasionally to stop it sticking to the bottom. Add more liquid if you like. It should however be the consistency of porridge. Serve on it's own with rice and spinach bhaji or as a ....

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  • Nordic Walking: Thank You!

    Thank you for your payment for Nordic Walking. I look forward to seeing you there. If you need to contact me my phone number is 07968 774804. Kind regards Heidi ....

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  • Fit Camp Fund Raising Fiesta!

    Come and join us at a fun Fit Camp workout to raise money for Kids Kidney Research.
    Our Warfield & Early Risers instructor, Karen Burles-Nash is running the London Marathon for this charity after her younger son, Jayden, was born with kidney problems 4 years ago. WHEN
    : Monday 15 April 19:00 - 20:00 WHERE
    : Shepperlands Copse, Park Lane, Finchampstead RG40 4QE COST
    : Donation to Karen's page (minimum suggestion £5) All are welcome and all you need to attend is pay your donation via the link, bring a mat, gloves and a bottle of water and you're good to go! The session will be approximately 45 minutes long, there will be an opportunity to buy raffle tickets on the night to win ....

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  • Is sugar sabotaging your weight loss success?

    Struggling with energy? Can't shift the weight?
    Then it could be that sugar is sabotaging your diet efforts. Even if you are not on a diet and suffer with mood swings, energy dips, water retention, fuzzy head making a small but controversial change to your diet could make all the difference. Since 1990 sugar consumption in the UK has increased by 31%! But we are buying fewer bags of sugar. So where is it all coming from? Well since we were told that fat was bad for us and the food industry went all loopy for low fat foods we've seen an increase in our sugar consumption. The reason? When fat is removed from food it's tasteless. Imagine the difference between a roast potato and a boiled ....

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  • Rock & Roll Taster Class

    On Sunday 14 April FastTrack Fit Camp and Berkshire Ballroom are holding a great opportunity for a fun afternoon. A two hour rock & roll experience including a 60 minute lesson and a 60 minute practice dance and refreshments afterwards. It is open to all regardless of experience, rhythm or however many left feet you may have! The details are: Berkshire Ballroom
    Off Peacock Lane,
    RG40 3DF
    Sunday 14 April: 14.00 - 16.00 Price per person £7.00 ....

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  • Seedy Crackers

    280g ground almonds 65g tapioca flour OR rice flour OR potato flour 25g melted butter or coconut oil 1 egg 2 tablespoons water 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar 1-2 tablespoons mixed seeds (linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower and sesame) 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika Method
    Pre-heat your oven to 350/ 180/gas 4. Line a baking tray or two withgreaseproofpaper. Mix together all the dry ingredients including seeds and spices. Mix egg, melted oil and water togetherandcombine into the dry ingredients into a dough. Roll half the dough between two pieces of greaseproof paper (it's quite sticky) to about cracker thickness ....

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  • Zesty Lemon Pud

    A wheat, gluten and dairy free tart style pud.
    Ingredients - Base 90g dates, roughly chopped 180ml water 60g corn or rice cakes 90g desiccated coconut (unsweetened) 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 teaspoon coconut oil Ingredients – Filling 60ml grapenut oil 60ml runny honey 3 large eggs 2 large lemons Ground nutmeg – for sprinkling at the end. Method * Pre-heat oven to 180c / 350f / gas 4. * Place dates and water in a small saucepan and boil so that the dates disintegrate and the water becomes syrupy. * Meanwhile whizz the corn or rice cakes in a food processor with the desiccated coconut and cinnamon. * Stir coconut oil into hot date mixture. * Combine dry and wet ....

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  • Tuna & Sweetcorn Soup

    Tuna & Sweetcorn Soup
    30g butter or coconut oil 1 small onion finely chopped 1 teaspoon medium curry powder 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon turmeric 30g gram flour (chick pea flour -- to be used as a thickener, so any flour of choice, gluten free would work) 500ml chicken stock 500ml milk substitute of your choice, I've used both coconut and oat successfully. grated peel of half a lemon ( I usually chuck in the juice too) 375g sweetcorn or peas 220g tinned tuna (drained) I tend to use 2 small tins (if it's tinned in spring water I add it undrained) 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley Method
    Cook onion in oil gently until soft. Add curry powder, paprika and flour and ....

