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Heidi Strickland Clark

I have always had a fascination with all things health and food related. It wasn’t unusual for me to read recipe books rather than fiction. I swam competitively for Reading Swimming Club as a teenager and so you’d think I’d be used to the early starts for our Early Risers camp, but no, I am the grumpy one in the morning!

In 2001 I retrained from events management to personal training & massage. This bought me into the fitness industry as I soon became very passionate about group fitness and enjoyed being part of a group all working towards the same goal.

My fascination with recipe books has moved to health related books now, but this is fine as I am continually improving and developing my nutritional interest and knowledge with courses and workshops.

FastTrack Fit Camp was founded in 2009. We've worked hard to build a business that provides our campers with a sense of achievement and success whilst helping to educate along the way how to be healthier and happier! Health and happiness first and foremost, after that everything else is so much easier!

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