Bank Holiday Offer for Current Campers

Hello! We’re delighted to see that you’d like more information about our Bank Holiday Special Offer.

It’s a time limited offer and only available until Wednesday 27 August. After that it’s gone 🙂

Now this is probably not a text book approach to marketing, but I do have to sit comfortably with all the decisions I make about FastTrack Fit Camp. I have made a discounted offer to previous campers this week and not making one to my loyal, existing campers is not something I can live with or sleep well on. And so I’d like to extend an offer to you too.

Many of you are currently on a programme of 3, 6 or 12 months of Fit Camp and I thank you for your commitment. It means a lot to all of us who look after you each week. This Bank Holiday I’d like to offer you this chance to extend your current stay for a further 3 months for a one off price, paid in full before Wednesday.

  • So if you are signed up until the end of December this year, this will extend it until the end of March 2015.
  • If you signed up until the end of September, this will take you to the end of this year.

It’s three months of Fit Camp from the end of your current commitment.

This is a one off payment. There are no refunds for absences, holidays, injuries, sickness or bad weather. Sessions can be taken at any venue and you have 10 sessions per month allocated to you.