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  • Rhubarb 'Crumble'

    Forced rhubarb is in season right now and a super family friendly pud can be made to get over the January wintery blues. Serves 4 Ingredients Filling
    400g British rhubarb, trimed ino thumb lengths 1 satsuma or clementine, zested and segmented 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon arrowroot 1 - 2 tablespoon Xylitol to sweeten Topping
    300g ground almonds 2 tablespoons rolled oats 1 teaspoon cinnamon freshly grated nutmeg 60g melted butter 2 generous tablespoons runny honey 1 dessert spoon Xylitol Method Preheat oven to 350F, gas 4, fan 180C. Place all filling ingredients in a pie dish and make sure they are all mixed through. Combine all the topping ingredients and sprinkle over ....

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  • Apple & Mincemeat Flan

    Apple & A grain-free pastry style flan filled with leftover Christmas mincemeat and apples. Serves 4-6 Ingredients Flan base
    200g ground almonds 60g tapioca flour 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 60g butter, melted 1-2 tablespoons runny honey Filling
    Half a jar of mincemeat 2 dessert apples, peeled and cut into 1/12 ths. Dessicated coconut orsliveredalmonds to decorate. Method
    Pre-heat the oven to 350F, gas 4, fan 180C
    In a large bowl combine all the ingredients together so it clings together.
    Press the mixture into a 9 inch round flan tin. Squashing the mixture up the sides a little.
    Bake for 7 - 10 minutes. Leave to cool before filling.
    When the ....

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  • Stacey's Video Testimonial

    Mother of five, Stacey, explains how FastTrack Fit Camp has kick started her weight loss journey.  Months later, she is still losing weight and posting her success on Facebook. Watch the video. ....

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  • Carrot Bhajis

    This recipe was developed due to us acquiring a huge amount of carrots. It worked rather well! They don't need to be eaten with curry, they could replace any starchy carb in a meal. Also you can make ahead and freeze, take them out of the freezer and heat in the oven to serve. Ingredients
    450-480g grated carrots (or 2-3 onions for onion bhajis) 1 medium onion, finely sliced (leave out if making onion bhajis) 1 teaspoon ground cumin 2 finely sliced garlic cloves 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon garam masala 100g gram flour (chick pea flour) 1 egg 1 tablespoon water Coconut oil for frying Put carrots, onions, salt, garam masala, gram flour and egg into a large bowl. Combine together. Dry fry ....

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  • Grain free quiche

    Served 4. Pie 'Crust'
    110g ground almonds 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 tablespoon dried mixed herbs Generous grind of black pepper 55g melted coconut oil or grapeseed oil 1 tablespoon water Pre-heat oven to 350, 180 or gas 4.
    In a large bowl place all the dry ingredients.
    Mix in the wet ingredient and combine .
    Press into a 9inch flan case or deep pie dish. (you'll need to ease it to the edges and up the sides, like pastry would go)
    Bake for 12-15 minutes. Leave to cool before filling. Feta and Vegetable Filling
    1 medium red onion sliced 2 spring onions sliced 3 garlic cloves sliced 1 courgette thinly sliced 1 head of broccoli, trimmed and cut into small ....

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  • Meat Loaf and Onion Sauce

    You need to allow time for this one, it takes well over an hour to cook, so not something you can knock together quickly. It is an adapted recipe from a family heirloom 'The Dairy Book of British Food' - enjoy! Serves 4. Ingredients
    25g butter 2 medium sized onions, peeled and finely chopped 2 teaspoons paprika 450g best minced beef you can get 50g gluten free oats 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 4 tablespoons tomato purée 1 tablespoon dried mixed herbs seasoning 1 egg, beaten 15g gluten free flour 300ml milk substitute Method

    grease and line a 1.5 pint (900ml) loaf tin with greaseproof paper.
    pre-heat oven to 180C, 350F, gas mark 4.
    melt 15g of the butter and gently fry half ....

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  • On-plan Carrot Cake

    Don't be put off by the ingredients, you can find coconut flour and tapioca starch in a health food or farm shop, xylitol in supermarkets and carrots by the 12.5 kilo bag via your local market trader! :-) Ingredients

    100g pecans or walnuts
    90g ground almonds
    50g coconut flour
    2 generous tablespoons tapioca starch
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
    2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
    3 eggs
    140ml grapeseed oil or melted coconut oil
    120g Xylitol / Coconut Sugar
    180-200g grated carrot
    120g raisins
    1 -2 tablespoons milk substitute Method

    Preheat oven to 180c / 160 fan or gas 4. Prepare a loose based round cake tin with greasproof paper.
    Remove 10-12 pecans or ....

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  • Grain Free Muffins

    Grain free muffins
    2 very ripe bananas 4 eggs 2 tablespoons organic unrefined honey or Xylitol 1-2 teaspoons vanilla essence 100g melted organic butter or coconut oil 50g ground almonds 75g coconut flour 200-250ml milk choice (coconut, oat, rice, soya) pinch of salt 1.5 teaspoons gluten free baking powder Method Preheat your oven to gas mark 6, 200C or 400F. Prepare your muffin tin (a deep American style rather than a bun tin). I used paper liners too. In a large bowl mash your bananas then add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Start with 200ml of milk and check for consistency, add more if necessary. Coconut flour is very absorbent. Spoon evenly into muffin cases. Bake ....

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  • 'Fak'd' Bars

    You know Nakd Bars? These are my version...

    250g bag of stoned dates (I like the organic partially rehydrated ones in Sainsburys, but any will do) 250g raisins 250g walnuts (you can substitute most nuts here but I find Brazils or walnuts are better) 150g desiccated coconut Whizz the whole lot up in a food processor until starting to cling together. Either: form into large marble sized balls. Or: put in a flapjack tin and smooth over Leave in fridge. Bloomin' lovely. Chocolate version
    Add a tablespoon unsweetened cocoa before you whizz together. Chocolate & Orange
    Tablespoon cocoa and grated rind and juice of one orange. Gingerbread
    Replace walnuts with cashews and add 1-2 ....

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  • Spicy Lentil Soup

    Spicy Lentil Soup

    1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 onion, chopped roughly 2 garlic cloves, chopped 2 carrots, diced roughly 2 celery sticks, chopped roughly ½ – 1 teaspoon chilli powder ½ - 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon ground coriander 200g red lentils, washed and picked through 1.5 litres good vegetable stock or gammon stock (my favourite!) 1 bay leaf Salt and pepper Crispy bacon ‘croutons’ to serve Method
    Heat oil in a saucepan and fry cumin seeds until they start to sizzle and become fragrant.
    Add the onion, garlic, carrot and celery cook gently until the onion is golden. Stir occasionally.
    Stir in the spices and cook for a minute whilst stirring before adding ....

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  • Family Friendly Crumble

    Family Friendly Crumble
    125g Dove's Farm gluten free plain flour 125g Xylitol (can be brought in Waitrose or Sainsbury's) called 'Total Sweet' 125g oats 1 tablespoons mixed seeds or ground almonds or dessicated coconut 125g butter 500g forced rhubarb, chopped into thumb length pieces (or any fruit of choice) Lemon juice Place rhubarb at bottom of ovenproof dish and mix with 2 tablespoons of gluten free flour, 2 tablespoons of Xylitol and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Place all other ingredients in a bowl and rub together till it forms a crumble mixture. Place on top of the chopped fruit. Place in oven at 180C, gas 4, 350F for 40 minutes. Alternative fillings Apple and ....

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  • Brilliant Baked Beans

    Brilliant Baked Beans
    400g dried haricot or cannellini beans 2 tablespoons butter 2 red onions, finely chopped 150g smoked streaky bacon, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1-2 teaspoons smoked paprika 400g can chopped tomatoes 400 ml water 2 -3 chopped medjool dates 3 tbsp cider vinegar Method Soak the beans overnight. Drain them, place in a pan, cover with fresh water and bring to the boil over a medium heat. Cook for about 45 minutes-1 hour until tender, then remove from the heat and set aside for 30 minutes. Drain well. Heat the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat, add the onions and bacon and cook for 6-8 minutes. Stir in the garlic, tomatoes, dates, vinegar, ....

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  • Breakfast Oat Pancakes

    Oat Pancakes
    1 ½ mugs porridge oats (preferably gluten free) ¼ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon gluten free baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 egg 1 mug milk substitute 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Butter or coconut oil for frying. Method
    Put oats in a food processor and whizz to a flour like consistency. Transfer to a bowl and add all other dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients together. Combine dry and wet until all dry lumps are mixed in. Heat a large frying pan or griddle pan with oil. Cook large spoonfuls of batter until coloured both sides. Serve with fruit or bacon or sugar free preserve like St Dalfour. ....

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  • Pumpkin, cinnamon and seed muffins

    Makes 24 buns or about 10-12 muffins 280g Spelt or gluten free flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 3 free range eggs 175ml milk substitute ( I used Kalo coconut milk drink) 85g melted butter 125g Xylitol 350g grated pumpkin or butternut squash handful raisins (optional) handful of pumpkin seeds Method Pre-heat oven to 200 C, Gas 6 or fan 180 degrees. Line a bun or muffin tin with paper cases. Put flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon into a large'ish bowl mix up a bit. In a large jug beat eggs with milk and add melted butter and xylitol. Mix well then add to flour. Stir roughly so no clumps of flour are left. Add the grated pumpkin or ....

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  • Sausage, pumpkin and split pea casserole

    Sausage, pumpkin and split pea casserole

    Serves 3-4 Pre-heat oven to gas 2, fan 150, electric 160 50g butter for frying 6 gluten free, high meat percentage sausages (like Debbie & Andrew's, The Black Pig Farmer) 1 x onion, sliced 6 x spring onions, finely chopped 4 x cloves of garlic finely chopped or crushed 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 small pumpkin (no bigger than a bowling ball), peeled, seeded and chopped into bite sizes. 1.5 tablespoons white wine or cider vinegar 1 teaspoon organic honey 390g chopped tomatoes 700ml hot chicken stock (500ml if using tinned pulses) 200g dried split peas or a large tin of pulses Salt & black pepper Method Fry off the sausages in some butter. ....

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  • Spicy coconut and pumpkin soup

    Spicy coconut and pumpkin soup
    Serves 4-6 25g butter or coconut oil for frying 1 medium to large pumpkin, peeled, de-seeded and chopped 1 large onion, sliced 1 golf ball size or smaller of root ginger, peeled and choppd 2-4 garlic cloves, chopped 1 red chilli -- your choice of heat 400ml water 400ml tin of coconut milk 2 tablespoons desiccated coconut 2 tablespoons desiccated coconut, dry toasted for garnish Method Put butter and all chopped vegetables into a large saucepan and start to fry for about 5 minutes. Add water and bring to boil, cover and simmer until the pumpkin is soft. Whizz with a hand blender or food processor. Add coconut milk and whizz again. Stir in untoasted ....

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  • Christmas Club Day Camp Saver!

    Caversham Day Camp (October-November & November-December) - £120.00
    To pay by standing order please set up with your bank a payment for £42 per month for three months from October to December using your name as a reference! 09-01-27
    Reference: Your name

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  • FastTrack Family Olympics

    Let's start the legacy right now! Swallowfield Fit Campers invite you to a Family Olympics afternoon on Saturday 25 August
    at our Swallowfield venue, Kingsbridge Farm, Lambs Lane, Swallowfield RG7 1JE Old, new , existing campers and their families and friends are all welcome to come along and have some fun in this inter-camp competition! The afternoon is being organised by Sarah, Nicole and Mel at our Swallowfield camp and they are planning a great afternoon of silliness! So, start selecting your teams. Races and events include:
    Egg and spoon
    Three legged
    Super burpee
    Volleyball Individual events include:
    Plank off
    Press up and squat challenge
    Density ....

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  • Testimonial: Tracy's story

    "I would just like to say a big thank you for giving me my life back. Sounds a bit extreme I know but this is how I feel. I came to Fit Camp via a friend as I was feeling exhausted ALL the time I woke up tired, spent the day getting more tired and snacked on rubbish to just try and get through the day. As a 46 year old mother of 6 and 4 year old boys this wasn't a good place to be. I'd been to the doctor about it and they were testing for low iron etc. My friend mentioned Fit Camp and I decided to give it a go even though I have spent a lot of time avoiding organised exercise. I decided to do the eating plan as well as the exercise. At the end of the first week I felt completely different, ....

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  • Eating out cleanly: The Warren / St George & Dragon

    Vida and I visited The Warren in Wokingham last month to show how easily you can eat cleanly whilst out. They have a sister restaurant in Wargrave called St George and Dragon which offers a nice riverside view with your meal. We both like The Warren as it offers a wide range of meals that you can eat straight from the menu without falling off the wagon or you can, with a simple request or two, have one of the other meals tweaked in your favour! The St George and Dragon is the preferred rendezvous with Andy when we meet, so we're all well used to the variety of choice and quality of the food. It's good value and although the Wargrave venue isn't especially quick at serving, who cares ....

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  • Living a long and happy life

    What does health mean to you? Do you think of it meaning not ill? Or pain free? Or being able to do your job? What about living a long, happy and satisfied life that meant you lived well into old age (over 90) ,without disease, and one day you passed away peacefully in your sleep? That's what I aspire to, and it is possible. Scientists discovered a commonality between the world's healthiest and longest living communities. They have been nick-named the Blue Zones each of these groups have more people living happily and healthily over 100 years of age, have the least disease and the healthiest cultures. What are their secrets and how can we attain it?! Blue Zone Communities
    1. ....

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  • Eating out cleanly: Strada

    When we asked the Henley-on-Thames campers where they liked to eat out, they overwhelmingly said Strada. This was news to me (Heidi) as I'd never heard of the place and so had to ask Andy about it! Vida and I trundled up there today at the end of the Jubilee Half Term to see what they had to offer and how easy it was to chose from the menu. I know this review is not about the service and atmosphere, but I feel we should state that neither of us thought these were very good. We certainly weren't looked after and did, at one stage, almost leave. However the food was very nice and there is lots to choose from the menu without having to be Mrs. Picky. [/caption] 1. Avoid pasta and pizza ....

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  • Eating out cleanly: Zizzi's

    Here is a new feature we're going to bring you about how to eat out and stay on plan! This week Vida and I went to Zizzi in Wokingham and had a lovely meal over a business meeting. We stayed for 3 hours and they didn't try and kick us out or hassle us. It was all very accommodating! Zizzi have some really nice touches if you are following our SMART eating plan. 1. They have a separate menu which lists the dishes that contain commonly avoided ingredients. So you can see if your Crispy Calamari has hidden dairy or your Arancini secret gluten! 2. They have a take away menu. 3. Their salads are a proper size! Zizzi really do a lovely salad selection and to make it really on plan just ask to ....

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  • **Heart Health Seminar**

    We've been told for years that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. That eating foods high in cholesterol will increase your cholesterol levels and increase your risk of heart disease. That taking a statin will reduce both your cholesterol levels and reduce your heart disease risk. But, what if you knew that a low cholesterol level is a bigger risk factor for disease than a high one? That taking a statin won't reduce your risk of getting heart disease? And that eating eggs, butter and beef won't increase your cholesterol level, but starchy, refined carbohydrates will? Would you feel cheated? All those years of tasteless marg, low fat foods and cholesterol lowering ....

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  • Gemma's Underactive Thyroid - gone!

    "After having my son in 2009 I had a couple of quite scary experiences of being so tired, that when I was drivingto nursery to drop my daughter off I would fall asleepat traffic lights - I was terrified to be honest but I couldn't decide if this was having a new baby or something else. One trip to the Dr later I had a blood test to be told that I had a borderlineunder-active thyroid and that combined with sleep deprivation was probably why I was falling asleep at traffic lights. However by the time I had been "diagnosed" sleep was back on track and I was finding the tiredness more easy to manage and to be frank the thought of going on drugs for the rest of my life terrified me.So I ....

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  • Warfield Charity Morning - April 2012

    Saturday 21 April and 20 or so families came along to support the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity. They ran and press-uped and burpeed and jump jacked to raise a fantastic £165.00 for the local hospital. The rain stayed away, Peppa Pig made an appearance and all in all it was a super start to the weekend! ....

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  • Greenlands Wedding Day Experience - 4th March

    This Sunday 4 March, FastTrack Fit Camp will be attending the Greenlands Wedding Day Experience in Henley on Thames. Greenlands House and Estate is well known for the spectacular white building in its glorious riverside setting of beautiful rolling lawns and sunken garden. The estate is also steeped in history, being a favourite haunt of Elizabeth I during her reign, and the architecture of the beautiful building reflects the splendour of that bygone age. Both the house and picturesque gardens offer a wealth of wonderful photographic settings for your wedding album. FastTrack can help all parties get in shape for the big day regardless of how soon it is ! With our lose a dress size ....

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  • Fascinating Fat Seminar

    Thursday 15 March 2012, 19.30 - 21.00

    Hilton St Anne's, London Road, Wokingham
    This seminar will discuss all things fat related.
    Why it's essential in our diet
    Why eating it won't make you fat
    Which fats you need and which you don't (not what you are expecting!)
    How to lose fat
    How where you store fat determines how you need to address your diet
    How saturated fat and cholesterol levels are not linked.... and more! It's free, just email us at ft.fitcamp@googlemail.com to reserve your place. ....

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  • Robbie the Robot Charity Camp - January 2012

    FastTrack Fit Camp raised both heart rates and money for charity on Bank Holiday Monday with a family Fit Camp session at Bearwood Recreation Ground in Winnersh. Over 60 people came along to the family friendly fitness session to raise money for the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s Robbie the Robot Appeal. We had participants ranging in age from 4 to 70 years of age and they ran, squatted, press-upped and jump jacked their way into the New Year. We're delighted to have raised £400 for the Robbie the Robot Appeal at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Thank you to everyone who came along! January camps start week commencing 9 January and more information can be found on this site. The Robbie ....

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  • Fit Camp Christmas Party!

    Christmas do!
    This year our Christmas do is at the Two Poplars in Wokingham.
    We've booked a room for the 17th December at 7.30pm
    . There will be a buffet (almost certainly not camp friendly!!) and a free drink for everyone (Definitely not camp friendly!). There are only 40 or so spaces. We would love you to join us, and we are taking £5 deposits to reserve spaces. The 'do' costs the bargain price of £10 per head. Come along and celebrate the end of the year, have bit of a knees up with other campers and generally have a jolly good time! Still want to join us?! Click this little button to settle your ticket price £5.00 ....

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  • Testimonial: Emma's success story!

    I was super impressed with my month!  I lost 11lb and 12 ¾ inches over all.  I haven’t taken an after picture yet – need to get the clothes together but I got into my dress and all my jeans that have gotten a little small.  I was also able to go and buy a size 10 jumper dress and feel good in it.  I really enjoyed the eating plan as well and have been converted.  I used to always feel hungry after work and would need dinner early but now I find I can almost last an hour later.  I have always tried to eat healthy but this way is amazing and I love coconut.  People would ask me 'have you found it hard?' (I think they are trying to be spiteful) and I can reply 'No it’s the easiest thing I have ....

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  • Health & Hormones Round Up!

    So, we’ve just got back in from our Health & Your Hormones talk. We're both dead chuffed we had 50 people attend and also very glad that we had enough room for everyone! Vida and I really wanted to share what we’d learnt at Phil's seminar a few weeks ago and I warned them that this was going to be like speed-dating with hormones. A real whistle-stop tour around four of the biggies. We gave them info on estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid. We also gave advice on how to eat optimally for good health. I wanted to finish on a light note. It’s sometimes very easy to stress about all that we should be eating, exercise we should be doing, goals we should be achieving when in ....

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  • Chiltern Centre Charity Event - Henley-on-Thames

    FastTrack Fit Camp is delighted to present this one-off Family Fit Camp on Saturday 10th November
    at 8.15am at Jubilee Courts, Henley on Thames.
    This camp is to raise much needed funds for The Chiltern Centre. At FastTrack we really care about our campers. We believe that a healthy body can’t hold fat, and we encourage our HEALTH eating plan for everyone. You, your parents, your nan and your children. Everyone will benefit by removing the myriad of processed foods from their diet (yes, we know they taste good – but that’s the point, it’s the taste that’s addictive, your tongue might like it but deep down, your body doesn’t). So if you’re wondering what it is we do at camp, come along to ....

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  • 'Introduction to Hormones and Your Health' Talk...

    Thursday 20 October: 19:30 - 21:00 at the
    Cantley House Hotel , Wokingham. Free of charge.
    If you'd like to know more about what makes you tick, how your hormones effect muscle growth, fat loss, mood control, hunger and appetite, temperature regulation and much more. Or if you suffer from illness related to inflammation like arthritis, obesity, respiratory problems, atherosclerosis of the arteries or diabetes then we can give you some information to go away with and set yourself on the road to recovery to through good health! Places are free, but we'd like to know if you are coming so please drop us a line at ft.fitcamp@googlemail.com There will be a raffle to raise money for ....

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  • Testimonial: Nick Windsor

    "I hadn't taken part in any form of fitness classes before I joined Fit Camp, I jogged a bit, played squash and badminton on an irregular basis. Just over three years ago, at the age of 38, I had a heart attack which required a stent. Obviously, this was a shock to me and my family. I initially tried to get fit through walking then jogging but I never stuck at it. After three years of failing to get really fit I came across the FastTrack Fit Camp website. I initially signed up for one month to give myself a "kick up the backside". Three months on I'm still there and I've just sign up for six more months, it's so addictive. Fit Camp has given me back my self confidence knowing that I can ....

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  • Testimonial: Liz Davies

    Dear Heidi, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to FastTrack Fit Camp for your combined encouragement and support that I have received during the last 2 months, plus also for the additional nutritional advice I have been following from you since the end of April 2011. I enclose some pictures that show what a difference a year can make, with significant changes to my shape being made since I started Fit Camp just 2 months ago. I am now 46 years old and I have struggled with my weight for the last 25 years, yo-yoing between size 14 and size 24 at my biggest; mainly staying at the high end of the scale. I have tried various diets including Weight Watchers (red & green days), ....

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  • August Camps Start W/C 15 August

    We look forward to meeting you all  next week for the August / September Fit Camps. If you haven't received your confirmation email from us yet please drop us a line and let us know! See you soon!

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  • Testimonial: Jane Ainslie

    Happier, healthier and fitter thanks to FastTrack Fit Camp.
    I’ve been an all or nothing person my whole life. When I was younger I played a lot of sports – football, hockey, squash often all on the same day. “Growing up” – starting work and having a family meant this wasn’t really an option and my once taken for granted fitness levels plummeted and I piled on the pounds. From time to time I’d sign up for a big event, half marathons, even marathons, 80 mile bike rides. I’d train like crazy for 3 or 4 months, complete the event and then grind to a halt again for months after. I had warnings that my burning the candle at too many ends approach to life didn’t really suit me – a full on ....

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  • Testimonial: Dave Bennett

    Joined FTFC when it was first launched as I wanted to improve my fitness, even though I was a keen runner I felt that I wasn't improving my times and going to the gym was showing very little results. FTFC is perfect as I have a large choice of camps at various times so I can be flexible in what camp I go to. My running was the first thing that I saw improvements in, on longer runs I would start to tire after 30-40mins but I started to notice my endurance had improved to the point that I started to beat my PBs, within the first year I had smashed my 10K time by over 10mins to a sub 50min time. The more FTFC I did the stronger my running got and the fewer injuries I had. I now compete in ....

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  • Testimonial: Katie McQueen

    This time last year I was recovering from heart surgery. I spent the previous year and a half of my life struggling with a heart condition that meant that I couldn't do any physical activity; I felt useless and awful. Sport and fitness has always been a big part of my life, and for the first time I couldn't physically do it, whether I wanted to or not. I was an increasingly useless, flabby lump of a person and it was destroying me. After five hours of surgery and a green light to go at my own pace to reclaim my fitness, I found FastTrack Fit Camp and knew what I had to do. A friend of mine had been and loved it; I remembered her talking about how much she had gained from Fit Camp and I ....

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  • Testimonial: Nicki Thorndale

    "I read the Smart Eaters everyday - and it has been really useful - as I'm always running out of ideas of what to cook/eat! I've not touched coffee for three weeks now and no sugar or wheat or dairy either. I did slip off the wagon at the weekend with a glass of wine or two. But I have been following the diet to the letter other than that and have lost 13 pounds in three weeks. Not sure about the inches as have missed the last week of camp for one reason or another - but will be back on Wednesday! Thank you for sharing - its been a godsend!" ....

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  • Testimonial: Kathryn Smith

    "Hello both, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this mornings session - much as though I thought as a consequence, I would be asleep by this time! I do actually feel slightly invigorated! :-)" ....

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  • Testimonial: Yan Hardie

    "In addition to my regular school-run walks and dog walks, I have only been exercising at fit-camp and have been super good sticking to the level 3 diet (apart from half a fruit scone on mothers day!).   I am loving the intense workouts and I have found the diet relatively easy to follow - so long as my fridge is bulging with fruit and veg for inspiration! - the only challenge was the lack of caffeine in the first few days... but now I am fine.  I have even baked a dairy free, sugar free, wheat free apple & raisin cake and it was surprisingly very nice!! I am really enjoying Fit-Camp and have booked myself onto the May Camp too!!" ....

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  • Testimonial: Pip Durant

    "I really loved the camp and can now tell you I have lost... 11 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't remember my measurements off the top of my head but think my inch loss is 3" off waist, 3" off belly and 1" off arms, hips and legs.  Never thought I'd get close to losing a stone - I put that as my goal as a dream really. However hard the diet was at first, I can't bring myself to stop it now that the month is up, or even allow myself a little treat!!  Never thought I'd think like that but I've got so used to it, it seems wrong to deviate. I reckon I'd put the weight back on if I even look at chocolate or wine let alone give in to a bar or a glass!! May allow myself popcorn tonight at the cinema ....

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  • Testimonial: Jason Leadley

    “As a result of Fit Camp, I have completely changed my dietary habits, exercise routine and lifestyle. I have maintained my weight, improved my energy levels, fitness, stamina and shape. And my old clothes now fit again. Frankly, I feel great and remain completely motivated to maintain this going forward." ....

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  • Testimonial: Katie Benson

    "Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you, as I thoroughly enjoyed January camp. My ski holiday last week was fantastic, The Alps could do with some fresh snow as they haven't has any for a few weeks & it's fairly hard-packed, but the sunshine & blue skies more than made up for it!  I can 100% say that it was attending fit camp in Jan that made my holiday so enjoyable, it is the first year for ages that I haven't felt exhausted and total muscle fatigue by the end of each day - I put this down to jump-squats and burpees!  I would totally recommend fit camp for anyone doing fitness prep for a ski holiday and will be booking my place next Jan (if not before!).  I couldn't ....

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  • Venue Details

    Early Risers: 0600-0645 Monday, Wednesday & Friday
    Venue: Wokingham Youth Club, 35 Reading Road, Wokingham, RG41 1EG Evening: 2000-2045 Tuesday, Thursday
    Venue: Astro Turf Pitches, Great Hollands Recreation Ground, South Road, Wokingham RG40 3EE.
    Evening: 1945-2030 Monday, Wednesday & 0900-0945 Saturday
    Venue: Lambs Lane Primary School, Back Lane, Swallowfield RG7 1JB
    Evening: 2015-2100 Monday, Wednesday & 10.00-10.45 Saturday
    Venue: Warfield Church of England School, All Saints Rise, Warfield RG42 3SS
    Evening: 1900-1945 Tuesday, Thursday & 0830-0915 Saturday
    Venue: Polehampton Junior School, Kibblewhite Crescent, ....

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  • Testimonial: A Twyford Camper

    "Although I never weigh or measure myself, I have noticed a great improvement in my strength and general fitness. 45 seconds of press ups ? No problem. I get less back pain, sleep better, am less stressed at work and in general have more energy. I have eliminated bread from my diet. Caffeine is the odd cup of tea, and as a treat a decent small espresso on a Sunday morning. Processed food is out ! You can eat heartily and treat yourself by spending some creative time in the kitchen." ....

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  • Testimonial: A Camper from Early Risers

    "Signing up to the early riser camp I thought I would struggle with getting up and having the energy (motivation) to exercise at such a scary time of the morning. However I have mostly skipped out of bed and made much better food choices throughout the day as the feeling of 'being good' stayed in my head and I could definitely feel it in my muscles!!" ....

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  • Testimonial: A Twyford Camper

    "I've really noticed a difference in my measurements, especially in my first camp. I think I got a bit complacent in 2nd camp so didn't notice much of a change so I'm going for an all out push up to Xmas to look gorgeous!! Having never been an exercise lover, I am amazed at how much I love coming to camp, the instructors are great." ....

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  • Testimonial: 'M'

    "Loss of inches around middle of body, weight loss, feel much better about myself in general." ....

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  • Testimonial: Paul

    "Increased strength in upper body and arms; reduced pain in knees; significantly reduced consumption of caffeine and 'soft' drinks; increased sense of well-being." ....

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  • Testimonial: Jo

    "Much more toned now :o) Generally SO much happier and less tired...less inclined to burst into tears when stressed/things go wrong etc!!! I honestly feel like a different person from 3 months ago." ....

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  • Testimonial: Karl Fergusson

    "I have a combined loss of 10.5 inches. Average of 2 inches from chest, waist, hips, thigh and arm!! I think I have lost a stone of weight as well... So all in all, well worthwhile." ....

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  • Testimonial: Lesley Barker

    "Since starting in June, I have gone down two dress sizes. This last month I have lost another two inchest off my waist and an inch off my hips. Still hoping for another dress size down by Christmas. Anyone who thinks the diet is difficult, should be encouraged to know that it gets easier after the first couple of weeks. I don't miss dairy or wheat. There are great alternatives to wheat and the dairy is just a distant memory now. A couple of parties during the week off satisfies the alcohol and chocolate cravings and makes you feel even more virtuous during the four week camp." ....

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  • Testimonial: Becca Hutchins

    "Definitely feeling more toned and my muscles are more defined...feel much happier in my own skin...no weight lost, but about 10cm from all over and as a regular gym-goer, was really pleased with this! Also feel better educated about food, I've always been a 'healthy' eater, but didn't realise for example that the 5 a day should actually be more like 8, and that it should be made up of more veg than fruit...definitely upping my veggies from here on!" ....

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  • Testimonial: Nic

    "We have noticed that we have changed our eating habits, almost without noticing it. We eat very little bread now, and appreciate it more when we do eat it. We have cut down drastically on hard cheese. Fit Camp really makes you more aware of food choices and your body. We feel more toned and more energetic when we are doing it. It is very hard....but very satisfying." ....

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  • Testimonial: A Wokingham Camper

    "Please feel free to use these comments as you see fit...! Overall my energy levels have increased significantly since starting Fit Camp. My waist line has reduced and I feel less tired during the day. I just feel healthier overall and my friends have noticed too!" ....

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  • Testimonial: Sam Pedder

    "I lost a further half a stone meaning that over two camps I have lost all my baby weight (the reason for doing the camps). But best of all my pre-baby clothes fit better than they did before even though I am same weight! So it must be the muscle tone." ....

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    If you would like to leave a testimonial or any other feedback please complete this form. Thank you! [vfb id=2] ....

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